Sukor – an arranged marriage “Regretting”- Episode 23

Hi thanks for the feedback I know poor Suraj. Don’t worry he the regretion of Chakor with Suraj dreams.

Recap; 8th month pregnant Chakor is very unhappy bcz her hubby Suraj couldn’t fulfil his promise. She doesn’t know yet but the promise he made to her he fulfils it.

Suraj was sleeping on the rocker while the family was awake n sitting on the dining table. Teju; Chakor where is Suraj? Chakor; maa honestly I don’t know. KN; what? how is this possible. Chakor; when I went to bed I stayed awake for a little time but don’t know when I fell asleep n today morning when I woke up he wasn’t there like last night but who knows maybe he got ready n left. KN; could be possible but I ccancelled the meeting. Teju; really with a relief. KN; he is doing so much n so well I called the partners n told them something abt internal problems. Chakor smiled but where is he? I will call him. Teju; gud idea….

Suraj was sleeping like I mentioned before ?

Dream sequence:

Baby n Chakor r home the baby is growing n reached the age of 4 years. It’s Suraj dream. My baby girl where r u hidding papa will find u. The baby girl was hidding behind the couch of course Suraj knows but u know she is a kid so he let her think that he is looking for her. The baby girl was looking secretly with big eyes face skin in a fairy pinky princess dress. Suraj; oh ?? where is she he falls on his knees n was looking through one eye. The baby girl; papaaaaa main yahaan hoon {daaadddyyyy I’m here}!!. He opens both eyes n turned he opens his arms n the baby girl runs to hug him. Suraj; my guriya {doll}. The baby girl; my daaady. Suraj; one puppi {kiss} on looks here n there ahh here he gave her a kiss on her cheek. She giggles. Suraj; what will my princess do next. The baby girl; hmm ?.
Its not ended just a break ?

ring ring ring… Suraj oh no who is this. That person I wanna… he looked at rhe display n stood up in shook Chakor. The mobile in his hand was slipping but he could catch it. Suraj; he… hello. Chakor; Suraj where r u?. Suraj; what oh no the meeting I overslept. Chakor; oh ho dont worry the meetjng is cancelled. Suraj; what? how?. Chakor; papa changed. Now come back home. Suraj; Chakor! I am at home let’s see if u can find me ?. Suraj hung up the phone in anger.

Chakor ??? starts crying it was the first time Suraj shout at her like that. Suraj could hear her but no I won’t go down n apologies enough is enough she will find me or not. It was the best dream I ever had…. ☹.

Teju; Chakor…. please stop this its of no use. Chakor stopped n looked around. KN; where r ur tears gone?. Teju; what? KN; Chakor beta don’t cry nah. Teju; hmm. Chakor; he hasn’t come down ir whatever. Teju; what happen?. Chakor; he is angry… KN; really… – this stupid he can’t be angry with her. Doesn’t he know woman always give us the double of the pain back -. Teju; where r u lost. I’m sure u have given him this cheap advice. KN; m.. me!!. No…! he shook his head.

Chakor; hmm ? ok I will look for him first the study room or thr gym room? Balcony oh? has he started to smoke again I will kill him. Chakor stood up with her heavy belly ?. She walked to the gym room no Suraj… Chakor went up to the study room. Ahaan Suraj found u…. no no Suraj… she walked to her old bed room they will return to the after she give birth to the baby. She checked the balcony uffo Suraj where r u??? ?. She sits on the bed n thought. Where he could be.

Suraj dream continue as he fell asleep again.

luckily his dream continues were it stops first. Suraj; so princess what do u want to do next. The baby girl; tea party. Suraj; a tea party a normal or royal one. The baby girl; royal? Suraj; this is for princesses n princes. The baby girl; royal ?. Suraj nod. The baby girl; ur royal name? Suraj; Y? My name is royal Suraj ?. The baby girl ??. Suraj; would u like to use a royal name? The baby girl; no if daddy don’t need a royal name then I don’t need it too. Suraj; u r having a royal name. Madhubala ?. Madhubala; haan. Suraj; thank God I could change ur mamas choice… Durga so old… Madhubala; haan happy thank u daddy. Suraj; my Madhu he took her nose n shook it. Both played tge tea party…

End of the dream but he is still sleeping.

Chakor; where could he be? KN n Teju were still down stairs. Teju; how coukd u give him such a stupid advice?. KN; I haven’t given him any advices. Y do u think I would give him an advice like this u woman always double payback. Teju; what u mean?. KN gulp nothing ?.

Chakor just one room is left n its incomplete… Chakor stood up from the bed carefully n walked to the babys room. Chakor opens the door n was stunned – oh my gosh – she spins around. Chakor – Suraj how u did this? where r u? -. He was just in front of her sleeping peacefully on the rocker. Chakor walks to him. she looked at his sleepy face which had a bright smile. Chakor woke him up slowly.

Chakor; Suraj…. she hold his hand. The touch made him smile more it was a loving touch he hasn’t felt for long. Suraj opens his eyes he saw Chakor teary eyes his face color changed. Suraj; Chakor what happen. Chakor wipes her tears away. Suraj please forgive me. Suraj; what?. Chakor; I’m I scold u n blamed u I called u a bad husband who doesn’t keep his promise. N talk n to the baby n said u r bad but u r nit. U r great. U r the best father n the best husband in the world. Suraj I love u n I’m so sorry. Suraj; really? Chakor nod. Can u forgive me?.

Suraj thought… on one condition. Chakor; anything!!!. Suraj; if it’s a baby girl I want to give her a name. Chakor; what?. Suraj; please!. Chakor – it will be a boy – oh ok if it’s ur wish. Suraj; ya ?. Thank u. Chakor; anything for u. Suraj; don’t u want to know the name?. Chakor; Durga? ?. Suraj made a face – oh gosh no way – Its Madhubala aka Madhu ?. Chakor hmm really. Suraj; haan. Chakor; fine ? but if it’s a boy I will give him the name. Suraj; fine which one?. Chakor; Prem {love} ?. Suraj; y?. Chakor; bcz he is my love n ur love n our love symbol ?. Suraj; thats very sweet. He kissed her forehead.

… I hope u guys will like this update ?

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  1. Awww what a cute update ???! Loved Suraj’s dream, his guess was right about Chakor picking Durga. Loved KN-Teju nok jhok, this KN is funny. Loved Chakor’s apology but she’s unfair, she knows it’s a boy and tricked Suraj into letting her name the baby ?. Eagerly waiting for the next part.

    1. Sukorian

      hank u ? glad u liked it. Its her feeling it could be a boy n yes of course she tricked him ?. So it just means for all of u this story wont end after the birth ?

      1. It’s great news that the story will continue!! Thanks

  2. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. It was very cute??. Loved suraj’s dream with her princesses.☺️☺️. Chakor realized her mistake. The fight between sukor for baby’s name was cute. ??. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      thank u dear ???. ???

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