Sukor – Heart connection epi. 12

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Recap: Sukor found each other. Suraj has a secret to reveal….

Chakor was happy to know that her childhood friend Suraj Rajvanshi is still alive n is no1 else than Suraj Khanna. Chakor hugged him tightly her still crying n trying to figure out what news she got. Suraj made her calm psst listen if u cry louder then it might be possible that some1 he showed to the door could get suspicion he wiped her tears away n give her a hanky. She took n sniffed on it.

Chakor n Suraj were still on the bed. Suraj moved her hair to see her face. Her eyes were red like her nose her lips were trembling he didn’t think long n kissed her soft lips. She let him the warm kiss made her calm she hold his neck with her hands it was an innocent kiss his left hand was holding her face n his right hand was on her back to stroke it. He was over her but he didn’t drag her. Suraj changed he took his left hand away which makes Chakor to stop the kiss what happen she looked at him he stretched his left hand up to make a pillow he called her with his hand (u know with the way of waving her to him) She moved to him n made him touch her face again with his hand she rounded to him n hold his left hand with her left hand. His palm was over her back hand she was breathing fast her br*ast goes up n down her head was resting on his chest she heard the fast racing of his heart beat. He could feel her every shape of her made him crazy I wanted more but if he does more he won’t stop.

Chakor Suraj don’t leave me ever again. Suraj no I won’t. Can I stay here not long just a little bit. Chakor u just promised me not to leave me again u will stay the night she demanded. Suraj wanted to refused but he remembered his old friend n how stubborn she can be he didn’t argue with her.

Arjun he did what. How he even find out he asked shocked. Bhagya he was out to meet Chakor n he saw a pic of him. He came home in a hurry n started questioning me he had the same picture. I told u back when my parents were alive we had a family friend they weren’t rich but kind hearted The Laal Family n they had a daughter Chakor Laal n… Arjun I understand this is his Chakor he always remembered n talk abt in the beginning. Bhagya nodded he asked me y Chakor n her family weren’t informed that he is alive y they thought he is death. Arjun so u told him the truth she nodded again Vivaan our cousin is at the same age of Suraj both r attending the same uni. But Vivaan doesn’t care abt anything but himself Suraj told me. Arjun now he knows the truth what now? Bhagya I don’t know he is the real heir of the Rajvanshi Company. Arjun he said he is going out to meet some1 that means he is going to meet Chakor…

Chakor I can’t sleep like this. Suraj do u want me to go he got up but she was still holding him. Chakor no she shook her head. She smiled n said it’s so warm don’t u think so. Suraj ur hot ?. Chakor ?. Suraj do want me to open the window he turned it’s still open hmm A.C. u have. No she said. He was sitting n she comes closer I want my private show ?. Suraj ? Acha yeh baat hai / oh that’s the point he pull off his shirt. He lies next to Chakor again happy. Yes she confirmed much better. Suraj Naughty girl he gave he an Eskimo kiss n lies over her they asleep.

They slept long n Kasturi was knocking on the door Chakor u r getting late uff this girl what should I do. Suraj n Chakor were scared but Kasturi left Chakor got ready n no shame she change infront of Suraj it felt like the old Chakor is back. Suraj waited for a gud opportunity to leave.

Chakor was sitting on her place n waiting for Suraj. But Suraj was missing the whole day. Payal n Adi were tensed too let’s go we will give him a surprise okay? They all agreed.

Suraj was at home in his room. Chakor, Payal & Adi knocked before entering his room. Suraj was lying on his bed with a bandage on his leg. Bhagya was behind them u know my brother loves to do extreme sport n some times it goes wrong he needs rest he will be back tomorrow Bhagya saw to Chakor n Suraj. They stayed n talked n after having dinner Payal n Adi left. Chakor was very excited Bhagya Di I’m so sorry I couldn’t recognise u or Suraj. Bhagya u were very small when I left my studies it’s ok btw u griw up to a very beautiful girl ops sorry women. Chakor got shy n Suraj was like – wah here u shy at it place u were naked how can i forget this tja I don’t want to – He smiled like an idiot. Chakor what happen to him Bhagya don’t know. But I can give u both some time u can take him up to his room if u want. Yes she said Chalo/let’s go she ordered him. Suraj obey her.

Chakor now we can romance here. Suraj romance? I thought of something else. Chakor got excited really she was now sitting on his lap her legs were on each side. Suraj give me my book n tell me what I missed today at Uni afterall I have to break the record of Vivaan ?. Chakor hit him here she gave him the book he pulled her to him Suraj don’t be angry hmm his kissed her cheek. Chakor rested on his chest while we was studying she give him all the information he needed. Chakor – it feels so gud I want to spend my whole life with him but what’s with him? – Suraj was done with the study he closed his book n put her to the former position over his lap. Chakor u r done with reading books he nodded gud she replied I have to leave now. Suraj ? y? don’t u want me to be the best. Chakor u don’t have time for me I can’t do it under ur demand. Suraj acha / really he made her lie on his bed n started to kiss her. He got up n pull off his shirt her legs were on each side n he was over her his hands an her back his head on her belly she wasn’t sure what to do she crossed her legs on his back her hands were playing with his hair n he… felt asleep he started to snore. Chakor ? – what is wrong with this guy I’m ready n he is sleeping -.

She decided to go home she tried to settle him on the bed rightly but he is her heavy she left it. Chakor was back at home. Kasturi n Bhuvaan what happen y is our girl so upset. Chakor there is a boy but I don’t know abt his feelings saying this she left she was in her room. Bhuvaan what she said. Kastuti abt a boy… She has grown up.

Suraj woke up in the middle of night well he fall from the bed – ouch my leg uui maa my head – He looked at the watch – shit I messed up -. Suraj thought – I want her only her I will do what is necessary -. Suraj got up n left to meet her with his injured leg he climbed again the tree n surprisingly the window was open he entered n went to her bed but she wasn’t there. He checked the washroom but no sign of her.

After a while he heard some footsteps n hide behind the door. Chakor came in with hot chocolate milk n some snacks like cookies n an ice cup ????. Kasturi was right behind her Chakoriya. Chakor – Oh no she called me Chakoriya – Haan maa/ yes mom. Kasturi comes sit she asked her they both sitted on the bed while having dinner u mentioned a boy. Who is he? n what do u wanted to say?. Chakor – Oh no what should I say – He is a new student n we r become friends that’s all  Kasturi really isn’t there more. Chakor no that’s all crossing her fingers ? behind her back – sorry mom but I had to lie -. Kasturi fine keep ur secret but don’t do anything wrong saying this she left n closed the door.

Chakor saw some1 n was any to scream but Suraj was fast he put his hand on her lips it’s me Suraj he said. Chakor made big eyes. Suraj took his hand back n Chakor goes to the door to lock it. Chakor Suraj what r u doing here it’s in the middle of night n how u came in. Suraj when u give me the chance to say something then I would explain. Chakor sorry. Suraj I fall from the bed n u were gone u missed u n i know I messed up but the pain killers made me tired. Chakor I’m not boring. Suraj gosh no how can u even think like this. Chakor how u come in. Suraj I ring the bell what kind of question is this ur window is open n I entered n u took a promise from not to leave ever again so here I am. Chakor Suraj u hear my mom’s n my convo. Suraj no looking around not to see in her face. Suraj u r a bad liar but I still love u she hugged him n he reply the hug n said I love u 2.

Sukor were lying on the bed n eating the cookies Chakor doesn’t wanted to share but Suraj took a zip of her hot milk chocolate {no1 wants to share?}. Suraj Chakor I want u to be mine n to be my u need to no the truth…

Writers note: sorry if it’s not what expected or it’s what u expected still I hope u like it.

Chakor was sitting n listening to him.

Suraj my past…

I will start with the day of the death of my parents. The day were I lost more than my parents I lost u too. I was nine we were abt to meet my sister she was studying in another city. The car accident we had was horrible I couldn’t remember anything but last night it all changed Di told me everything. I wake up in the Hospital with a memory lost first no1 could tell me anything but I knew something bad happened. They tried to call my uncle n his wife Mohanlal n Ranjana Rajvanshi to pick me up. But they did come no they informed my Di that she is responsible for the death of our parent’s n me they hide it from her that I was alive. She was sure something is wrong bcz we didn’t came she was already on her way to our place when she got the call she immidiately rushed to the hospital they show her the death bodies of our parent’s but not my she got confused n asked abt me. The nurse told her that the boy in the car survived but is suffering from a memory lost she came to me n asked me if I recognise her. Chakor I couldn’t it took my months to get my memory back even now I’m finding out new truths abt my past. Do was very angry they called me death the doctor told her that he informed them that they would have handover me to the youth welfare. She was 18 years old when we both become orphans she took my custody at this age Arjun jiju was always there he was the real reason y we went to meet my sis she wanted to introduce us to her “friend” but mom knew it it was more than friendship. Arjun takes care of both of us we didn’t lived with him first Di tried to get the share of the company but my uncle had transferred all under his name n the real will of my dad is locked in a safe in the mansion of Rajvanshi. I aim is it to be top student I will beat Vivaan somehow I will take revenge for those years my sis had to suffer for those years Arjun had to make sacrifices n of the lost of my parents. Di said I should forget but how now when I got all the needed information I can’t. Di also told me that no1 knows abt the safe it’s hidden in Dads old study room in sure they haven’t found it yet. one more think I didn’t told my Di yesterday I remembered the last moment we were happy mom told us her thought abt Arjun n Di she was right another car come n dragged us Dad loses the control over the car n when he tried to break he couldn’t I don’t y but mom might had an intention she had put the belt on me very tight n when we hit the tree mom lie over me so I won’t have much injuries my mom saved my life.

Suraj was crying hearing his words Chakor couldn’t control herself she hugged him n cried too. After the announcement of death we lost all relations to Rajvanshi n Vivaan totally changed he wasn’t anymore a friend he said that I’m not worth it to be called his friend n I should stay away I don’t know y but maybe it wasn’t love only a lost friendship I wanted to save but I lost everything. Now u return n all my happiness r back when I close my eyes I see u when I open them I only want to see u Suraj I will do my best to help u not don’t do anything wrong u want the Will ok but only on the right way we can’t do wrong just bcz others did we r different we r better never forget this. Suraj holds her face n gave her a kiss on her forehead maybe I should leave now. Chakor be careful this time I want u at the uni. Suraj left n this time nothing happened to him.

So I hope u like it.

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  3. Just words to express.The last part was the best.And update asap

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