Sukor – Heart connection epi. 15

Hi don’t y but I hope u still like the story…

Recap: Kasturi n Suraj have become friends ?. Chakor was jealous abt their bonding but Suraj asked for Sorry in his own style ?.

Chakor let Suraj in his surprise for was that he would stay over the night ?. Chakor; eat the chocolate n asked him how could u talk to mom like this u know na how she react. Suraj; are baba I’m so sorry but I just got a few pics of me memory n then I just stay on it n man u mist agree I’m the perfect SIL a.k.a. best lover for u. Chakor got shy. Suraj; oh wow what’s this?. Chakor; kiya / what she asked surprised n looked around. Suraj pulled her to him n hold her chin with his fingers he said that hidden beautiful of ur shy face. I have never seen it before. Chakor; hugged him really. Suraj; Haan he nodded.

Chakor; So Mr. Suraj what is ur plan? She asked excited n in a teasing way.
Suraj; hmm let me think ?. First I will take a shower I don’t know y but j need it. Chakor; ? what a… a sh…shower she stammer. Suraj; yes a shower. Chakor gulped alone? Suraj looked at her with a weired glance. Suraj; Chakor u thought I will take a shower with U?.Chakor turned with her red head?. Suraj; uff u r killing me. Don’t think dirty I don’t know what I will do. Chakor; ok go there is the washroom. Suraj; Thank u. But what should I wear. Chakor; Do u want to wear my clothes. Suraj; hmm could be little bit difficult.

Kasturi was on the ground floor sitting on the couch n watching tv she was waiting for Bhuvaan.

Suraj; hmm ok fine I won’t take a shower waise bhi finals ki jeet me baad kaafi dehrtak nahi tha maine / after the win of the finals I took a long shower ?. Chakor; please Suraj don’t fly high. U know the one who flies high fell very deep. Suraj; then stopp me from falling catch hold save me but don’t u ever leave me. It was the first time Suraj asked her to stay with her n not to leave him ever again. Chakor; hugged him tightly I promise u whatever will happen I will be there to hold u, to care n love u. They had an eyelock moment.

Bhuvaan; arrived home Kasturiya please serve me food I’m starving. Kasturi served him n advices him to asked abt her day. Suraj was smart ? first impression is the last impression n it hit the right person Kasturi was a fan of him.

Suraj kissed her forehead n said ok what do u want to do? Chakor; can’t we just stay like this? Suraj; hmm standing n hugging? we could lie down n kiss? Chakor ?. She punch him ?. Suraj; what we kissed before. Chakor; main ek shaarif Khandaan ki ek shaarif larki hoon / I am a girl of good house n have good manners. I won’t do anything wrong which could effect the name of my parents. Suraj; u r joking right. I mean I’m here. Chakor; I know u r here n I’m happy but I didn’t asked u to stay I was hoping for a surprise but hmm…
Suraj; like what he said angrily he hold her her tight. Chakor; ouch Suraj u r hurting me, please leave me. Suraj losses his grab n smiled it hurts u. Chakor u just called me a my manners bad. Here ur surprise. He throw a gift on her feets n said kick on it like on my heart my feelings I think u don’t want me Chakor. Whenever I try to come close u do or say something to push me away. Like when I tricked Tina u slapped me. N now u just said I’m characterless n my mom/di has given me the wrong education of manners. Wow. At least I have enough time to speak n share my feeling to my mom not like u. Spend the most of the time alone. Suraj was abt to leave. Chakor hold him back. Chakor; Suraj please don’t go she was crying I know what I said was wrong. I didn’t mean it. Suraj; leave me. U know losing it memory is one thing but remembering those beautiful memories it’s the most special n precious things that could happen. I didn’t know it but meeting continuously I gain more n more back n today with ur mom it felt like I was back the young Suraj who was not talking to a stranger but to his lovely aunty but even this wasn’t right for u. Chakor what’s wrong y r u behaving like this? Chakor; I don’t know. Every1 left me alone. N I don’t wanted to be used n left alone again. Suraj; did I force U? he pushed her. Did I asked u to take off ur clothes? Chakor shook her head. Suraj; right I didn’t n open the gift if u want n u will understand y. Suraj left Chakor alone.

Chakor cried she didn’t had the guts to open the gift it was a small package which said no! screamed aloud what it is. Chakor slowly went down n picked up it was a suspected a ring a silk one. The only thing on it were the initial S ❤ C 4ever in the inside of the ring. Chakor couldn’t stop acting n thinking of him – y i said it y. He is right whatever he does I push him away -.

Kasturi told Bhuvaan abt Suraj n how happy she is that her girl made g his choice. Bhuvaan – wow she never praised her so much that big must be a diamond -. I think u should go up n tell her how happy u r n that we agree. Kasturi; Haan I will just go.

Suraj was too angry to go home but where else should he go. Arjun was awake #Bhagya didn’t let him sleep only after the return of Suraj he was allowed to sleep#. Arjun; Suraj. Suraj – oh no Jiju is awake -. Yeah Jiju. Arjun; something happen? Suraj was trying to hide it but Arjun knows him well. Arjun; Suraj in a demanding tone. Suraj told him abt his fight with Chakor. Arjun; u gave her a ring. Suraj; that’s all u can think abt? Di is absolutely right abt U. Arjun; What? what does she say? Suraj; that u don’t listen carefully. Arjun; I do but she says so much. Suraj nodded yeah. Arjun took a breath; I know it’s ur personal matter but maybe u should let her explain. Suraj; I tried many times but not anymore if she wants me them she has to fight for me. Arjun; how? Suraj; don’t know? he stood up n left.

Kasturi heared her crying she knocked n went in Chakor what happen y r u crying. Chakor – should I tell her. Yeah I should otherwise there would be no change in my behaviour -. Chakor told her abt the secret visit n the first fight. She showed her the ring but doesn’t know what to do. Kasturi; I’m happy u said this but the way was wrong. Chakor do u love him. Chakor; maa more than anything else. Kasturi; did u try to call him? Chakor nodded but he disconnect the line. Kasturi; if u love him show him but stay in ur limits. I know he loves u. I know he tried to safe u from scold I think u deserve more now but I want him 4 u. So u will fight 4 ur love. Chakor nodded. Kasturi; one more thing. When ur problem is sorted out. Then tell him to come with his family ok. Ur Papa n me wants to meet them. Chakor hugged her.

Suraj was trying to sleep but couldn’t – Chakor Chakor Chakor even in my dreams u r there -. Chakor was trying to call him again n again. But Suraj didn’t pick up. Chakor – I think I know how to make u happy n u might forgive me -.


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  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Sukor fight with each other. Lets see what chakor has planned for suraj. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      Haan let’s see ?

  2. Interesting update! Suraj’s gift was beautiful, but sad to see Sukor fight. So finally Chakor is opening up to her mother. Can’t wait for the next update and the party.

    1. Sukorian

      it had to come better now than never. This time it’s Chakors turn to show her love.

  3. So sad sukor fighted the ring was cute

    1. Sukorian

      Don’t worry update will be happy ?

  4. I read your OS series, it’s amazing. Loved the second story and how Sukor love grew through their journey. Enjoyed Riya Chakor fights. Are you planning to continue it?

    1. Sukorian

      Hi nemo I don’t know? How many chapters an OS can have ? I really don’t know ?. But I think I have to write a 3rd part as a future might be a short update but I’m not sure. Hopefully tonight love Happens will be uploaded I’m working on it ?

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