Sukor- Honge Juda Na Hum (Chapter 1)

Hey guys I’m new here and this is my first FF on Sukor.Hope you all like it. So here’s chapter-1. Enjoy reading and plz vote and comment and let me know your opinions.

Lady: Now why you came here. You wanted to earn fame and money going to Mumbai then why you came here to meet us. Just go away from here. From today we have only one daughter and that is Imli. You are dead for us. Just go away and never come here again.

Girl (7yrs): Maai what are you saying maai. Plz don’t do this. (crying)

Lady:  go away from here (dragging her out). You are dead for us and we are dead for you

She dragged her out and closed the door.

Chakor was banging the door and was crying.
Chakor: Maai plz open the door Maai…Maai plz don’t do this. (loudly) Maaaii

Suddenly she jerks and wakes up.
A young girl is shown (but not her face) wearing white T-shirt and shorts.

She gets up from bed and went towards the huge window which opened like door and moved aside the curtains and the window and sits on the chair in the balcony.

Girl: Maai I know that I should not have done this but you should understood why I did this.

Meanwhile Bhagya came in her room. She opened the door and shouted…Chakor… and saw the bed empty. Then her eyes went to the open curtains and there she sitting on a chair.

Bhagya:  Aaree what happened. Today our sleeping beauty got up so early. Ok now come inside and drink your coffee

She came inside and sat on her bed took her coffee from Bhagya. Bhagya sat beside her on bed.
Bhagya: (to tease her) By the way which Prince came to kiss our sleeping beauty that she woke up early. Tell naa. I’ll call him everyday to wake you up

Chakor: mom!! vo actually…I saw tha days dream mad just woke up with a jerk

Bhagya: I know which dream…so now get up and get ready fast or else you’ll get late

Chakor: late for what Bhagya mom

Bhagya: don’t you wanna go to college

Chakor: oh shit!! I’ve really forgotten about it

She kept the cup on the table and went running to the bathroom.

Bhagya: aaree but your coffee….Oh God this what to do of this girl

In Aazadgunj

Rajvanshi Haveli

KN: (shouting angrily) where is Suraj call him. I told h to meet me early in morning but…

Tejaswini: yes Kamal ji I’ll call him

Tejaswini went to Suraj’s room and knocked the door.
Tejaswini: Suraj beta get up your papa is call you and is very angry. So come fast

Suraj woke up with a jerk.
Suraj: Oh God!! I forgot that papa told me to meet him early in morning to talk about something…Now what is cooking In his mind…Mummy you go I’ll just come

And he got ready and went down.

KN: where were you…anyways leave it…I wanted to tell you that you that you have to go to Mumbai as we want to  open a Textile Company there…So you have to leave for Mumbai today only…understood

Suraj: ok papa I’ll leave for Mumbai in the evening after finishing the work of factory

Suraj going to Mumbai….Sukor meet


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  1. Awesome. Nice start. Amazing. Waiting for the next.

  2. Hi Shanaya. Fantastic. Interesting start, felt bad for Chakor because of her dream. Looking forward to Sukor’s first meeting.

  3. Bidisha Karar

    Hey I read your story in wattapad and I really liked it. Waiting for next update eagerly.

    1. ShanayaKhan

      Thank you so much for liking my story and can you tell me how can I recognize you on wattpad.

  4. Very good enjoyed it

  5. ShanayaKhan

    Thank you so much guys for liking my story.

  6. Shreya.

    Nyc nd interesting Dr…just loved it…eagerly waiting for d next part..

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