Sukor – The beast I fall in Love with epi. 30

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Recap; Chakor woke up n Suraj lied to her that she lost the baby. Chakor fall weak. Suraj n Vivaan r playing to fool the others n Ranvijay send Shikhu to kill Vivaan but Suraj saved Vivaan n beaten up Shikhu n gave another warning to Ranvijay, who has lost all his property (Vivaan knows it).

Suraj; it’s my final warning. Vivaan rams Suraj on purpose. Suraj pushed Vivaan away who let the newspaper fall. Suraj; Vivaan this warning is also for u. Vivaan; who the hell do u thing u are. U can’t stop me I will do whatever I want. Suraj; Vivaan mind ur language. Vivaan; y what I said… oh poor Suraj couldn’t save the baasti he smirked I destroyed many houses n more will follow.

Suraj n Vivaan fight with each other but Teju comes between them. Stop! u r brothers. Suraj; no we r not. Vivaan; don’t call me a brother of this monster. Suraj; the only monster here is u. Teju; stop no more words!. Vivaan; give me my newspaper. Suraj understood the signal but he can’t obey him. Suraj; it’s urs pick it up. Vivaan; u were standing in front of me. Suraj; u aren’t blind mister educated u could walk around me. Vivaan; y should I take another path y didn’t u move. Suraj; y should I. Teju; baas {enough}. Both saw it how she picked it up. Both felt bad.

Teju; read the headline loud. Ranvijay property has been sealed by the government. Ragini; its all fake. Teju; if u give the police the current location of RV u will get a reward. Suraj; mummy give me the newspaper. RV; u n ur mummy as well as this arrogant a*sh*le Vivaan r nothing in front of me.

Suraj didn’t took the newspaper the words of RV were enough he walked up to the stairs where he was standing with a bright evil smile. Suraj; Don’t u date to threaten my mother if u will use her in anyway I’m gonna kill u without to think twice. He took out his gun n shoot on Shikhu. Suraj; next time it will be u. RV saw the fire every1 is scared of. Ragini; Suraj!. Suraj; pointed the gun on her n u r the next after him.

Teju runs to Shikhu n was relief he is still breathing. Suraj; I didn’t kill him but soon it will happen it was just a demonstration to my Jiju. Suraj rams him n walks into his room.

Chakor was awake n was waiting for Suraj. Suraj closed the door noiseless n walked to her. Chakor was sitting on the bed n looking at him. Suraj; Chakor… he sits on the bed n touched her hand. But Chakor took her hand away. Suraj turned his face the tears flow.

Chakor; was crying Suraj y u turned ur face?. Look into my eyes tell me. Suraj; what… what shall I tell u? Chakor; sniffs the truth. Teju maa comes to me did u or did u not killed Imli. Suraj didn’t say word he turned his face. Chakor; Suraj u promised me not to take the law in ur hands y u killed my sister… Suraj; I also promised u to protect n love u. Chakor; u r a liar. If u loved me u would never harm my sister. U know how much I Love her. Suraj – ya I do know -.

Suraj; fact is she killed our child.
Chakor took his hand n put it on her belly. It’s not death its there I can feel it. U did a mistake u killed her for nothing. Suraj was speechless he doesn’t know what to say. He couldn’t look into her eyes. Chakor; y can’t u face me? Suraj r u hiding something form me.

Chakor thought a moment the whole time he didn’t looked at her but y?Suraj u were lying!!! u lied to me she was breathing fast n uncontrolled. Suraj couldn’t face her but Chakor forcible turned him. Suraj look at me tell me the truth what happen n what kind of dirty game u r playing???.

Suraj hugged her I’m sorry but I had to keep saying it. Chakor; what?. Suraj; that we lost our child. Chakor; but we didn’t. He nod n Chakor felt a relief. Suraj; Some1 attacked u it wasn’t Imli but all tried to convince me. I played a fake game just to keep u safe n the child we r very lucky that u n the baby r saved. Chakor; y u lied.

Suraj; Chakor some1 pushed u n didn’t know who. I reconsider who it could be n every1 who has a motive. Suraj; Chakor I know my promise Imli is safe she is in Lucknow on my request. Chakor swallow heavily. Suraj hug didn’t lose the strength. Chakor; but y?. Suraj; u told me many times to use my brain instead of my anger so I did.

Chakor made him to lose his hug but she was facing him. Chakor; tell exactly what u thought n what u did. Suraj told her abt the way Imli n Vivaan talked to them they looked down saying it all. Suraj also give the point that Imli was just back from jail y would she recreate the accident which already happen to her. Bijli n he did the plan of a fake encounter just to make the real culprit believe he is save. Suraj also mention his n Vivaans talk n reunion. Suraj; some1 filled his ears with hate n anger it was Ranjana she never liked Imli n carrying my baby was the icing of the top. But Vivaan falls for Imli ya he loves her n we r working togwther just tp fight back. Chakor; all that happen while I was unconscious. Mr. Suraj Rajvanshi y does ur brain only works when I’m not there or hurt. Suraj; easy I trust u more than myself. Chakor hugged him.

Suraj; please forgive me but its only u who knows that the baby is alive. Chakor looked at him what every1 thinks that we lost it. Suraj nod. Chakor; maa Bijli Vivaan. Suraj; ya every1. I just want to keep u both save n I will do everything what’s in my power. Chakor smiled she caresses his cheek n gave him a light slap. Suraj; ouch but I deserve it. Chakor; haan for lying to me. Chakor pull him over her. Suraj hand was resting on her belly n they fell asleep.

…So what u say?

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  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Loved suraj& vivan ‘s acting, no one can say that they are faking.??. Loved how suraj scared ragini & ranvijay??. Suraj was not able to keep secret from chakor☺️☺️. The way sukor slept was adorable??. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      thank u ??? happy u liked it

  2. Awesome. loved scary Suraj, happy that he shot Shikhu, he deserved it. Happy that Chakor knows the truth, loved Sukor conversation. Eagerly waiting for next.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u ????

  3. Beautifully written. ..sukor are adorable. ..thank u ?

    1. Sukorian

      thank u ?

  4. Awesome. Loved sukor scene. It was really sweet. Waiting for the next.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u dear ?

  5. Shiku deserved that rv i acting like he owns the place he needs to be shown his place by the rajvanshi brother’s chakor knows her baby is alive loved thier moment

    1. Sukorian

      haan she knows baby is alive n now they will fight back ? one by one

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