Sukor – The beast I fall in Love with epi. 32

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Recap; Suraj n Chakor spend the time together n thought abt their past.

Small note; In this story Suraj is mastermind ?.

It was morning n the sun was shining  bright through the window. Chakor was turning right n left the sun light was shining directly on her face. Suraj woke up by her movements. Suraj sleepy voice; Chakor… what is? …No answer. He opens his eyes n saw her tormented face. Suraj put his hand high enough not to wake her but still to keep the sun light away.

– There is only one Sun who is allowed to tease n annoy her n thats me Suraj -.

There were footsteps to hear it followed with a knock. Suraj; ya…?  Bijli enters the room.  Suraj Bhai the breakfast is ready. Suraj; ok. Bijli; how does she feel?. Suraj; she is in shock it will take time. Bijli; I’m sure with u on her side she will survive n her wounds will heal soon afterall u r also caring for her while she is sleeping. Suraj smiled n Bijli left.

Suraj looked at the door he couldn’t hear any1 or anything. Gud morning baby ?. Chakor felt the kiss she unconsciously put her hand on his head. Suraj looked up to her she was looking at him with a smile. She took his hand n put down next to her cheek. Suraj; gud morning ? on her other cheek.

Chakor n Suraj both got up n were ready for breakfast. Suraj; Chakor we have to play the game. I know u don’t like it but its the best n only way to defeat them. Chakor; I understand but lies… Suraj; it’s for now. I’m scared if something happens to any1 n they speak it out what then? Chakor; I feel bad for Teju maa n Bijli. Suraj; ya I know n Vivaan too but right now its only u n me no1 else. Chakor nod. Suraj; u have to act against Vivaan too but he knows that I won’t hide from u we need to keep the mask on to confuse our enemies.

They were all on the table n waiting for Chakor. Ranjana; KN ji I’m sure they will create a drama now. KN; sshh my heir got killed (real anger). Suraj was holding Chakors hand to give her the support she needs both looked at each other with a confidence that RV n Ragini got alert. Ragini; RV listen I think tgere is something fishy. RV; ya u r right I can feel it too. Teju; Chakor… she walked to them. Chakor beta y u came down? u should stay in ur room n take rest. Chakor put a half smile on her face. – I’m so sorry -. Chakor; I… I can’t give up. Suraj needs me the village needs me…. Vivaan; -sorry Chakor- oh Mrs. Chakor Suraj Rajvanshi the saint of all poor people the saviour right. Suraj; Vivaan!. Chakor stopped him n shook her head.

They all sitted together n had the breakfast. RV; Chakor how u feel?. Suraj; don’t spoil the atmosphere u… Again Chakor stopped him. Chakor; I’m ok she said with sad voice.
Suraj – wah even in acting she is no. 1 -. Ragini; Did Suraj told u that it was ur own Sister…?. Chakor gulp she turned her face. RV; what a sister but ur husband took revenge. Chakor squeezed Surah hand who was holding her hand for support. Suraj didn’t moved nor he took his hand back. Chakor didn’t said a word Teju hold her hand n wipes the tears away. Chakor open ur mouth u need energy n u will get if u eat properly. Chakor opens her mouth n eat.

All finished the food. Suraj send Chakor back to their room. Suraj met secretly Teju n Bijli in his study room. Teju; y u called us here?. Suraj whipers; sshh mummy lower ur voice no1 should know. Teju whipers; sorry. Suraj; I want to request u both. Bijli whipers; there is no need to ask for a request we would do everythjng for u. Suraj smiled. Teju; haan tell us?. Suraj; I want u both to keep an eye on RV n Ragini but be careful tgey shouldn’t know it u have to do this with lots of care. Bijli n Teju nod. We will they gave him their hands.

Suraj was back in his room. Chakor; where were u?. Suraj; I talked to mummy n Bijli. Chakor; y?. Suraj; I asked them to keep an eye on RV n Ragini they r upon something I just don’t know what. Chakor; Suraj u r doing so well. Suraj; its all bcz of u n he caresses her belly U ?. Chakor smiled But Suraj what will we do now? Suraj; we will see the factory progress. Chakor smiled changed in confusion. Suraj; what? Chakor; how?. Suraj; its ur dream I want stop to fulfil it. I did everything what was possible to save the factory. Chakor cupped his face Just for me…u took this risk. Suraj nod. Chakor hugged him. Suraj; don’t be sad… I want my baby happy n smart. Chakor nod n started to smile.

Vivaan was at factory side too waiting for them us Suraj told him in the morning he should be more careful no1 should follow him again n he should wait at the same spot like yesterday. (U remember the big tree where Suraj hung all gifts for Chakor in the serial its the big tree). Chakor; wow Suraj the factory is almost done. Suraj; do u like it? Chakor; no… she smiled I love it. Suraj; u r happy. Chakor; ya very… ?.

Suraj; com’on. Chakor; where? Suraj starts to whisper; Vivaan is waiting for us. Chakor understood n followed him both wete holding the hand of the other one. Chakor; u know on this way there cones a big tree. Suraj; ya I know n thats where we r going. Chakor; really y there? Suraj; it’s big enough to hide if necessary. Chakor smiled at him. Suraj; what? n don’t say how I become so smart. Chakor shook her head. No. Suraj; then? Chakor; it was my fav place I loved to play n hide there it give me shelter when I needed it. Suraj; So u have gud memories with the tree. Chakor smiled again. Suraj smiled too.

Vivaan saw them – I can see a love in Chakors eyes she never showed for me n Suraj is so calm n happy he can be himself without acting to be some1 else how could I ruin their lives. I should die for my sins -. He turned his face n wipes the tears away. Suraj looked to his right n left he also looked at his back but there was no1 who followed them.

Chakor n Suraj reached the tree. Suraj; Vivaan… what happen. Vivaan was looking up to the sky he shook his head. Nothing. Chakor; Vivaan thank u. Vivaan turned with red eyes n plead hands; Can u forgive me. Chakor stepped back in shock but then she looked at him this was the Vivaan of her childhoid who used to be nice n friendly. Chakor went to him n took his hands down she nod n hugged him. Chakor; now I have my best friend back. Vivaan; Thank u.

Suraj was seeing them both like this. Vivaan n Chakor break the hug. Vivaan wipes the tears away n asked Suraj y he called him. Suraj; We need to defeat our enimies. Chakor + Vivaan; ya but how?. Suraj; by dividing them. Chakor ? Suraj it’s a very simple but great idea. Vivaan; simple Chakor whats wrong u just lost ur child how can u say it’s simple we don’t know anything abt their plans. Chakor; oh u r right. Suraj; Vivaan u know her better than me I told her to stay home n take rest byt she can’t stop helping n fighting the evil. Chakor looked at him n Suraj made a face “please try to understand”. Chakor nod n stayed quiet.

Suraj; I gave Mummy n Bijli the work to keep an eye on RV n Ragini. Vivaan; ok. At least they both r spied by Teju maa n Bijli. Chakor; but KN n Ranjana? Suraj; that’s exactly the point. Vivaan; what. Suraj; the both couple don’t work together, right?. The 2 nods. Suraj; n there is the weakness we work together n they don’t. N the best they don’t know that we do work together.

Chakor n Vivaan smiled. Suraj; the 2 couples r divided but the coupkes themselves aren’t. Vivaan; u want to creat a riff between KN n my mother. Suraj nod. Chakor ; but how?. Suraj; Ranjana… Vivaan+Chakor; what? Suraj; our target is Ranjana. We have to try to fill her ears to keep her away from KN n we need to fill KN ears but we will start with the weakest of all. N that’s Ranjana. Vivaan hear it comes on u. I know u hate her but only u can do it. Vivaan; don’t worry I will do my best but there is one problem. Chakor; which? Vivaan; how I will make her believe me or trust me? Chakor; she wants her son. Be her son n confuse her I’m sure u will get through her. Suraj; haan this is gud n I will give u an opportunity. Chakor; how?. Suraj; just watch n see.

… So next update first target.

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  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Loved sukor moments. Vivan & chakor are now friends. Suraj is a mastermind, his next target is ranjhana & vivan will help him. Tejaswani & bijli is after rv & ragini. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      thank u ? happy u liked the smart Suraj. Yes I want to clear the mess to start with the old friendships ?

  2. Fantastic. Suraj is so smart. You just rocked it. Waiting for the next. Lots of love and best wishes.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u dear ??? glad u liked it ??

  3. Amazing update! loved Sukor scene. Suraj is making good plans. Happy that Chakor and Vivaan are friends again. Hope RV doesn’t discover the truth. Looking forward to the next update.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u ??? i will try to update soon. Happy u like the smartness of Sukor ?

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