Sukor – Heart connection epi. 7

Hi I’m very sorry for the late update I’m happy u liked the story n I hope u will like it in future too.

Recap: Sukor got a warning from the chemistry teacher. Tina has snitched them. To teach Tina a lesson he “joins” her.

Tina was looking at Chakor -this fatty how can she thinks to get a guy like him? He would rather die instead of connected to her -.

Chakor – He says I should wait at canteen but y is he hanging out with Tina he is fooling me like she does I’m sure he is planning against me how could I trusted a man like him-

Suraj – I’m sorry Chakor I know u must feel hurt right know but donr worry this time it’s not u who will hurt it’s this Tina she will be punished for her dress against u that’s my promise –

Tina: Suraj come I will introduce u to every1 important n don’t worry I know all I’m somehow the queen of the college.
Suraj: Sure I should have come to u  first but I did a mistake I thought Chakor would be a help but no I got caught.
Tina: Forget her come I will show u everything.

Tiraj left the Labour n Chakor was hurt hearing Suraj words but she was prepared whatever is going to happen will take place in the canteen she wasn’t sure abt Suraj word’s but Payal come to her: Chakor what happen y r u looking so lost?
Chakor: That Suraj he… Payal: what?
Chakor: he is with Tina he was never gud he used me I mean he wanted to
Payal very confused: I don’t believe tell me what happen n Chakor told her everything.
Payal: So Suraj told u to wait in the canteen n trust him, right? She nodded. Payal: okay we will wait in the canteen. But… She stopped Chakor n said: no buts listen he asked u to forgive him n u accepted his sorry n u rejected his friendship bcz u don’t trusted him now he wants to show u that u can trust him. Chakor was not ready but Payal insisted to go to the canteen but Chakor doesn’t wanted to get insulted or humiliated. Chakor: No I don’t. Payal: Fine then stay here n hide u will never forget what happen when life in the past. She left saying these hurting words.

FB a few months ago:

It was spring n they decided to celebrate the beginning of spring in college so the students decided to organize a party. They choose a motto “colors of spring” every1 was excited   n some students had a date n Chakor was hoping that Vivaan would ask her for a date but unfortunately he didn’t. The party was on Friday evening n the auditorium was decorated with all kind of colours n flowers. Chakor was wearing a backless dress it was red n had a neckholder it was a long dress n she wore matching heels n a clutch (no pic sorry)

But she wasn’t the only one who wore red Tina did too n every1 else was aware of it but Chakor didn’t knew that Tina warned all not to wear the color red.

Chakor was looking stunning n ever1 was looking at her n Tina felt very jealouse. Imli always had a crush on Vivaan she put all her confidence into this moment she wasn’t concerned abt her sis or Chakor. Imli knew Vivaan fav. color is blue she was a mid dress in blue with a design on her upper part of the dress she was looking stunning too n Vivaan was
also had a crush on her he was happy she was so beautiful in this dress

He was lost n Imli asked for a dance n he agreed. Chakor saw it n was disappointed n hurt but she saw the happiness in both n decided to forget him as he belongs to some1 else. Tina was red in anger she took the opportunity when Chakor was lost in thoughts. Tina took the punch bowl n throw it over Chakor. Every1 was laughing at her n that was the day when the torture of Tina started no one come to her help Payal n Adi just shifted here a few months ago n all her old so called friends left her.

Back to present:

Tina showed him the whole college n said him that her father donates a lot to the college so one of the flours is name by him.
Suraj – oh gosh hope this ends soon it’s like a torture to listen to her bakwas/ bullshit –
Tina: Suraj u know Vivaan n Imli meet them this is Karan, Ajay, Neha n Preety. They greeted each other n Suraj was searching for Chakor but couldn’t find her. – Oh no she didn’t come she has to be present otherwise there is no need but hmm it won’t be bad if she got to pay -.
Vivaan: Hey where r u lost?
Suraj: Nowhere.
Tina: com’on let’s have some food hope u won’t leave us again?
Suraj smirks: No. I won’t. Then he saw her Chakor was sitting on a table in the back without Payal n Adi. But it was fine at least she was here. Tina took a salat, water n a custard. -I know what u did to Chakor Payal told me after Chakor left. Now it’s ur turn to be humiliated infront of every1-. Suraj took custard n Pasta with lost of sauce?. Tina wait could u please hold my tray, please?

Tina: Sure.
Suraj: Thx. If u don’t mind I will pay u can go to the table. She nodded n turned n he pull her leg carefully it should look like an accident n she was any to fall but she could herself but not the food it found the way on her the salat on her clothes n the pasta with sauce on her head. All were shocked seeing Tina in this situation Miss perfect not so perfect today n then it started all laugh at her.

I hope I could make it sound realistic ?.

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  1. Really enjoyed the ff feel so sorry for chakor the way tina bullied her its so good piyal and adi became her friends but suraj went an extra mile for chakor and chakor likes suraj thats why she felt betrayed and Tina i hate her cant wait for the next update

    1. Sukorian

      He doesn’t know y…. He did this extra miles ? Thank you. When will u update it ff?

  2. Sukorlover

    Awesome. Loved how suraj gave tina a dose of her own medicine. I can imagine tina’s state

    1. Sukorian

      Thank u I’m so happy that u coukd imagine it ???

  3. It’s so nice. ..loved the way suraj punished Tina.. She deserved it..
    Waiting for the next update..
    Can u pls update it daily??

    1. Sukorian

      Thank u so much for ur request but I’m not able to update daily but I try to write long ffs

  4. Nice! Loved how Suraj wanted to punish Tina for Chakor’s sake, he cares for Chakor though he doesn’t know it yet. Looking forward to the next part.

    1. Sukorian

      Thank u n u r right he cares for unknowingly ?

  5. Haan sukorian kya aap dialy update kr skte ho chahe smal hi shi? N this one is awsm awsm awsm wala update. Feeling bad for chakor n tina bt more for chakor.n suraj ne theek kia bt kya unhe chakor se sirf sympthy hai ya vo unhe like krne lge hai?

    1. Sukorian

      Thank u but I’m not able jab jhuti hoti to koi problem hi nahi hoti but right now it’s not possible I try to write when I’m free.

  6. No prob dear lov u ffs n i’ll always.

  7. The track is amazing .. u r rocking it … Good luck

    1. Sukorian

      Thank u so much

  8. Shreya.

    Wowww dr it’s amazing….loved it….d way Suraj cares for chakor….nd finally our Suraj mission got victory….yayyy….hope chakor will understand Suraj….eagerly waiting for the next part dr…

    1. Sukorian

      Thank u finally u r back ?

  9. Wow ur ff are the best I love them.Pls update fast.and I am new over here

    1. Sukorian

      Thank u very much. Welcome ?

  10. ShanayaKhan

    Awesome update dr. Update soon.

    1. Sukorian

      Thank u. how’s ur study going gud luck

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