Sukor – an arranged marriage “Papa’s promise” – Episode 22

Hi I’m very happy u liked the PoV of Chakor n don’t worry there will be one on Suraj too ?.

Recap; Chakor PoV she is loved by all n gets everything she wish for a boy ? girls a papa’s princesses n boys r mama’s prince ?. Chakor was in the 7th month.

Suraj was exhausted the work n Chakors behaviour both were going on his nerv but what could ge do. He loves Chakor n her behaviour it’s the work he doesn’t like. Chakor; Suraj u r back.  She comes slowly with a big belly.

Suraj – 8th month n still a beauty -. Chakor; Suraj its time for the room. Suraj; room which room??. Chakor; the baby room of course. Suraj; oh ya u r right. But Chakor can we do it tomorrow I mean I just came after 12 hours I need a break. Chakor; made a face its always the u never have the time. Suraj; oh Chakor com’on. Don’t be upset.

Chakor turned her face she was still standing there next to him. Suraj stood up n hugged her. I promise u tomorrow the room is ready. Chakor; really?. Suraj; really it’s  a Papa’s promise he said to the belly.

Chakor; fine I already ordered the color for the wall’s. Suraj; color really without me. What color u choose? Chakor; green. Suraj; what? y?. Chakor; I like green. Suraj; but green is not a baby color. Chakor; what u mean? baby likes the color I only do what the baby likes. Suraj; sorry sorry my mistake tell me the s*x oh the baby so we can choose some names. Chakor; no it’s a surprise n I don’t never asked it. Suraj; really. The last time I went to doctor with u. She told us she knew the s*x. Chakor; I want a surprise OK with big angry eyes. Suraj gulp yeah right surprise.

They were all sitting on the dining table. Chakor was filling her plate again n again. Suraj didn’t eat much he felt unwell as he forgot something. KN; Suraj what abt the Chopra file. Suraj thought but couldnt remember. KN; Suraj did u prepare everything. Tomorrow is the meeting. Suraj; oh gosh I’m sorry I totally forgot.

Chakor; what… she looked at him. Suraj tried to smile Chakor… u know how much I love u… u r so kind with a big heart… so understanding. Chakor; Suraj maska mat lago {don’t try to brownnose at me}. Suraj; I’m sorry I have to work on this file n tomorrow we have the meeting I’m not sure abt the room. Chakor got sad she hold her belly n said keep ur papa promise she stood up n left the table.

Suraj was hidding his face behind his hands. Teju; Suraj I know u told her a long time ago u will do the room. She told me to do it on herself but I refused her to do it as she is pregnant in the last stage. Suraj; mummy u r right but I do this work only bcz of her. She asked me to. Teju; but y u gave her a promise u couldn’t keep. Suraj; uff mom. KN; if u want I will cancel the meeting. Suraj; no. The half work on tge project is done. There is no need to cancel. Teju; but Suraj… Suraj stopped her. He stood up n left the table too.

Chakor was in her n Suraj bedroom she waiting for Sursj to scold him n if necessary to hit him. But Suraj didn’t come he was up in his study room working on the project.

Suraj – Chakor I made a promise to u to do my work with 100 % n baby I promised u that ur room will be done by tomorrow -.

Teju; KN y u gave so much of work. KN; I don’t give him so much work he takes it if he is in a gud mood. Teju; what?. KN; I don’t know y but he chooses his work n it’s always very tough. Teju; but y?. KN; I don’t know. Teju; did u asked him n an anger tone. KN gulp n said one time I did. Teju; what he said. KN with a low voice he is doing it for Chakor. Teju; uff she hits her palm on her forehead.

Chakor was holding the a baby blanket – ? ur daddy is bad I wanted to put thus cute blanket on ur crib n all these stuff I bought for u ?-.

Suraj looked at his watch – oh no it’s midnight Chakor must be sleeping by now -.

Suraj goes down to his n Chakors room he walked in very carefully n put the blanket on her. He caresses the belly n said ur papa made a promise n tomorrow morning ur room will be done – He kissed the belly n left. Chakor was sleeping deeply she didn’t woke up.

Suraj was in the kitchen he made some coffee for himself with the extra
caffeine he also put out some energy drinks n went up to the babys cold n naked room.

Thank God the wall’s color is pure white the color ur mama choose will work. Suraj took out some brushes n a roll brush for higher areas. Suraj put some old news papers on the ground so nothing got unnecessary dirty n then he starts to apply the color on the wall’s.

Suraj opens the window to dry the color faster it was now 2:30 am. Chakor wanted the crib yeah I will build it up. How difficult could it be ya how… it took him an hour to build it. Suraj was tired he yawns many times but he hasn’t finished yet the cupboards weren’t ready yet he made it all n also the rocker was on his right place. Suraj looked at his watch I did it he said to himself at the time of 5:30 am he felt asleep while sitting on the rocker.

I hope u like it

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  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update☺️☺️. Suraj is doing lot of work for chakor??. Chakor is always complaining??. Waiting for chakor’s reaction when she see baby’s room. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      ya she is complaining hormons ? don’t worry next she will regret… ?

  2. Poor Suraj..He’s doing so much work..I can’t believe he did the room all on earth will he get up for the meeting now? He kept his Papa promise.? Aww ?.
    Chakor’s turn to regret now..Suraj is not a bad daddy.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u happy u liked it haan she will regret it ?

  3. Amazing update! Felt for Suraj, he’s so tired but still kept his promise. Felt for Chakor too, she must be angry that Suraj didn’t come after her. It was sweet how Suraj covered Chakor with the blanket and talked to the baby. Eagerly waiting for the next update.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u dear. Haan he kept his promise n she will regret…

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