Sukor ff- Nafraton me chupa pyaar (part 12)

hi guys!thanks for your lovely comments sunny,sharon,crishel,sukorlover,nemo di,bidisha kakar that I got on my previous part.your comments encourages me alot.and yeah I m trying to post it here is the next part of my ff hope you guys will like it

Chakor gets dizziness and faints she falls on suraj’s chest.suraj gets shocked as she faints suddenly.

Suraj(holding chakor’s face):chakor!what happen to you open your eyes

Suraj lifts chakor in his arms and takes her into a classroom.he puts chakor down on a floor. Suraj sits beside chakor and sprinkles some water on her face she opens her eyes and started to see her vision as soon her vision gets clear she sees suraj’s face which is only an inches apart.they both share a cute eyelock.MAAHIYA PLAYS……….

Suraj:chakor get up are u alright what happen to you??

Chakor looks around her self. She tries to get up from their.she finds it difficult.suraj gives her hand to chakor.chakor holds suraj’s hand to get up from their.she shooks her head

Chakor:what am I doing here??

Suraj:you was fainted so I bring you here.

Chakor remembers how she fainted and falls on suraj’s chest

Suraj:now are you feeling well??


Suraj:BTW what happen to you why you fainted suddenly??


Suraj:nothing! Aree how anyone can faint without anyreason say me chakor what happen to you at that tym

Chakor:wo…wo…actully I didn’t eat anything from yesterday’s night


Chakor(sharply):yes!one morething MR you keep it in your mind don’t you dare to say anything to my sister. don’t say about all the drama that happened today.or haan agar tumne use kuch bhi kahan na to……



Suraj:BTW are u giving me warning or you are requesting me

Chakor:I m requesting you ok

Suraj olv:so different girl she this the way to request someone.i m meeting this kind of girl for the first tym in my life.its better to stay away from her


imli:offo now where this didi is??

Vivaan:even my bro is not looking anywhere around us

Imli sees suraj and chakor coming

Imli:lo humne unhe yaad kiya or wo aabhi gaye

Imli goes to chakor

Imli:aree! I m waiting for u from that time.where were you di??

Chakor:wo..juice fell on my dress…so I went to washroom

Vivaan:or suraj tum kahaan the

Suraj:I was with chakor

Vivaan:I know you was with chakor but when chakor was in washroom at that where were you??


Chakor interrupts their conversation

Chakor:aree tum bhi kiya bekar k sawaal karrahe ho chodona suraj kahin bhi tha hoga.shayad use yaad nahi isiliye wo nahi kehraha hai

Suraj olv:yaad nahi bolke nahi madam mujhe sab kuch yaad hai isiliye kuch nahi kehraha hoon

Both the siblings went to their homes after enjoying a lot in the party


chakor reads her story books.imli comes there with a glass of juice and gives it to chakor.chakor takes it from imli.she thinks about the juice incident happened with her.she thinks how she argue with suraj without anyreason and how suraj cares for her.she smiles thinking about all that.imli sees her smiling.

Imli:didi…why are you smiling??

Chakor didn’t answers imli.imli shakes chakor

Chakor:what happen imli??

Imli:di I m asking you something tell me why are you smiling??

Chakor:me…mein to bas…leave it now its too night you go to bed and sleep

Imli:no no I will not sleep first say me what you was thinking about??


Imli:SURAJ!what happen tum dino ne kia aaj phir se lada kia??

Chakor:nahi mujhe lagta wo waisa nahi hai jaisa wo mujhe dikhta tha


Chakor olv:oh chakor what happen to you you are thinking about suraj.the guy who always used to fight with you.and you are thinking that he’s a nice guy.if he helps to u it doesn’t mean he’s so hate that guy hate him alot

imli:say me di what does it mean

Chakor:it means he only acts like a good guy but he is not . actually he is so bad guy and now stop asking me anything about him

Imli olv:first she was only thinking about suraj.on asking her about suraj she became so angry.she is behaving so weird don’t know what’s wrong with her


Vivaan:mom u know ancering bohot acchi thi everyone was saying that it was so nice.I really enjoyed alot while doing ancering

Tejaswini:accha! Your friend imli was also their with you right??

Suraj:yes mom she is with vivaan only.that’s why only he enjoyed alot. Without her vivvan couldn’t have enjoyed this much.

Vivaan:just shut up it’s nothing like that.

Tejaswini laughs

Tejaswini:u both sit here I m going to my room

Tejaswini moves from there

Vivaan:waise suraj I can also see everything clearly that what’s going in your life

suraj gets confused


Vivaan:from days I m seeing you.I usually find you with chakor

Suraj:haan to.she was my dance partner that’s why I used to stay with her

Vivaan:yeah!but today after your dance also you was with her only.right??

Suraj remembers that why he was with chakor after dance also

Suraj:so what! And there’s nothing between me and chakor.I don’t like that girl.u know very well how many times we fight

Vivaan:leave it time will say us everything

Suraj:offo kitna bore horaha.why today this lecturer is what should I this simply I can’t sit.

Suraj sees chakor playing game in her cell phone.suraj goes and sits besides chakor.suraj sees that she is playing a car racing game.suddenly she gets disturbed by seeing suraj and she lose’s in the game.suraj starts laughing


Chakor:no I got distract by seeing you otherwise definetly I would have win that one can defeat me in car racing games especially in PSP

Suraj:I know everything losers will not accept their lose.if you can’t play properly then say me freely.why are you giving so lame exuses.

Chakor:I m not giving you any lame exuse I just said what the truth is.BTW you will sit beside me???

Suraj:yes! Why!Can’t I sit here??

Chakor:no its nothing like that

In another row imli and vivaan is sitting


Vivaan:today are you going to come

Imli:sorry vivaan but I can’t come I convinced my mother but she is not ready to allow me

Vivaan:oh! If it is like that then ok?



imli:di hurryup di how much more time will you take to get ready

Chakor:wait just a second…….OVER…

chakor turns around.imli looks at chakor from top to bottom with big eyes

Imli:wow di you are looking so so gorgeous.

Chakor:not more than you

Chakor smiles and takes one book from her bag

Chakor:now common lets go down

Imli:wait why are u carrying this book along with you??

Chakor:if I will be bored then I will start reading this book

Imli:offo didi tu bhi na..

Both imli and chakor along with kasturi get into the car.chakor drives the car.

Kasturi:imlu beta did u inform your friend thet you are going to come

Imli:no mom!


Imli:yes.I want to give vivaan surprise



The haveli is full of guests.tejaswini is busy in welcoming guests.vivaan and suraj both sit simply.

Vivaan:aree bhai kitna bore horaha hai

Suraj:if we sit like this then we will feel bore only.

Vivaan:accha to kia kare

Suraj:common we will go outside of the haveli


Suraj:to take fresh air

Both suraj and vivaan stoodup.suraj forces vivaan to come soon as they reach the door.they both see someone entering the haveli
And shocked

To be continued……..

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  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Sukor ‘s feelings are changing but they are not accepting it☺️☺️. So imli is giving vivan a surprise. Does suraj has a past,waiting for next

  2. Amazing update! Loved how worried Suraj was when Chakor fainted and how Chakor was lost thinking of Suraj. Hope Vivaan will be pleased with Imli’s surprise. I wonder who Suvaan saw? Can’t wait for the next part

  3. Amazing update di loved it.I’m waiting for the next.Surprise was goodgood.happy that my comment encouraged u.

  4. Awesome Doll! Sukor nok jhoks were the best. Chakor likes PSP..I’m with her. ?
    Did Suvaan see Chamli or someone else? Eagerly waiting for the next.
    Ur beloved Sanu

  5. Whom did suvaan saw and got shocked.
    Is it chamli????awesome.
    Loved it????????will b waiting.

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