Sukor – The beast I fall in Love with (Episode 1)

Hi I’m very happy u like the idea so let’s start with the day after the horrible act of Suraj.

Writers note: Its only fictional I don’t know what others might think but I don’t wish this to any1.

Chakor was lying on the bed naked her body was aching the pain she is feeling is unbearable but most of all she feel the shame. The shame of losing her dignity, her helplessness n life. She had done so much for this village but the village what has the villagers gave her back in return of her gud deeds. Nothing only hate n blaming for their miserable life.

Chakor become a marathon runner she return to free the villagers but ended up to be the Bandhua Biwi of Suraj Rajvanshi.

The hell started from the day of her marriage. Chakor was happy she was abt to marry her childhood friend Vivaan who loves her alot, well that’s what she thought. Suraj was abt to marry Tina but Tina was forced to the wedding n run away with the help of Chakor n Vivaan. The reason for the help was Imli she is carrying the baby of Suraj, who doesn’t wanted her till now.

Suraj found out abt Tinas missing m tricked every1 n married Chakor to take revenge n he succeeded all blamed Chakor for the bridal swap. Imli slapped her infront of every1 n Vivaan broke all ties with her. He blamed her too n also blamed her for destroying his life.

First Suraj blackmailed Chakor with a knife which had Imlis fingerprints on it this is the knife which was used to kill KN. Chakor did everything Suraj asked her for the money she earns with her name n fame went directly to his pocket n the villagers were still Bandhua’s the ruler changed n he always used Chakors name to prove her bad.

Ragini the illegitimate child of KN n an affair has returned to Azaadghanj n is trying to prove herself better than the others she is also using Sukor’s name to make them bad.

Chakor’s parents throw her out she has died for them n with imli they break all relations being pregnant before marriage is a big sin.

Chakor was all alone after sending KN to jail she thought her life be change she could live happily with Vivaan but all changed. Vivaan hates her n started to have feelings for Imli n even imli hates her. Imli clearly said to Chakor that she forgot her past with Suraj the only man in her life is Vivaan n she won’t let come any1 between them. Chakor was/ is ready to sacrifice her love for Imli. Suraj who hated Imli has now started to have feelings for her he missed her n wants her but Imli told him they don’t have any relationship left.

After the rejection he went to Chakor for help but she refused n said he should forget her as she is now Vivaans wife n has no feelings for him anymore. But the rejection of Imli n refuse to help Suraj has released the beast.

Suraj her husband should protect, caren respect her. They always fight n both don’t like each other. Suraj Rajvanshi the son of her biggest enemy KN the man who is responsible of the death of many villagers incl. her twin sis n grandmother. Suraj loves the power he wants more n with Chakor he gains more.

Suraj is an alcoholic he plays cards n is a rowdy he loves to bet n women. He loses control over himself in anger he doesnt like it if some1 lies or betrays him the result is death. Suraj n his mom shared a great bond but no1 knows it Suraj doesn’t love himself whatever he wanted he lost n he doesn’t have faith in anything then him.

The rejection made him drink be drunk more than usually he went up to his room Chakor was sitting on the bed. Suraj; in a drunken condition asked Chakor I want Imli go get me Imli. Chakor; turned her face in dislike n anger Suraj don’t u have a bit of shame u r married n asking ur wife to get another woman for u. N the other woman is no1 else than her own sis, who is the wife of ur brother don’t forget u did this all n we r all suffering now. Suraj; don’t know anything I want Imli. Chakor; but she doesn’t love u anymore she moved on. Suraj comes closer; so u won’t help me? Chakor moved backwards; Suraj don’t come closer I’m warning u stay there. But Suraj didn’t listen he comes closer n Chakor hit her back on the wall. Suraj; I tolerated u alot now I will show u the real Suraj Rajvanshi.

Chakor, pushed him away Suraj don’t cross ur limits. Suraj confused; didn’t u just said I should move on Chakor Suraj Rajvanshi my Bandhua Biwi.
Chakor was very angry yes unfortunately I am ur wife u monster. Suraj; monster no I’m a beast n tonight I will show u what kind of beast I am. U rejected me Imli u will pay for it. Chakor got confused – Imli – No Suraj it’s me Chakor. Suraj ignored her words he comes closer again n again Chakor pushed him away but this time Suraj holded himself. Suraj shouted Chakor stay in ur limits. Chakor so recognise me now.

#before I start I can’t write a molest/rape but I will try a bit n some told me to mark the intimt scene which will be marked with ? if they will be. Again only fiction don’t take it seriously#

Suraj angrily pushed her. Chakor felt over the bed hardly n screamed in pain. Chakor; Suraj she shouted. Suraj; Chakor u hurt n insult me whenever u can but today I will payback for all u did in the past he comes to bed n hold her head her hair was in his hand n he pulled the hair back she screamed in pain. Chakor; Suraj leave me. Suraj pulled off her Dupatta she screamed no n he goes further he ripped off her clothes n started to drag in her….

It was cold she felt dirty n his warm body was over hers. Chakor cried she lost more than her dignity she lost her virginity too with a man who is a beast who used her just to take revenge. Suraj still sleeping next to her she didnt know what to do. She tried to move his body n she tried to get up but the pain was unbearable. She felt on the floor. Suraj woke up by the noise he had a massive head acha he looked down n saw Chakor he didn’t moved to help but he out the blanket on her n left her alone.

Please tell me if u like or not

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  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome. Feeling sad for chakor. Want to see suraj’s reaction when he will be in his sense. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      thank u yes it was hard to write this buy story will develop ?

  2. Tiippu

    I understand the concept of whatur trying to write but i think its good feel sorry for chakor no1 should go through that and suraj i to feel for him his emotions were all over the place and he was drunk once he came bk in senses he left the blanket which shows some kind of remorse i to wanted to write a similar type of ff but was afraid manymay reject glad u did it though

    1. Sukorian

      thank u I know even I was scared n write it again n again it’s fiction. I’m glad u understand the concept ?.

  3. Feel sad for Chakor. Curious to see how the story develops. Looking forward for the next update.

    1. Sukorian

      yeah I have an idea n hopefully it will work out ?

  4. Felt bad for chakor really wanna know what happenes next a unique concept sorry for late comment

    1. Sukorian

      its ok dont be sorry ? thank u

  5. Marital rape is an issue suppressed in society. Glad you came up with this idea.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u I hope i can write it in a proper way.

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