Hello everyone..This is Saanvi..I’m well known writer to Swaragini ff/Os readers but thought of writing a different fan fiction this time..

I’m a huge fan of mythological stories..Be it any mythological television series, I’m a definite viewer..

I hope there are few people like me who are interested in such things here..

So guys whoever knows about Karna’s character from Mahabharat might be knowing how loyal and gem of a person he was..

Certainly everyone loves his character but there was one person in his life who loved him for what he was and stood by his side in difficulties..
Someone who loved him and accepted him with all his strengths, capabilities and flaws..Who not only trusted him but supported him in his life..His wife Supriya..
Many don’t know such a character existed..Even I didn’t know but I read certain articles and novels and came to know about her existence..

Arjuna’s love stories are known to everyone but there a less stories which detailed Karna’s love story..So I want to write one..
Therefore my dear readers I’m going to write a fanfiction on Suryaputra Karn and Supriya’s love story..Thus name it as SuKarn(Supriya and Karna)

This story would focus on how a princess fell for Karna’s charm and how a beautiful love story was unfolded..

Characters in this story would include:

Please suggest few names whom you would like to see as Suryaputra Karn & Supriya..If you don’t suggest I will select myself..But if you chose someone it would be easy to imagine and enjoy the story 😉

Duryodhan- Shaleen Bhanot
Bhanumati- Heena Parmar
Arjun- Navi Bhangu (The same person who played Arjun’s character in Suryaputra Karn)
Draupadi- Pankhuri Awasthy
Vrushali- Farnaz Shetty
Krishna- Saurab Pandey

So if you like this point then please comment..I will write this story only if there is someone to read 😛

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  1. Astra

    Put the same characters as in karna serial sony…. Update nxt part soon

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