Sukor – Heart connection epi. 9

Hi I’m sorry for the late update I won’t be able to write from next week so I will try to write a long one.

Recap: Suraj played with the football team n is now a new member. Tina wants to take revenge from Suraj she is sure he pull her leg. Suraj got a call from Bhagya n she asked to meet his new friends.

Suraj wasn’t sure how it will go on but for his Mom/Sis n his unborn niece or nephew he has to take the risk of embarrassing.

Adi looked at Suraj let’s go man we can take my car n u give me the direction alright? He smiled n nodded. Adi was driving Suraj was sitting on the passenger’s seat n directing him the way while Chakor n Payal were on the back seats n chatting. Chakor looked up to see where they were – yeh to mere ghar ka raasta hai/ this is the way of my home – just if Payal heard her thoughts she speaked out that it’s the same way to Chakors place. Adi n Suraj both really ?. Suraj was in the his thought – so this rude, innocent n [remembering the slap] strong girl lives near me. Ab maaza aayge/ now it will be fun – He smiled thinking of his prank on her that he comes to sense oh no we r too far ? sorry u have turn n take the first street on it left Adi just looked at him ? theek hai / it’s ok. He did as said.

Finally they reached Suraj place were a young lady (Bhagya) was already waiting at the door. The trio Adi, Chakor n Payal were confused seeing a young women  with a small belly all three thought the same – who is She??- Suraj just jumped out of the car n hugged her n said to belly “Hi champ or princess”. All 3 ? – is he a becoming father ???-. They stood there like statues.

Bhagya n Suraj went into the house. Oh Bhagya said looking behind her Suraj kahan rehgaye tumhare dost?/ where r ur friends Suraj? Hmm he walked back to the door n saw the 3 Are kiya huwa jahan khare khare kiska muun dehk rahe ho?/Hi guys what happens y r u staring like this. Come in we r waiting. The trio got back to sense n entered behind Suraj the house. The lady (Bhagya) was now sitting next to a young man (Arjun) – aab yeh koun hai/ who is this  now? – they thought. Looking at the faces of his friends Suraj wanted to prank them – lagta hai inko koi galat pfami hogayi hai / seems like they have a misunderstanding to the situation ? -.

Arjun got up from the couch to greet them but Suraj interfere. Please sit Suraj offered them to sit n he directly went to sit between Bhagya n Arjun n holds Bhagyas hand n the the othe one on the tummy Arjun saw it n was abt to something but Suraj signals him *it’s just a joke bro/jiju.* Arjun n Suraj have a great relationship in mentally Arjun said *ok. have fun*. Bhagya was very happy – achir mera hi bhai hai meri har ek baat manta hai/ afterall he is my bro n listen to all my words – Suraj won’t u introduce us she asked excited. But Payal as she is no need we got it Haan na/ right? having a uncomfortable smile on her face. Bhagya was confused n said what Suraj u didn’t introduce me to ur friends? but they know me…arrg. Arjun tipped on Suraj shoulder n whispered beta tera maazak kahin ulta na parjaye/”son” be careful ur joke could get reversed on u. Ur sis is pregnant n very moody u never know what happens next. Bhagya got notice of this what r u both talking abt *arrg* U both r too much we have guest n u r aaahh. She left angry from there Gays tuu to gaya. Jaa ab maazak  chor aur apni BEHEN ko manake le aa/ u r gone. Stopp joking now n go convince ur sis Arjun said with less authority in his voice coz he was his friend/bro. All three stood up !!SIS!! Arjun smiked seeing them syncronical jump well I understand y u prank them but ur Sis will gonna kill u go. Suraj nodded n followed his sis to her room.

Knock Knock Suraj said n entered the room. Bhagya looked at him n started argueeing am I so bad? He shook his head. Y u didn’t introduce me? but before he could answer she was in her way blabla n Suraj couldn’t bear it anymore Di now u really sound like a GF… ops… What!!! Suraj what u said??? Nothing Do but it seemed like they thought u were my wife/gf who is pregnant n I couldn’t resist so I play a little bit… Oh now I got ur Jiju was whispering to u he knew this uski to kher nahi/now no1 can save him she said n anger but Suraj couldn’t let it happen n went to his knew holding his ears making a puppy face n looking n her eyes Sorry Di with a kind of baby voice. – I can’t let jiju pay for my foolness – hmm uff I hope ur friends aren’t like u. btw u r forgiven n don’t worry tumhare jiju ko kuch nahi hoga / nothing will happen to ur BIL. Let’s go saying this she let the room n went back to the others.

The trio n Arjun were talking abt the relationship of Suraj n Bhagya as well as of Suraj n Arjun. So guys what I ops sorry what we missed he smirked let me introduce u to my Mom he had his hand over Bhagyas shoulder n this my dad showing on Arjun with his other hand. Adi asked first Mom or Sis u already fooled us please clear this matter. Haha Suraj laughs n said she my older sis I consider her as my mom I was 9 years old when my parents died side than I’m with my sis n Arjun jiju he never made me feel like a stranger after they finished their study they get married n Jiju adopted me.

He talked abt the past n any the present that he is a becoming uncle Bhagya n Arjun were in the kitchen n were preparing the food. Adi’s phone starts to ring he talked on the phone with his mom they could understand from the context. Adi come the others Sorry guys but we have to leave Payal come. But… Suraj Starts to talk was interrupted by his Sis chalo Khana laggaya/ come food is ready. Suraj what should we call her Payal asked. Suraj said she would loved if u call her Di. Do Payal starts we have to leave we r very sorry but our family members have come for a visit. But we will come soon again if u don’t mind Adi said. Sure I will be very happy Suraj next time be here early with them. He smiled Haan Di I will.

Adi n Payal left n Suraj n Chakor stayed back. Suraj looked at Chakor don’t u want to leave? He asked politely. No do u want me to leave? He shook he head. At least one of u stayed my sis will be very happy. She is very nice u r so lucky that u have a sis like her n a jiju like Arjun. Woh to  hai/ that’s true ?.

Arjun came n called for Suraj n he come along with Chakor n Bhagya had big smile thank God u stayed otherwise the whole food would be waste – waste? ? she would have eat it all alone – the thought is from both Surun ?. Sit Bhagya said n all were sitting together n having dinner. After the dinner they had chai/tea n were talking abt college n future plans. Chakor was happy n for the first time she saw the real Suraj – I don’t know y but I kinda like him. he isn’t so bad as I thought -. Bhagya I want biscuits. Acha/really Arjun went to the kitchen n brought her the biscuits. Loh Khaou/ here eat. Thank u Bhagya said. Such a lovely couple Chakor said loudly n get embarrassed ?.

This time Chakors phone rung n her mother Kasturi was on the other line. She asked her where she is n when she is coming home. Chakor explained n said she is leaving now as it’s already 11 pm. Bhagya stopped Chakor. Di I have to leave my mom is getting tense n it’s 11 pm. Bhagya I don’t want u to go alone it’s dark n u won’t go all e Suraj will escort u. Chakor said no there is no need but Bhagya insisted n she doesn’t accept a no.

Finally Sukor Moment:
Suraj n Chakor left. So u leave here nearby? Suraj asked. Haan 2 streets from here n then in the left road it’s not far from ur place that’s y said there is no need to drop me home she explained. Have u gone made y would I or Di/Jiju let u go alone No never he shook his head. Btw thanks for the invitation I really thought u would uninvited me. Suraj ? really y he asked . Uff Suraj bcz… he looked at her impatiently… bcz saying it in a teasing way. Suraj bcz of the slap. Really u thought a slap would made a difference I mean I was trying to become a friend of u… he said looking at her but she wasn’t next to him he looked behind n she was standing there. Suraj said y u stopped come. Chakor u wanted to become a friend of mine y. Suraj I don’t know but Whenever I looked at u, u looked alone I know Payal n Adi were there but still u were alone n I could feel ur loneliness I could feel ur pain it was like we were connected…

I hope it wasn’t much faltu (nonsense) stuff

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  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Loved how suraj again played prank on his friends

    1. Sukorian

      hi hi ya thx ?

  2. Aapka ff kbhi faltu nhi ho skta ok.agli baar ese lvly ff ko aap kbhi faltu mtt bolna ok. N nw wt hapen aap kyun post nhi kroge? Bt its ok if u r busy i’ll wait for ur ffs.thnku so much for this lvly ff.

    1. Sukorian

      hmm woh isliye kyunki main holiday par hoon next 2 weeks keliye. N I will update today or tomorrow love happens also trying a long one. Thank u nahi bohlungi. Sorry ?

  3. The whole update was amazing. The prank was funny, liked how the trio were shocked to know Bhagya is his sister. Sukor talk at the end is heart touching, love how Suraj is connected.

    1. Sukorian

      ? Thank God ? now Chakor hast feel the connection ^^

  4. Aree aap thnku mtt bolo blki thnku k bdle 3 or part post krdo naa (chernjivi’s dialogue) pr sorry bhi mtt bolo dear. Or agr aapke holidays hai tb to aapko or jyada ff post krna chahiye naa?sory i knw mai faltu bkbas kr rahi hu bt i lv ur ffs.agr aap mujhe apna friend nhi manti to thnku bol skti ho m aapko friend manti hu iss liye aapke lvly ffs k liye thnku bolti hu pr aap thnku n sory kyun bolti ho?

  5. Kahin aap mjak to nhi kr rahin hai naa schchi aap post nhi krengi ? Vo bhi do hfte hey bhgwan ab kya kru mai ples bhgwan ji saare ff writers ko wapis lao itni achi stories beech mai chod rkhi hai.

    1. Sukorian

      no no I’m at work jab time mila hai to check make comment karti hoon. U r right normally holiday ziyada lihkna chaye but I’m not here at my home I will be out of country n so it’s not easy I will try to post.

      N ya we r friends ?

  6. Enjoyed todays episode cant wait for the next one i wanna know what happenes between sukor

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