Sukor – The beast I fall in Love with epi. 33

Hello my dears Thanks a lot for ur support n love n I’m sorry for delays but I will now update once a week n if I find the time I will try another update.

Recap; Suraj made plans with every1. Chakor is pretending of losing her child. Teju n Bijli r focused on RV n Ragini while Sukor n Vivaan will try to create a riff between KN n Ranjana.

Vivaan; r u sure u have a plan that will work. Chakor; Hmm I think we should trust him I mean he planned this all here. Suraj; Vivaan I’m really disappointed I thought u would trust me more ny now. Vivaan; Suraj my intention wasn’t to hurt u it’s just remembering the past u… Chakor starts to giggle… Suraj looked at her n she hide her smike behind her palm. Suraj; what’s so funny? Chakor; ? Suraj u know nothing n this time Vivaan hides his smile n turned. Suraj; oh so u both think that I’m nit smart enough ya…? just remember this all here is happening bcz of me. My plans made us be successful neither one of urs. Vivaan; ok u r right. Suraj; I kniw I’m n don’t worry my plan succeed again. Chakor; ok n what we hace to do? Suraj; y u r smart enough u will understand it when it happens. He turned n left in anger.

Chakor was trying to catch him but he was fast n she was slowly moving but Vivaan stopped her. Chakor; turned Vivaan look Suraj is leaving. Vivaan; don’t worry he knows how to take care for himself or others n he proved it with u. Chakor looked at him. Vivaan is there something? Vivaan; Chakor I don’t know if we can ever have the friendship again we had before but trust me I will do everything what is necessary to defeat the evil. Chakor smiled Vivaan what happened happen we can’t change tge past but we can create our future n our aim is a future with a free Azaadghanj I told this many times to Suraj n now I’m telling u I’m not angry not anymore. Vivaan; I destroyed many homes one if them was urs. Chakor; n Suraj said we will built up new ones. Nothing is lost yet. Vivaan nod u r right. Chakor bhabhi. Chakor ? ya I am ur Bhabhi. Mere Deevar ji {BIL}.

Suraj was back home Bijli comes to him. But Suraj anger was on top Chakor n Vivaan come after him in a slow pace so ni1 woukd doubt on them. Bijli; Chakor Di what happen to Suraj Bhai? Chakor; well… hmm… He is angry bcz I didn’t listen to him. He told me to take bed rest but u know I can’t. Bijli; oh. Then Vivaan followed them in n even went between then n slightly pushed Bijli. Bijli; oh Vivaan Babu… Vivaan; what in a harsh tone.
Bijli gulp nothing with a fake smile.

Suraj turned – that’s perfect dor my plan -. Suraj shouts Vivaan!. Even Vivaan was shocked it happen all of a sudden.

Chakor gulped – oh no is this his plan or is he really angry -.

Vivaan – hope its his plan -. Suraj dont shout even I can. Suraj; u don’t have the guts to. Chakor n Vivaan understood. Vivaan; Suraj! I’m warning u.  Suraj; really u against me. Let me see what u can do.

Vivaan was face to face with him unknowingly what will happen next he trusted Suraj.

All hear the challenge n the hall was filled with the family members.

Teju; Suraj! what r u doing u? y do u want to fight with Vivaan. Suraj; mummy stay out of it he thinks he is a king n can treat every1 like he wants too.  Bijli; Suraj bhai if its bcz of me forget I’m used of it. Suraj; chup {shut up} n stay out of it no1 will interfer.
Vivaan; oh wow today u said something intelligent no1 will interfer is it clear.

KN; these two stupid arrogant idiot’s. We all know Suraj will win his brain is working with his muscle. Lets go Ranjana…. Suraj; haha looks like no1 cares abt u. Teju; Suraj! I care. Suraj; but u r my mother. U will stay out of it. Teju; Suraj.

KN took Ranjana’s hand to leave the place. Suraj saw it n continue uff poor Vivaan looks like ur own mother don’t care of u. Vivaan – ? -. Mother u consider her as my mother there is he stupid Suraj. How could u even think that she my mother. Suraj; she gave u birth. Vivaan; n thats all what she did. She is gud for nothing. Suraj took his gun out n pointed on Vivaan.

Ranjana stopped; KN ji leave me. KN; Ranjana even if he tries to kill her he won’t. Ranjana; its not abt to kill its abt to care. KN; u never cared for him his half life he was under drug influence n now he is mad if Suraj kills him we it will help us more to gain reach our aim. Ranjana; or he will help us to gain our aim. If ur son kills my I will never forgive u tjis n the political stage u want to reach will never happen don’t forget it’s all bcz of my father. KN; Ranjana r u threatening me!! he said in anger. Ranjana; leave my hand. KN leave her hand n she runs back to Vivaan.

Ranjana; Suraj don’t u dare to shoot my son. Suraj; oh Ranjana ji stay out of it otherwise… Ranjana gulp – will he tell him my truth abt Manohar’s death? -. Vivaan; stay out of it. Ranjana; Vivaan im ur mother even if u dont consider me as it I will protect u it was me who called Chakor to get u off the drugs. Vivaan; n it was u whom I have to thank of my miserable married life with Imli. Ranjana; Vivaan they tricked me trust me. Vivaan; how many time should I trust u. Ranjana; I will do everything… KN; Ranjana!!! enough!.

Ragini; whats this now? RV; dont know but its differently something fishy on it. Ragini; I will get a man to keep an eye on them.

Ranjana; KN ji I will take my son with me. I won’t let Suraj kill him. N I don’t care what happens to me. Teju; Suraj u won’t shoot otherwise u will see my death face. Suraj dropped the gun. Ranjana took Vivaan along with her but she didn’t go with KN. Vivaan n Ranjana went up to rhe old room of Ranjana n Manohar.

Teju; Suraj had u gone mad how could u point the gun on Vivaan. Chakor – oh no our plan worked but now this mother-son duo will have riff -. Chakor; maa she said with low voice. Teju; haan. Chakor; I’m feeling dizzy can u please come up with me? I want to lie on ur lap? Suraj; Chakor. Teju stopped him its all ur fault. Chakor come. Bijli Teju n Chakor left while Chakor turned to him n ?. Suraj smiled.

Ragini n RV left too only KN n Suraj were left. Suraj; seems like ur second wife has chosen her son over u. KN; haha its nothing new ur mother did the same. Suraj; haan that’s true. Her love for me is indescribable. KN; ya she loves u but Ranjana na na na he waved with the hand n left.

Suraj – I know u will now think of it n will try to separate then that’s exactly what I want so Vivaan can get closer to her with ur help -.

KN – Suraj is right if ir comes on him or me Teju never took me. If this same happens with Ranjana too her motherhood get stronger I will become weaker -.

So please tell is this ok?…

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  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Loved the trio’s bonding☺️☺️☺️. Chakor & vivan teased suraj??. Loved the drama created by vivan & suraj??. Rift is created between kn & ranjhana.???. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      thank u dear haan i wanted to give them more old feeling to clear the riff between them ?. haan lets see ?

  2. Loved it. I think that ranjana and vivaan will get closer. And this Kamal Narayan has to leave the game. Anyways the whole shot was amazing. Waiting for the next. Lots of love and best wishes.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u very much ya something like that will hapeen but there is still a secret only teju ranjana n suraj know the death of manohar…

      1. Yeah you are right.

  3. Amazing update! Loved the bond between Sukor and Vivaan. Suraj has succeeded in starting the rift between KN and Ranjana. Liked how Chakor saved Suraj from Teju’s questions. Looking forward to the next part.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u Nemo haan his plan r successful here ?

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