Sukor – The beast I fall in Love with epi. 31

Hello Thank u for ur understanding ??? this it the announced Update of only Sukor. Sorry for the drlay

Recap; Vivaan played a fake fight with Suraj to show there disagreements. Suraj threaten RV n Ragini nit to interfer in his factory n personal matters he shoot Shikhu. Chakor confronts Suraj n he told her the truth abt his idea n plan.

Chakor took Suraj hand n let it rest on her belly. Both were lying on the bed next to each other. Suraj eyes were red n Chakor too both looked at each other deep in each ones eyes. Chakor broke the silence.

Suraj promise me u will never lie to me again n if u do she pointed with her finger on him. I won’t talk to u ever again. She made a face just Only a bit of talk.

Suraj smiles Chakor I promise u I won’t lie to u again. But he comes closer with his head his lips were close to her eyes. Just small lies. Chakor; what kind of small lies? Suraj; like… he thought ?? ur food…
Chakor; my food? Suraj; ya ur food it doesn’t taste gud. Chakor got red in anger what u say. Suraj smiled bright ?. Chakor understood ?. Suraj; small nhok jhok he gave her an eskimo-kiss.

Chakor shiver every time when he touch her she got a warm feeling all over her body mostly its her heart which beats faster n pumps the blood through her body she never thought abt it first but it even happened when they hated each other.

Suraj saw her she was lost in her thoughts n he was lost in her innocent beauty like before even Suraj reconsider the past months. He always looked at her with love n flirt n no shame. y??? ?

Both tried to sleep n some how they succeeded but not for long it was Chakor who woke up first. Chakor turned to look out of the window to see her Chanduji {moon}.

Suraj felt the change abruptly he opens his eyes n saw her looking to the moon.

Chakor was thinking abt the past how he used to behave with her. He loved to flirt she smiled n blushed at the same time she wasn’t looking at Suraj, but don’t know y he felt a shiver he looked at Chakor who was still holding his hand looking out of the window thinking of her first challenge with Suraj. Suraj was looking at her reflection through the window ?.

Chakor got to know that the villager kids had to work for KN n Suraj as Bandhua’s. She was ready to sacrifice her first kiss to save the children if she lose the shooting competition. But with the help of Imli n alot of practice she wins n this was the first time she saw a man who hold on his words. He freed all kids n after this incident no more children were made to Bandhua he stick on his word. Chakor eyes were filled with tears.

Suraj saw the reflection the teary eyes but she seems to look happy not sad he asked her what r u thinking?. Chakor; abt u n me in the past. Suraj; u too. Chakor turned with a smiled n nod. Suraj; y those tears was it that bad?. Chakor shook her head n hugged him. No it was funny n beautiful. Suraj; really tell me y?. Chakor; u used to flirt with me. Suraj; ya n u used to fight with. Chakor; bcz u were unfriendly n flirty kinda cheap. Suraj; what? I was just joking with u. I liked it to get on ur nerves I loved it. Chakor; u loved it to annoy me y?. Suraj; bcz u was always ready to fight jungli billi. Chakor; pakhandhi.

Suraj; dont call me pakhandhi. Chakor; don’t call me jungli billi.
Both started to laugh. Suraj grip on her was tight but soft she felt more than comfortable.

Suraj; I always wanted friends n love. I thought I had friends like Imli n Shikhu. Chakor u were there when every1 else has left me alone. U gave me support n hold do u know what it’s not me who saved u it’s u who saved me. U never judged me never blamed me u stood by my side even with commited a crime n failures.

Chakor stopped him n slightly shook her head. But Suraj u saved me many times too n u changed a lot not every man would go through all this n woukd be standing on his own feets. Many woukd have run away or worse would have done something to themselve just to get away from the pain. Suraj u fought back n u r not alone anymore. Ur mom was always there. U got Bijli as a sister.

Suraj smiled his eyes filled with tears a small drop flow of his eye.

Chakor more important ur friend my sister Imli is back to her old self n the most important u have got Vivaan on ur side a brother who wasn’t always a brother. I know he did mistakes but he teached me something.

Suraj; what?

Chakor; that I never loved him. Suraj; was confused how? Chakor; the feeling I had for him weren’t that strong. Suraj; means? Chakor; when I think of u I forget myself I never thought abt Vivaan this way. Suraj; really? Chakor nod. Suraj; bcz its the same feeling I have. Imli was a accident I mean I never loved her but I loved the child n for me the child needed his father but unfortunately it died.

Chakor put his hand back on her belly n said we will start our new life n future with a new Azaadghanj no Bandhua no fear n most important with our love for each other. Suraj smiled he kissed her forehead n went down the her eyes to the nose n last ge gave her a kiss on her lips.

I hope u liked it???

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  1. Sukorlover

    Beautiful update??. Loved sukor’s conversation☺️☺️. They teased each other &also remembered their past. Glad that they realized that imli &vivan were not their first love☺️☺️. Loved sukor’s romance???. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      thank u I’m very happy u liked it ?

  2. Amazing update! loved how Sukor remembered their past and how Chakor realized the special connection between them was there from the beginning. Loved Sukor conversation and romance. Eagerly waiting for the next episode.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u nemo I’m very happy u liked it?

  3. Awesome. Loved Sukor’s conversation. Their nok jhoks. Now just waiting that when will these enemies leave their life.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u shanaya yes soon now I will start to focus on each evil one by one to break them ?

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