Sukor – an arranged marriage “grumpy Suraj” – Episode 20

Hello here I’m with a new update

Recap; Bcz of the pregnancy Chakor has many mood swings n Suraj has to suffer ☹ but he loves her n the baby that he is ready to do it all.

Suraj was at the office he loves to spin on his chair it remembers him on the days when Chakor was at the office too n how he made her sit on his lap n spins around with her. Nowadays there is only he n lots of work… no sleep no real food (he has to give almost everything to Chakor as she eats for two… ?) n no fun. Only unnessacery fights. Suraj was screaming on employees what he never does n small mistakes made him mad.

KN knocked on the door. Suraj; com’in. KN; Suraj my son what happen y aren’t u spinning around? Suraj; crosses his arms not in the mood. KN; y do y have mood swings too. Suraj; looked at him ? haha very funny. KN; its normal. Suraj; what?
KN; let me explain u.

He comes n sit on the opposite chair. Suraj was breathing deep he wasn’t in the mood for a father-son talk. KN; Ur wife my DIL Chakor is pregnant, right? Suraj; released a breath ya she is. KN; So she is the one who has to carry the baby for 9 months? Suraj nod. KN; N u?. Suraj; what me. KN; what u do?. Suraj; dad how can u ask me this. U know how her mood wings r every single night she wakes up n demands for anything the last few weeks were horrible I couldn’t sleep an hour. KN; hmm I understand. Suraj; if u understand then y u asked? KN; easy. Suraj; hmm. KN; u can’t sleep. right?. Suraj; a little bit annoyed yes. KN; bcz she wakes u. Suraj nodded he was controlling his anger. KN hit his palm on his forehead. Suraj; what now?. KN; u can’t sleep bcz she wakes u…. that means she sleeps unwell too. U can’t get food in the office u eat alot Chakor sends the double amount of food for u. Sural gulp. KN; u r useless first keep it always in ur mind U r responsible. Suraj; for what. KN; her situation she is carrying Ur baby. Suraj nod. Dad…? how u could handle 2 pregnancies. KN; honestly I couldn’t. Suraj; what. KN; whatever I did to keep ur mom happy didn’t work. But it’s the hormones… just wait to the delivery…. Suraj; y?. KN; surprise. He left saying.

Suraj was thinking of his father’s words. – ok maybe I’m responsible but she is equally responsible for it. I mean u can’t clap with just one hand u need always 2 -. Chakor I love u both I need to sleep a whole night.

Chakor was waiting for Suraj he hasn’t returned yet while KN was back. Chakor; Papa where is Suraj he hasn’t called yet nor returned. KN; oh beta I talked to him in the afternoon his mood was very bad. Chakor; u felt that too ??. Teju; Chakor be quiet it effects the baby u should always be happy n smile. Teju gave KN a clap on his back head. KN; ouch… he turned n Teju was looking a devil ? idiot she forms with her lips. KN gulp n stayed quiet. – stupid Suraj I shouldn’t have talked to him. where is he -.

Suraj car comes he changed his mood. Suraj rungs the door bell. Chakor wipes her tears away n runs to the Door. KN n Teju; Chakor don’t run. Chakor stopped n nodded fast with her n walked carefully to the door to open it. Suraj was standing there with a bunch of flowers a new teddy bear n some food he was prepared. Chakor smiled. Is it all for me. Suraj nod. he comes in n gave her the flowers first.
Chakor took them n smell on them real flowers no artificial. Chakor walked ahead she was carelessly walking in her mood n slipped.

Suraj Teju n KN; Chakor!!! but luckily Suraj catches her. Chakor was shaking on her body the sweat was running her face down. Suraj carried her up to the bedroom. He was angry… very angry n Chakor was scared… very scared.

Teju n KN knocked on the door but no response. Teju; KN I’m scared what he will do to her. KN; nothing u r over reacting. Teju; pushed him it’s all ur fault. KN; y its all my fault. Teju; bcz u talked to him. KN; I did it for a gud reason. Teju; n do u like the result!. KN turned his face n shook his head.

Chakor was lying on the bed n Suraj was walking up n down. Chakor; was stammering… Su… Suraj… I’m.. she cried loud. Suraj turned to her. Shut up! Chakor stopped ? but was sniffing. Suraj walked to the bed. Suraj; I’m sorry I came late I had a bad mood since a few days I just saw the bad side for me not the bright side u gave me… Suraj was waiting for her response but he told ger to keep quiet. Suraj; y aren’t u saying anything? Chakor; u said to me shut up. Suraj; sorry he holds his ears. Chakor; I know im difficult n my mood swings r horrible but trust me I’m trying to control of it. Suraj; no not anymore control. Chakor; but… he puts his index finger on her lips. Suraj; here a teddy bear when im not there u can cuddle with it. Now u will get daily fresh flowers n I’m will personally take u out for dinner or just a walk. I won’t be grumpy anymore I will obey to all if ur orders I know I can’t n won’t ever feel what u r goung through but I want to make it as comfortable as possible it is. Chakor smiled really. Suraj nod. We will shift the room tk the down floor no stairs. N u won’t walk carrying things well u won’t walk alone there will be some1 with u. Chakor; I’m not baby. Suraj; no u r not but u carry one n I understand now that hoe much pressure must be on u. Chakor cupped his face her tears were flowing down n Suraj wipes them away. Suraj stood up ma’am what would u like to eat. Chakor; hot chocolate to drink samosa spicy ones n pakore ???? Chutney lassi sharbat chaat etc….

It goes on…

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  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Loved father son conversation.☺️ . Suraj finally understood chakor’s problem☺️. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      thank u happu liked the father son talk

  2. Cute! KN and Suraj talk was great. Suraj was really grumpy but I’m glad he understood. Chakor obeying KN and Teju was really nice. I love the idea of the Teddy bear that’s soo cute! Keep going Afa and update soon.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u Sunny trying my best ?

  3. Amazing update! Loved father-son talk, it’s strange reading about a kind and funny KN. KN-Teju interaction is always funny. Loved how Suraj handled Chakor and his promise to make her comfortable. Eagerly waiting for next.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u dear ?

  4. Amazing update suraj is now trying hard to kepe chakor happy her food list at the end?cant wait for next update

    1. Sukorian

      haha haan the list is a endless list ??

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