Sukor – an arranged marriage “Chakors PoV” – Episode 21

Hi im very happy u liked the grumpy Suraj ? now we will see/read an understanding Chakor.

An Update only in Chakor PoV

Suraj was sleeping oh yeah he was Chakor didn’t wake him she is now in her 7th month of pregnancy n she is thinking of the last couple of months.

A short resume

Suraj my dear husband u sacrificed everything for me n our baby. I think I should let u sleep ?.

Like he said the bedroom is now on the ground floor so its much easier for Chakor to go into the kitchen without using the stairs or great effort.

Chakor walked into the kitchen she looked around n was surprised everything she likes is now set on her reach. The fav chocolate was in the cupboard but not at highest point it was just on her eye level.

Chakor; Wow Suraj u care for everything. Lets see if I can all need n want ?.

Chakor searched for the ice cream Teju maa used to hide it from KN papa but now the ice cream right in front of her in the freezer with a big note.

Note; Only for my pregnant Bahu!!! KN ji don’t u dare to touch?.

Chakor; Teju maa u r great ?.

Some1 was waiting in the hall… the person enters the kitchen n Chakor got scared.

….; sshhh Chakor it’s me. Chakor had closed her eyes in scare but the voice was familiar. Chakor;? u scare the hell out of me KN Papa. KN; sorry. Chakor was breathing back controlled n normal. Chakor; what r u doing here late in the night…?

KN was thinking how to formulate it he was looking down on his feets it was automatically n Chakors view followed he looked up again but Chakor was still looking down. KN; kiya hai udhar? {whats there?} she looked up n said u looked down first I just follow ur view. KN hit the palm on his forehead. Chakor; what? KN; I’m here bcz…. Chakor; haan tell me. KN; bcz….

Chakor thought – I’m sure he wants to break his promise to Teju Maa n wants to eat some sweets with me ? –

KN was still trying to say it but Chakor gave him a spoon n bith eat the ice cream but she cared that he didn’t eat much ?. KN; a little bit more. Chakor shook her head. No means no. KN; at least u shared with me a little bit but promise me u won’t tel ur saas {MIL}. Chakor; no n u too. KN; nahi never. Chakor; little finger oath. KN little finger oath.

He left n Chakor was alone.
KN was always her supporter with Suraj n his work where Teju maa gave him space he didn’t. He forced him but with care n encouragement which helped her alot to made this decision as she knows how determined he can be ?. Best FIL in the world. Suraj told her he bought her only one gift the package with lice but bcz of KN they had to stop in a mall ?. All gifts were special n it doesn’t matter when he bought them bcz he was busy with work the most important fact was that he thought of her n had made a gift full of love.

Chakor hold her belly honestly I don’t want to share ur daddy with u so I keep praying that u r a baby boy. U know nah girls r always more attached to daddy’s. So if u r a boy ur papa will always love me more ?. Chakor but don’t worry here is the clue I will love u a lot ????.

Suraj felt the emptiness next to him. She must be in the kitchen he thought for a second to walk to ger but the doir opens n Chakor came in on her toes. Suraj smiled n didn’t moved he knew she is trying to do more on herself. Chakor- ? I didn’t wake him ? -.

On the next morning Suraj was ready n gave her morning kiss n left. They all let her sleep n take rest as much as she needed. Suraj n KN left for office.

Teju did everything alone all the household work, cooking cleaning everything what is needed to do she does. Chakor tried many times to help but sge only git scolded by Teju for working n not taking proper rest.

Chakor woke up n took a shower she walked to Teju who was in the kitchen preparing the lunch. Teju; Chakor I know u r there.. Chakor; oh how u know that?. Teju; I could sense u. Chakor; really. But I was on my toes. Teju; so what I am a mother I could feel u miles away. Chakor hugged her from the back.

Teju; now take a seat ur late breakfast n lunch is ready. Chakor hold ger ears sorry maa. I slept very late in the night. Teju; I know she rolled her eyes. Chakor made a puppy face. – She was caught -. Teju; if my grandchild want’s it late night ice cream date with his grandfather then I can’t do anything. Chakor; u can join us. Teju; ahan I knew it he ate Ice with u. Chakor; oh oh – sorry papa -. Teju saw Chakors n said it’s a secret. U just promise me don’t let him eat much. Chakor nodded with a big smile.

Chakor was in the garden Teju gave her fruits n made her sit next to her sometimes they just hung out like that. Teju in just her MIL no she has also become a friend for her after Riya n Aryan left she is the only one who cares for non-stop.

Chakor was in ber room

– Oh my baby u n I we get so much love. When the day of the delivery comes u have to hurry ok. Bcz I can’t let them wait anymore ??. But don’t worry if its necessary u will get ur needed time to come but remember if u take longer than necessary ur mom will have pain. N mamas pain means papas pain n papas pain means daadis {grandmother’s} pain n daadis pain means daadus {grandfather’s} pain… no no we can’t let have this pain. Right ?. –

The baby kicked. Chakor screamed…

Hope u like this only Chakor PoV

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  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome, it was very cute☺️☺️. Loved chakor’s pov. Suraj ,teju & kn takes care of chakor so much??. Loved the ice cream date of kn & chakor. Chakor’s talk with the baby to come soon was nice.☺️ Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      thank u happy u liked the ice cream date ?

  2. Cute update. Love the bond between Chakor and her in-laws. Suraj pretending to be asleep when Chakor came back was sweet, he didn’t want her to feel bad for waking him up. Love how everyone is looking after Chakor. Can’t wait for the next part.

    1. Sukorian

      haan such a great husband ? wish we all get some1 like him

  3. Very Cute Afa!
    Chakor is very lucky to have a beautiful and caring family.
    Is the baby coming?
    Like Chakor, I want it to be a boy so Suraj loves only Chakor. ??????????

    1. Sukorian

      haha no baby is not yet coming as she is in 7th month n yeah it was my idea to give them a boy ??

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