Sukor – Heart connection epi. 10

Hi here the next update thanx again for liking the story.

Recap: Suraj played a Prank on his friends with his BIL Arjun. Adi n Payal had to leave before dinner n now Suraj is dropping Chakor home.

Suraj n Chakor were walking n she stopped listening to Suraj words. Chakor y r u always trying to help me. Suraj I can feel ur pain it’s like we r connected to each other. Chakor connected…she whispered. Suraj I’m very sorry if I hurt u actually I never had problems to make friends but with u it’s quite strange I’m trying my hardest but u didn’t let me so I think I will stopp. Hearing this Chakor wakes up from her trance she hold his hand n says no don’t stopp being a friend. Chakor there I live she showed him the way to her place. Suraj smiled – finally friends -. Chakor looked at him n his smile let her melt she holds her ears Suraj was confused what r u doing? Saying sorry she almost cried saying this. Suraj Chakor what no u don’t need to btw for what? Please u don’t cry I can’t handle this.

Chakor hugged him I slapped u n u were trying to help me but I’m broken I can’t trust anymore n the way u tried to help was wrong I don’t do this n I got even more angry I’m so sorry holding him tight. Suraj heart was pounding louder n faster he doesn’t know y but it feels great. She looses her hug n wiped the tears away. U can go from here she said. R u mad I can’t leave u alone if my did ever finds out I’m a death man. He drops her to the door n hide behind a bush to see if her parents opens the door n she is safe at home.

Suraj was back home n Bhagya asked him u dropped her home safely. Yes mom o did he smiled at her. Arjun what’s on ur shirt. Suraj looked down to his shirt n a bit of Chakors make up was visible. Woh…/ well… He tried to explain but Arjun cut him u r young n in college just be careful okay. He left Suraj alone in the living room. Be careful was the only thing he could remember he just find his way to his room.n felt asleep.

Chakor was home n Kasturi saw her wet eyes n asked if something happened to her. Chakor no mom nothing happened. Kasturi knew she was hidding something but it’s the age she knew well if she forced her it could get worse she will wait till Chakor feels it’s the right time. Chakor was in her room – y I hugged him? I didn’t wanted to lose my grip on him – He feels a connection but I don’t feel it what’s this what I’m feeling?. She was thinking of Suraj n felt asleep n dreamt again.

In this dream she was on a playground n her age was abt 5 or 6 years old. A boy maybe a year older than her was pushing her she was sitting on a swing n was laughing of happiness. The boy smiled at her n she knew him deep in her heart she knew him but who is he she couldn’t remember his name but she knew they r friends no they r best friends.

The next morning Chakor wake up on time her dream didn’t end by some1 no it was complete. She had her breakfast n was abt to leave when her  stopped her. Bhuvaan Chakor u look gud did something happen? Chakor no nothing. All is fine. Bhuvaan ok have a nice day. Papa u too waving him a good bye.

Suraj was waiting for Chakor outside as they r neighbours, new friends n classmates it’s absolutely ok to go together afterall it’s the same way. Suraj u look gud so relaxed. Chakor thank u…? Do i looked stressful. Suraj no not really but u seemed like something is missing or unfinished. Chakor – oh my god ? he really has a connection with me -. Suraj what? Chakor nothing all is gud she said n trying to change the topic. U did the homework. Suraj of course. Chakor gud. Do u know what u will do when u see Tina? Suraj no I don’t y? Chakor she will take revenge from u. Suraj hmm she can I deserved it. U know my new friend said I did wrong doing the same she does it doesn’t made me better or the situation no it makes it worse. Chakor ur new friend us very wise. Suraj yes that’s true. Both laughed.

At college
Payal as always was waiting for Chakor but this time Chakor didn’t come late n she was with Suraj – seems like a new friendship has begun -. Payal wow Chakor what happen u fall from the bed? Chakor haha no I sleeped peacefully n woke up on my terms. Payal Whaaaat no way u have to tell me everything. Suraj was kinda ? – what r they talking abt an insider joke?? – Chakor don’t worry I will tell u on lunch time ok? n Payal nodded ok. Suraj will u tell me too he asked. Chakor got red no I can’t. Suraj ok but please if there is anything u want to tell me just do it.

Payal left for her class. Sukor r in the same classes n were sitting together. Tina was there too. Suraj maybe I should apologies to her what u think he asked Chakor. Chakor won’t be bad but I think it won’t make any difference she will take revenge it’s her nature. Suraj ya u will be right btw u look gud today not only relaxed but gud beautiful… He was lost in her. Chakor was blushed – He thinks I’m beautiful – Suraj – did I admit she is beautiful what’s wrong with me? -.

Tina came to them. Suraj Hi Tina u look gud. Tina I always look gud. Suraj u know u shouldn’t fly high u will fall very deep. Tina I know u put a leg yesterday n I will payback for it. Chakor wanted to say something but Tina cut her off n said explain ur dumbo “friend” not to talk to me signalling to Chakor n Suraj. Suraj don’t cross ur limites he warns her otherwise more bad will happen to u. Mr. Suraj Khanna r u threatening another student a teacher came in. Chakor – Oh no -. Suraj Sir it’s not like that.. the teacher cut him off I have to send u to the principal the teacher said u may leave now.

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  1. Amazing update! like how their souls are connected. The hug was awesome. My guess is Suraj is her childhood friend. Hope Suraj doesn’t get in too much trouble since he already received a warning. Looking forward for the next update.

    Enjoy your vacation! How long will you be away?

    1. Sukorian

      thanx n yes u r right he is her childhood friend ? 1 week from Thursday to Thursday.

  2. perfect episod I like it very much.plz udate soon.

    1. Sukorian

      Hi thx u liked it. What happened u r all not commenting.

  3. Loved the epic.Waiting for the next chapter

  4. Sukorlover

    Awesome. Looks like sukor are childhood friends. Loved sukor connection. Hoping that suraj will be able to save himself from tina’s trick

  5. So so so cute. Finally Chakr gets a peaceful sleep and completed the dream. I loved Baghya and Surj’s relation. The perfect bro-sis relationship. Keep going Afa and update soon. ?

    1. Sukorian

      thx again ?

  6. Hi sukorian thnku for this lvly update n sory for late cment maine aapka ye update aaj he pdha sory.or aapne do ff post kiye thnku.ek baat or ‘lv hapens’ mujhe jyada acha bhi bhut acha hai wt vo thoda sa jyada acha tha.

    1. Sukorian

      Thank u n no sorry…. U read both that’s great thank u.

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