Sukor – The beast I fall in Love with epi. 29

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an awkward lie

Recap; Suraj lied to all in the family to save the life’s of Chakor n the baby. Suraj had beaten up the goons of Ranvijay. Imli is kept save in Lucknow n Vivaan is playing negative. Teju regrets abt her past sge did alot wrong n her son has to pay for it. Chakor got back to conscious.

Suraj walked up on the stairs he met with Ranvijay. Suraj; today I will let u live if u dare to ruin or attack the works again I won’t beat ur goons I will directly shoot u. N I don’t if my so called sister become a widow. Ranvijay; r u threatening me. Suraj; u r smart enough to underatand what I meant. Suraj rams Ranvijays shoulder n went up to meet Chakor.

Chakor was still lying on the bed she wants to move but her head was hurting. Suraj comes in Chakor. Chakor smiled at him. Suraj…

Suraj was happy his eyes were filled with tears he runs to Chakor n hugged her. I thought I lost u. Don’t be so careless again I told u to stay in the room. Chakor; Suraj I am sorry but I was hungry… Suraj; what just bcz of ur hunger u… he stopped – oh no what ii am saying I can’t blame her for somethjng she hasn’t done -.
Chakor; was confused Suraj my child… she touched her belly n Suraj stood up from the bed n turned – I’m sorry Chakor but it is necessary -.

Suraj; we lost it… Chakor no!!! she was crying heavily Suraj this is not true tell me it is a lie my child is safe. Suraj cried but silently he search for his voice… Chakor.. we lost it n the culprit…

Chakor; who Suraj she shout who did this. Suraj turned to face her Imli he shouted loud so the family could hear it was Imli n I killed her for that. Chakor shook her head. Imli… no she would never do this. Suraj; she did it.

Chakor was shouting n crying Suraj couldn’t do much but he remembers the doctors word no stress. Suraj walked back to Chakor in the bed n hugged her tight. He tries to comfort her. Suraj; Chakor please calm down. Chakor; y… Suraj y she did this. Suraj – what should I say… -. She was jealous bcz our life was going well. She first lost me, then the child n then Vivaan who send her to jail n get her out just to take revenge. Chakor; Vivaan… too. Suraj nod. Please Chakor I need u. U r my life please control over urself. Chakor cried in hus arms n felt weak. Suraj made her lie down he hugged her while she felt asleep in his arms.

Suraj – I’m sorry Chakor – he kissed her forehead n put the blanket on her he stayed there n caresses her back.

Teju n Bijli knocked at the door. Suraj; ya. Teju; Suraj beta Chakor…? Suraj; she is sleeping. Bijli; u told her. Suraj nod. Teju; y didn’t u lie? Suraj – Mummy u don’t know but I did lie on her -. Suraj; I dont know how she would react to findout the true. Bijli; I will get her some food she needs to take care of herself. Suraj; ya. Teju; Suraj we r just talking abt Chakor but ur pain. Suraj; stopped her mummy please. Teju stayed quiet n Bijli went down she got fruits n food for Chakor n some tea.

Ranvijay; how dare he to talk to ne like this. Has he forgot who I am. Ragini; Ranvijay just stay calm there is plenty of time to take revenge. Ranvijay; he threaten me. Ragini; so what we both know he can’t reach u nor he can give u a scratch. Ranvijay; but his attitude. Ragini; will be gone soon we killed his child n we will kill his wife too fortunately she survived the push. Ranvijay; made it happen soon. Ragini smirked don’t worry.

Suraj went down to the factory ground to meet Vivaan. Vivaan was tensed thinking of Chakor. Suraj looked around if some1 has followed him he carefully thought n took his steps.

Suraj saw Vivaan hiding under the big tree where they were suppose to meet. But there was a shadow…

Vivaan hears a sound of crackle wood he turned n saw Shikhu. Vivaan; Shikhu u here what do u want. Shikhu; Ragini n Ranvijay told me to keep an eye on u. Vivaan; so what?. Shikhu; they also told me to take revenge on u? Vivaan; confused revenge? on me. y? Shikhu; ur attitude of today morning on the dining table. Vivaan; oh – ? they don’t know I’m working with Suraj – Shikhu attacked him while he was thinking.

Suraj got angry n comes to Vivaans help. Vivaan; Suraj… Suraj; looked at Vivaan go from here. Vivaan nod n left the place. Shikhu; Suraj how dare u to hit me n y u let  Vivaan go… r u working together… Suraj; Shikhu since the day I foundout u betray me I imagined many times how I would kill u. N u know what I will kill u by my hands.

Suraj n Shikhu fight n of course Suraj wins he didn’t killed Shikhu but he hits him badly on his head the injury was deep.

Ranvijay was coming down the stairs thinking – by now Vivaan must be  death – he smirked thinking of it.

But Vivaan was sitting on the couch he had a newspaper in his hand reading the current headline Ranvijays property got sealed by the government he is hiding n whoever gives information abt his current location will get a reward… – so this is the real reason y he is here he has nothing left n who would look for him in a village like Azaadghanj -.

Suraj; comes in Ranvijay he shout. This time both were at the same place. Suraj; I told u I will kill u if u tries again to got in my way n my factory. Ranvijay; what u mean. Suraj snapped with his fingers. Look whom I found on my property.

Ranvijay took a look n saw Shikhu half death half alive. Ranvijay; he was suppose to kill Vivaan. Vivaan; stood up what. Ragini; Vivaan bhaiya… u misunderstand him. He meant to say he was there to guard u. We send him to ur protection. Vivaan; was playing with them oh ok. But I don’t need ur or his protection. As u can see…

Chakor was lying on her bed touching her belly.
– I don’t believe u r not there I can feel u n that’s not an imagination –

Suraj; Don’t worry he isn’t death. But u will be death if u cross my way again.


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  1. Amazing update! Felt very sad for Chakor but it was necessary to convince the evil guys. Happy that Suraj beat Shikhu, he deserved it. Will Suraj share his plan with Chakor or will he hide it a bit longer?
    Eagerly waiting for the next part.

    1. Sukorian

      hi thank u Nemo. He will share it bcz Chakor is doubting it as she feels the baby inside her she will confront him…

  2. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. It was heartbreaking for chakor to know about miscarriage. ?? but she feels her baby. Loved the way suraj handled chakor☺️. Suraj almost killed shikhu. Vivan knows ranvijay’s secret. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      thank u ??

  3. Amazing update poor chakor she still believes she has her child shiku became the target of suraj anger?he deserved it vivaan nows rjs secret cant wait 4 nxtupdate?

    1. Sukorian

      thank u Haan she will confront him n then Suraj has to tell her im not sure the true or another lie

  4. Nice update. Love that angry suraj. Hate that ranvijay. Waiting for the next.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u glad u liked it ?

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