Sukor – Heart connection epi. 11

Hi I had the story in my mind n I had to write it down ? I hope u will like it bcz I tried to stop but it spring out n please forgive it’s long. My flight is tomorrow n hopefully j will start commenting again from Friday on. @Sunny loved ur ff Tejus hint but poor boys hehe.

Recap: Finally Sukor r friends now but Tina the new n old villain played a bad game with Suraj.

The teacher was behind Suraj n Chakor Mr. Khanna what do u mean with more bad will happen r u threatening another student? Suraj No, Sir it’s not like u think please let me explain but the teacher cut him off I have to send u to the principal u may leave now. But Suraj wasn’t ready to leave No, Sir I won’t I haven’t done anything wrong. The teacher r u argueing with me in an angry n authority tone he said don’t make it worse leave now!. Suraj but.. Chakor hold him back n shook her head go she formed with her lips. Suraj left the classroom with a note from the teacher for the principal.

Suraj knew the way to the principal’s office he went there but the Secretary stopped him there was some1 inside n he has to wait. Suraj – that bi*ch Tina she planned this very well n I fall in her trap I even apologies to her ?? -. The door to principal’s office opened n Vivaan came out the principal said to Vivaan u have a bright future ur marks r outstanding always on top but be careful there is some1 who might be dangerous for u. Vivaan got confused since he joined the university no1 was gud enough to cone close to his marks Sir may I ask u who the person is? The principal saw Suraj in that moment sure here he is but I wonder y he came. Suraj was hurted he doesn’t wanted to be send to the principal but what could he do. Vivaan was now more surprised – He can’t be better than me -. Ok Sir I have to attend my class c u next week. They shook the hands n Vivaan left the office.

The principal was disappointed u discussed with the teacher who ordered u to leave y? Suraj wanted to explain but the Richands r rich n give alot on donations for the uni. n he was here on scholarship he said it was my mistake I did wrong  lose the control over my anger. U can give me any punishment I will take it. The principal saw the anger n pain in his eyes do u know I won’t punish u. Suraj was surprised n looked at him with big eyes but y? he asked. The principal I just said to Vivaan Rajvanshi he underline the Surname that u can beat his marks n I want u to do that. Suraj was lost in the name Rajvanshi – could he be.. No Di would have told me – Suraj r u listening. Suraj got red sorry Sir what did u just say. I said u have to break his marks be the top u just have a few weeks left   the exams will start from next week  can u do it? Suraj was confident enough yes Sir I can do it. The principal was very happy gud best of luck here take this noe n don’t fight anymore. Suraj smiled n nodded no fights.

Suraj was back in the class he gave the note to the teacher go take ur seat. Suraj I’m sorry Sir. It won’t happen again. The teacher hmm apology accepted go take ur seat. Suraj was back sitting next to Chakor who was very surprised she wrote him a note.

Note Convo C for Chakor  / S for Suraj
C: what happen u r back
S: Nothing all is gud
C: n ur punishment
S: I didn’t got
C: ?
S: ?
C: lucky
S: After yesterday
C: ?what happened yesterday?
S: u don’t know?
C: no
S: ?
C: tell me
S: but if u don’t know than there is no need to tell u
C:? sorry ? {i couldn’t do d a better one}
S: okay fine…

Chakor the teacher shout her name do u would like to share with the rest of the class. Chakor was red n hiding her face behind a book. The teacher was next to her now. Mr. Khanna would u like to share? Suraj yeah sure. He give him the letter.
The teacher “u didn’t missed much of the stuff it’s just the beginning” Oh if u have any question than ask me after the class ok? Suraj nodded n Chakor was still embarrassed.

Chakor – how He did this how the teacher got another note? – Suraj gave the real note back n has written just one thing well he didn’t written it he paint it ❤. Chakor was red really red. – is he talking abt me? -. He didn’t expect a return note as he know she is different but she is the right one he knows it from the deep of his heart. The class was over n Suraj left first he had a football match.

Chakor n Payal met on the field. Payal Chakor what’s up u look a bit lost? Chakor was lost she just showed her the note. Payal oh ? no way he draw a heart for u. Do u know what that means? Chakor nodded. Payal oh man I’m  so jealous on u. Chakor don’t be I don’t know what to do? Payal what do u mean u don’t know he likes u n he is too g his best to protect u give him a chance. Chakor – maybe she is right -. Payal hey Chakor again u r lost hmm let’s go I’m sure the training has started n we can see ur Suraj again shirtless?. Chakor ? u r too much.

The training started n yes Suraj was doing the training shirtless ?. Chakor  look on them they r starting. Payal took it n just started so what? r u jealous? loud enough that the other girls turned. Chakor whipered Payal have u gone made what the hell r u doing? Payal I’m teasing u n making it clear to every1! that Suraj belongs to u afterall he gave u his heart this time so loud that even Suraj hear it n lost his focus the ball hit him on his handsome face ? n he passed out. Chakor shout for Suraj n run to him she putted Suraj head on her lap Payal give me some water she was tensed n Payal came with water. Chakor throw a few drops of water on his face but he was unconscious
Payal it seems like the ball hit him harder than we thought we should take him to the medical station. Chakor u r right.

The team members of Suraj helped them they brought him to the medical station n Suraj was lying on the bed no1 besides Chakor was there she was crying it happened all bcz of me please open ur eyes she said to Suraj n lied her head on his chest the tears felt on his body next to his heart. Suraj slowly got back his sense n said give me a get well kiss n I will fullfill ur wish. Chakor got up n smiled she tightly hugged him. Chakor punished him u scared me u idiot. Suraj ouch I just got back to me sense n the only thing u do is to hit me I asked for a kiss ? he came closer but Chakor pushed him away. Chakor don’t u dare I won’t kiss u she wiped the tears away n was abt to leave but Suraj was faster okay fine don’t n pulled her to him n gives her a kiss on her cheek. Chakor got shy u r too muhch saying this she left. Suraj was happy she didn’t hit him she left shyly ? that means she likes him he was more than happy he was in cloud 9.

Adi heared abt the accident from Payal n the love note well this information got repidely around to every1 the whole college waa aware of the fact that Suraj is interested in Chakor. Adi went to the medical station to see after Suraj who was lying on the bed his hands under his head the face up to the “sky” the eyes open n a damn big smile on his face. Adi I thought to look after u but u seemed to be fine I’m really gud what happen with the pain. Suraj ? no pain only love she cares for me that’s alot for me. Adi well if that’s all u need then u r the easiest man in the world. Suraj what do u mean? Adi smiled just think she likes u but she can’t cook, wash or clean the house what r u expecting… tell me. Suraj thought – she wash her soft hands get rough no she won’t; she can’t cook she doesn’t need to I can cook; no cleaning I will heir servants for her she won’t have any back pain ?? – I don’t care she doesn’t need to do anything.  Adi man u r in love deeply love Suraj just nodded ?.

Chakor was abt to go home when suddenly Tina came so u n Suraj r a couple now is this right with a bitter tone n anger in her voice she asked. Chakor didn’t liked it that every1 knows it but she wasn’t scared she made herself comfortable with a straight posture she said Tina normally I wouldn’t talk to u bcz I don’t have plenty of time to waste on u but… Chakor moved forward to Tina face to face yes Suraj n I r  friends n now we might have a relationship but remember 1 thing stay out of his n my personal matter it’s non of ur business. Tina was now even more angry – how could she talk with me like that infront of every1 – Tina raises her hand but this time the teacher was on the right side. Miss Richard what the hell do u think r u going to do. Tina was shocked n turned to see the teacher Sir I… The teacher called her come here we r going to the principal n I don’t care what ur father donate us wrong doings have to be punished.

The university was over n ever1 left Suraj wanted to talk to Chakor but he never asked for her no. – Oh no whom I can ask for the no.? ?yes idea –

Suraj called Adi
Adi: Hi Suraj
Suraj: Hey Adi
Adi heard the difference in Suraj voice what is tell me
Suraj: can I talk to ur sis?
Adi: what y?
Suraj: a private matter
Adi: aisi baat hai / is it so
Suraj: com’on please
Adi: theek hai yeh lo baat karo / it’s ok here talk to her I was just teasing u man.
Suraj: thx buddy
Payal: Hi Suraj what’s up
Suraj: Would be so kind n give me Chakors no.
Payal started laughing b said what kind of bf r u? y don’t u have her no.?
Suraj got angry but didn’t show it: do u have her no.
Payal give him the no. which he repeated to be sure he didn’t made mistake he was abt to hung up but
Payal: Suraj call her at 7pm
Suraj; y?
Payal: just do it it’s much better.
Suraj: smiled ok the bye.
Payal n Adi: Bye best of luck.

It was 7 pm n Suraj tried the no he got from Payal. Chakors mobile ring but she didn’t know the no. which was shown on the display. She picked up n said Hello?? Suraj was on the other line Hi he said. Chakor recognises his voice n smiled Hi Suraj how r u now. Suraj smiled too after hearing ur voice much better. Someone ring the door bell on Chakors house Suraj I will call u later bye. Suraj couldn’t say anything the line was cutted.

Chakor opened the door n no1 else but Suraj was standing infrint of her. She was shocked n surprised. Suraj was in a naughty mood won’t u call me in or I have to stay here the day long? Chakor smiled come in. BTW y u come here u know my parents… he put his index finger on her lips n said they aren’t at home n won’t return soon. Chakor who told u that. Suraj very easy the one who said to every1 that u n I r a couple – Payal Chakor thought -. Chakor but Suraj u can’t stay here go. Suraj wasn’t abt to leave He gave her gift. Chakor was happy what is this? Suraj open it. Chakor did as said n opened it she was really surprised n asked what a cricket stick what should I do with this?. Suraj u can hit me but don’t worry I won’t do anything but u can give me a kiss now  she shook her head but Suraj comes closer n the stick she first hated was now between them I like the gift alot she said. Suraj made a face ?. She showed him the house in the end they were in her room. Suraj oh so here u take ur beauty sleep. Chakor got red n felt embarrassed u r too much but u see that she showed to a window n Suraj nodded what’s with the window? She said when my parents come earlier u have to leave from there. Suraj made big eyes n a big smile that means I can stay? n she nodded. Suraj now tell me one thing y Payal shouted out that I like / love u? Chakor felt caught because she thought abt the jealousy she felt when the girls starred at him she told him the girls were staring at u afterall u were shirtless n I didn’t like that they were stare at u. Suraj oh that was the problem I give u a private show. Chakor what? Suraj take off his shirt n was coming closer to her She fall on the bed n Suraj was above her he didn’t try anything he was just lying on her bed n staring her but then he saw a pic n Chakor saw his confused face she turned Suraj was still up but she was with her face to the bed n saw the pic too. Chakor asked him do u want to know who they r? He was right on her shoulder yes he said this is Vivaan Rajvanshi j know Imlis bf n this is she looked at him n made a sad face. Suraj what y r u so sad. Chakor this is Suraj Rajvanshi but he died on a car accident with his parents he was my best friend I almost forget him but last night I dreamt abt him n me we were on a playground n swung the swing holding hands n playing. He got up n was abt to leave. Chakor was sad he couldn’t see her like this but he has to know what this all means. Chakor was very upset when he left alone.

Suraj was at home he didn’t say hi or anything else he just run to his room to find the same pic. Bhagya called for him in an angry tone n he came down with the pic. Before Bhagya could scold him he asked her abt the pic n the past {will be revealed later}. Suraj stayed at home but he remembered Chakors sad face I can’t let her stay like this. He was abt to meet Chakor when Arjun came Where r u going? Suraj Jiju I want to meet a friend. At this time Arjun said. What time is it Suraj asked. Arjun r u hiding something. Suraj no. Time? Arjun looked at his watch n said 10:30 pm. Suraj smiled n left bye both said. Bhagya told Arjun abt Suraj n her con.

Suraj was at her place but there was light in the ground floor – it seems like her parents r home which window she showed me??? – He looked around n found a big tree – this must be the right window otherwise I would die ok I would break some bones -. He started to climb the tree n reached the top point n saw through the window Chakor was lying on the bed wearing a night dress n reading a book.

Suraj knocked on the window 2 times 1st very low n the 2nd a bit harder Chakor jumped up n opened the window. Chakor Suraj u here at this time. Suraj can I come in first n u can ask me everything. Chakor let him come in n closed the window n from outside her mom shouted her name Chakor with whom r u talking she looked at Suraj who made a face like her – no idea – then he formed Payal with his lips she tried to read Payal but couldn’t he tried again n Kasturi comes to Chakors room she asked again n wants to come in Chakor made Suraj hide under the bed. Chakor yes mom come in. Kasturi comes in n saw no1 n asked again to whom u talked. Maa it was Payal on the phone – Payal he tried – Kasturi ok it’s late now u have to sleep n u did ur studies don’t u dare to fail. Chakor was embarrassed n Suraj was trying not to laugh loud. 

Kasturi left n Chakor closed the door. Suraj comes out of the bed n said I like ur mom. Chakor was angry u just left me alone n now u r back y?. Suraj said first promise me u won’t say anything to any1 even not to Payal swear. Chakor what’s this all. Suraj made a face fine then I should leave but Chakor doesn’t want him to leave she hold him back both fall on the bed.

Suraj was lying over her n was lost in her eyes the same was for Chakor but she saw more this time his eyes remembered her the dream with little Suraj the intensity of his eyes n truthfulness of them made her realize that this Suraj Khanna is her Suraj Rajvanshi she hold his face n said u come back to tell me the truth her eyes were filled with tears n he showed her the same pic he had seen on her bed. She hugged him tightly n said I won’t tell any1 I swear.

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  1. Awww. Soo cute. Seriously Afa, I have got tears in my eyes as its so emotional. Chakr recognised her Surj. ? loved the kissy scenes with the cricket bat. Poor surj. Tina deserved that reply from Chakr. Amazing, Amazing and Absolutely Amazing Afa. Keep going and update soon. Missing u alot. Thnx I’m glad u liked my ff. ?

  2. No words…..its amazing..amazing… Amazing…. Amazing . .amazing… And amazing… Chakor got his suraj back..
    Keep it up yaar… Waiting for your next update

  3. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Loved sukor moment. Chakor recognised her childhood friend suraj. Loved chakor’s reply to tina. What is suraj’s past. Waiting for next

  4. Amazing! Loved it! the note, when Chakor ran when Suraj was hit, their scene at the hospital and in her house, everything. I’m happy that she recognized him on her own, truly a heart connection. Looking forward to the next update.

  5. Loved the whole epsiode really cant wait for the next update please update soon

  6. Nic part…Sweet lv… What will happen next…Eagerly waiting for next part….

    Pls upload love happens also….

  7. Ye part sbse lmba tha n aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesm bhi. Kya bolu or sorry iss part k liye khuch bhi bolu km pdega bs ek cheez bol skti hu i knw itne ache ff k liye ye word bhi km hai bt please accept it ‘THNKU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH’ for this lvly ff.

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