Suhani Si Ek Ladki OS: Episode 20 (Finale)

Suhani Si Ek Ladki OS: Episode 20 (FINAL EPISODE!)

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Author’s Note:

Guys, I am finally back, like after agessssssss :C My laptop broke, like literally, I cracked it and it wouldn’t turn on, but now I got a new one (as a present for my good grades and to repaces the other one lol)
The old track of Sambhav finally coming to an end, the new leap also starting soon, God, SSEL is moving without us… So will there be a YuvAni union… But I found the new actor really good looking XD Like I maybe can’t wait for the leap as it would an end to the disgust we all have been going through, but the Show is Suhani si ek Ladki- Suhani being the main character… So I don’t know how much of a part she will play… but anyyywayyyyyyyy Lets get to me Fanfic eh? xD


Suhani’s PoV:

I am seeing everything as a blur, I am seeing things that are not there, my head feels inflated with an umpteeth amount of helium and it could just lift off my neck…

I feel younger, I feel as if I am a mother of none, and a child of two. I don’t feel like myself, instead I feel vunerable, and I have a sense of insecurity and a feel as if I am drowning in my past…

I am being pulled back in the dark void that used to consume me 5 years ago- the void of hopelessness…

I am brought back to reality when an arm is cradled around my waist- pulling me to a warm muscular body. By his touch I knew it was the person who caused me as much pain as he did love. I knew it was the man who stole my heart and kept it with him- making sure that the connection between us is close, because if it isnt I would feel vacant (which I did) and I could possible die… Which I did. I was infactuated by him, he was the one that made my life have purpose, he gave me the opportunity to have children- I am forever indebt to him as he is to me… His grasp brought me out of my mental state, stabilising the trail of deadly thoughts brought in by this intoxicating drink I consumed.

“Suhani, what happened…You broke me…I hated that feeling out there… What happened… My mind isnt thinking straight…” he murmured in my ear, his head snuggled in the crook of my neck. What did happen out there?

Yuv’s PoV:

It did break me, I shattered, “sorry munchkin. But can’t I have fun. You never let me have fun, you keep my in chains as a boring housewife, all i do is make you happy, cook and clean.I never get to do anything else, it’s like i am your maiden, your mistress. So can I go have this fun?” Did she really mean that, those sentences playing in my head as a broken tape recorder, as tears roll down my cheeks… They do say the druken man’s words or the sober man’s thoughts…

I shoot open my eyes as I feel the presense of her waft away and back again, this time her hands cupping my face…
Before I could react, I feel the slightly wet lips of her’s press against my own chapped ones- chapped from the crying that was done a few minutes ago… The kiss was delicate, like she was kissing a piece of broken fragile glass, it took me seconds to react, as I pull her towards me and rolls my fingers up her back. I bite her bottom lip gentley slightly tugging it allowing for her to release a small groan as she tugs a clump of my hair. I giggle lightly before out lips reconnect. I taste a bit of the sour booze that contaminated her innocent soul, but I ignore it as the power of warm overcomes it. We pull away after a few seconds, she is slowly panting while and just stare at her in shock…

“S..suhani? Why did you do that?” I manage to spill out…

“It was for the many times I have hurt you, the many times I left, the many times I failed to live up to ur expectations, and the many times I have teased you… It is also for the plethora of times that you made me happy but I failed to have returned the favour, I might not be in the correct state of mind, but I am not stupid to tell you that I love you… and I don’t want you to leave me… I am sorry if I hurt you with my hurtful mouth… this mouth that deserved to be washed with bleach…” She slurs out- the intoxication managing to wear out…
I can see the tears clouding her hazel diamonds, which automatically makes me press my lips on her forehead and makes my thumbs roll over her cheekbones..

“suhani, I know you can’t control whatever happened-“

I was cut off by the door bursting open, Bhavna in a shook state…

“D..D..Dadi…” She grabs my hand and pulls me out, to my surprise I see duplicate of the woman who I used to put first in my life… How? One was in a beaten state, the other the normal Dadi… well “Normal”

The one in the brutal state falls to her knees in tears, I knew it was her, I knew something was fishy around the “normal” one, the way she always used to lurk around past hours that were considered as sleeping. The way she always used to whisper over the phone…

“Dadi!” I fun to the woman on her knes and hug her, yes. The warm is from the one who considered me as a king when I was younger…
I hear sirens in the distant and the police come barging in, Sharad directs them to the fraud as I stay cradled in her arms…

“Yuvraaj, How? Did you-“ she chokes out

“are you being serious! Dadi. I know its going to be you, there was something suspicious about the other woman… who was she?” I questions, she laughed- probably because on the look on my face.

“She was my twin… She always wanted revenge on me, since I always got everything she didn’t… let’s leave it at that…”
I nod before helping her up and taking her to her room, Saurab called a doctor to ensure everything was fine with the old woman… Is everything start to fall into place?


The night was long over as the sun crept up over the horizon, Suhani waking noticing she was in her PJs- puzzled she looked to her left to see noone there…

The opens, and her prince came with a tray of delectibles…

“FOOD!” was the first thing she shouts making Yuvraaj shake his head…

“Offo, you never change. You shout out food before thanking me… Typical, shows the love that you supposedly have for me” He sulks a bit before pouting and putting his face away from Suhani…

“Saduuuuu, im sorry yaaarrrrrr, I am just puzzled, how did I get into my- WAIT! DID YOU DO ANTHING TO ME YUVRAAJ! NOOO PLEASE DON’T SAY YOU TOOK MY INNOCENCE WHEN I WAS VULNERABLE! THAT WOULD BE CONSIDERED AS R-“ She was hushed by a pair of lips that brushed against hers making her face light up.

“Chup yaar naaaa. First of all, I just changed your clothes, and I am not inconsiderate of your state, im your husband and I would never take advantage…. Buttttttt hat happens if something did happen last night…” He tugs the right siide of his mouth up slightly indicting the kiss that Suhani started, she flushed red again remmeber the event and shook her head…

“Nonononononononono” She was a terrible liar…

“oh don’t worry Suhai, Only I know, oh and Ma, and your Di and Sharad and Dadi, and Rags-”

Suhani’s Eyes widens- larger than saucers… “Im Joking…. But I can tell…” She shakes her head making Yuvraaj Erupt in laughter… He stops admiring Suhani who is also laughing, Her eyes crinkled at ther sids, her slime almost reaching her eyes, her teeth almost perfectly aligned… To him she was perfect, to him she was the most beautiful…

He sits down on the bed and presses his nose against hers, their heart beats racing in sync. They both still had this effect of new love… Even after the many long years of being apart… Their eyes never leaving each others, he lifts his hand up to stroke her cheeks, then her lips. Her eyes naïve and beautiful. It twinkles a light hazel when she is happy or excited, her pupils dilated, her breathing now heavy.
Yuvraaj’s eyes the colour of tree bark, rough but natural, his pupils also large before he gently shuts them and nears Suhani, Suhani smiling slightly before doing the same. They slowly near each other their lips centilmeters apart before Suhani quickly kisses his cheek and rolls off the bed running to the bathroom- slamming the door behind her…

This makes Yuvraaj sigh in contentment before flunking hiself on the bed- wrappinghimself with the blanket once envolping Suhani and hugs it tightly…

“Suhani, you are always mine, our lives may have had a weird journey, but now I feel we are finally each other’s… I am grateful for having you and noone else… Suhani I am a fool- I am your fool, I am a fool who fell for you… The princess… Suhani I love you…” He says but then shouts “SUHANI I LOVE YOU!”

He exhales before falling into a deep slumber, images of her prancing around his mind. This is a journey he begged to have, he never thought he wouldve fell inlove with the dark skinned girl, but he did, and he was absolutley fine about that…

He was her type and she was his.. They were in love <3

~~~~~~ The End ~~~~~~~~~

Heh, you lot didn’t figure this would be the end, well I couldn’t drag it so I made sure it was over before the leap…

Hope you lot enjoyed

Love you all

Aqsaah x

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    Wow. I am mind blown. And speechless. That entire epi was like a magical fairytale that came to life, every word came alive in my mind. And it was too cute and sweet and just amazing. Will you carry on writing ffs on YuAni? Please say you will since i love your ff’s and would miss them too much… i will post epis for both my ff’s very soon. But this end was just so pictureesque and absolutely perfect di… xxx

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thanks Shreya, this comment means wonders. And I will carry on writing these FFs, as I still have to write for Finding my angel x and I can’t wait for ur Ffs soon x

    2. Aqsxxh

      Thanks Shreya, this comment means wonders. And I will carry on writing these FFs, as I still have to write for Finding my angel x and I can’t wait for ur Ffs soon x Love you loads di x

  2. Nithu

    Itz awsm aqsaah sissy..sry for late im in out of station..i have net prob…

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thanks Nithu Di, I am glad you could comment x I got a bit dishearted at only one comment lel xD x

  3. Ruksy

    this was amazing i loved every single bit of it. sad to know its over. hope ur gonna post ur other ff soon without ending it.

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thank for Rusky and I surely would I still have my Finding my Angel x

  4. its was amzing ,i really enjoyed every line .i miss ur ff very much i loved it so much.
    ALL THE BEST for ur coming ff.

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thank you very much Sri x

  5. Shilpa-Saraj

    Its yet another wonderful epi sis

    Im really really sad dat u have ended it.. Anyways loved each and every bit of it.. Hope u start another ff soon….
    I was really happy to see the bonding between yuvani.. Voth of them trying to romance… Wahh.. Wonderfull… U r really tallented girl yaar…
    Im eagerly waiting for another one frm u sis..

    1. Aqsxxh

      Shilpy Di, I love you millions x I know this was your favourite one x I am glad u enjoyed and dont worry I still have my one FF x And I have an idea of starting another one x

      1. Shilpa-Saraj

        Im eagerly waiting for that one toooo

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