Sukor – an arranged marriage (main leads)

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All abt Suraj N. Rajvanshi:

-The only information which true n known:
Chakor was informed by her father that he has chosen a man for her who’s name is Suraj N. Rajvanshi he is the only son of KN n Teju Rajvanshi the only hire of Rajvanshi Ltd.-

person 1 ##
person 2 ”

The Convo:
#U want to know who he is?#
#r u sure#
#okay baba here we go but listen these stories r just rumours I didn’t had the time to research probably. So be aware#

‘Start now I know it’s all rumours’

#Suraj Rajvanshi a player he loves to hung out with his friends loves to drink n to party some sources says he had many link ups n love affairs.#

‘what…? oh no’

# I remember u just rumours don’t take it seriously. I will go on he is 27 years old he did his MBA in economics with Top marks he joined his father’s company a few year’s ago but he isn’t really interested he just doing it to keep his father happy n getting full access to the money.#


#stop thinking nonsense. Just Listen:
His Character ohh how should I describe him… Yes I know. He is very honest he hates liars n lies he always speaks his mind out. He is short temper but has a kind heart especially for children he has founded a foundation for ill children who have a disease. He loves to play poker, football n cricket. He plays the guitar n drum but he loves to listen soulfull music.#

‘he should have a heart…’

#Now u think it’s just rumours this coukd be true… let me carry on:
His Family is not big but for him they meant to him more than the world. His father KN always push him to the best he knows the qualities of his son which r hidden behind his childish behaviour. Teju his mom sorry Mummy she loves him the most (more than her husband n daughter) The bond between them is unbreakable no1 can take her place in his heart. I just mention it his older sis Bhagya who got married to Arjun they r expecting so madam u r already a becoming maamy (aunty). His sis did love marriage but Suraj doesn’t believe in love those girls I was talking abt were just behind his money not him… So he agreed on his mummy’s wish to marry u. Miss Chakor Laal.#


# Dont be a cry baby i told u rumours u have to find out the truth n u will get to know after ur wedding.#

‘Thank u Riya at least u could tell me a little bit abt him otherwise I wouldn’t have known anything abt him.’

Riya uff Chakor people say alot don’t listen to everything ok. I don’t know if it’s all true but honestly the foundation look she just google this is true.

Chakor – so this guy has a heart for children -.

it’s short one n the next will be similar on Chakor:


All abt Chakor B. Laal

– What we know abt Chakor B. Laal so far. Chakor is a hard working women she just joined her father company she is very ambitious n fights for women rights she is some kind of activist. –

Suraj u already start to praise her ehat kind if friend r u Aryan do u found out more or u want to repeat what dad already told me.

Aryan ghussa har waqt ghussa karna theek nahi hai / anger it’s not gud to be angry on everything every time.
Well let me start.

Suraj who stopped u

Aryan u…he smirked n Suraj got red in anget

Suraj ARYAN!!!!

Aryan that’s my name ?. Ok ok dont hit me I’m sorry. I made a great research no half work. She is 24 years old she really just joined the company of her father n she already bagged a new project with ur father bcz her presentation n hard work is great.

Suraj it’s not easy to impress Dad

Aryan u r right so I searched more she doesn’t fight for woman rights she does fight for everything n every1 she thinks need help. She doesn’t look who or what the person did but if the person changed or was forced to do wrong she supports n help them.

Suraj kind of jagaatmata type…

Aryan haha Haan yaar/ Yes dear. She is the only child she has no siblings or cousin’s. Her mom has teached her housework n her father made her a business woman. Like Teju Ma always wished.

Suraj damn but it could be a lie we haven’t seen her working at home

Aryan do u think she will stay at home n show her home skills no she will work n fight she is very independent

Suraj wohi toh/ thats the problem dad choose her to made my life to hell.

Aryan no yaar. it’s not like that but if would concentrate a little bit more on work than parties I think u dad would be happier with u.

Suraj phir se toh dusroon ka saath dehraha hai/ again u take the side of others.

Aryan chur/ leave it. She has a best friend Riya. She is her only friend.

Suraj hmm any reason

Aryan I couldn’t find one

Suraj there is something fishy

Aryan no. u r just looking for a problem but man she fullfilles the wishes of ur parents. Oh btw Bhagya Di n Arjun Jiju likes her too.

Suraj what they too

Aryan Haan. She loves to dance, to run n she plays piano.

Suraj she likes music ?

Aryan I knew I would like this fact.

Suraj ?

Aryan sorry. She is a foodie she loves food.

Suraj is she fat ?

Aryan no she loves to run so she makes sport. Idiot.

Suraj sorry. But what u told me is this all true?

Aryan 90 % of it is true

Suraj 90 %!!!

Aryan ok u just told it me I try to findout more but it wasn’t easy in just 1 day. Well bro congrats.

Suraj – pata nahi kaise doost paayen hain / don’t know y I have those kind of friends. She really fullfilles Mummys ideal bride n Di/Jiju likes her too there must be something…

I hope it’s ok so.

They can’t know too much abt each other they have to learn n respect each other after the wedding

Next story would be Jaath mangni paath bhiya (engagement with wedding).

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  1. Looks gud Afa. Keep going and update soon.

  2. wow i really love this story of sukor it seems interesting and i wanted to read on i really cant wait for ur next update love this so much its my fav ff even though its only the first episdoe

  3. Interesting start! I’m happy that Arjun and Baghya are in the story and you’ve included Sukor best friends. Chakor shouldn’t be worried of Suraj, he has a heart of gold and just needs to find focus in life.

  4. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. The brief intro of sukor was nice. Waiting for next

  5. Awosome update.eagerly watting for marriage and sukor love sequence.plz update soon .

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