Suhani Si Ek Ladki OS: Episode 17


Suhani Si Ek Ladki OS: Episode 17

There are YuvAni moments 😀

Hey guys, I’m back (unfortunately XD) After a looooooong break, I am back- will my writing be consistent? Heh… Maybe… 😉 SO I suggest everyone refresh their mind on the last really HOT episode!

Last Episode:

Suhani si Ek Ladki OS: Episode 16

Song for this Episode:

(Cold water- Major lazer feat. Justin Beiber and MO (DONT WORRY ITS REALLY GOOD)

Now to the episode…

Suhani has just finish with her refreshing shower- with a plastered smile on her face reminiscing all the activities that happened the previous night… She reached out to get her towel and clothes- and grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her after scrubbing her face- removing the glistening droplets of water off her smooth skin. She reaches her arm to the rack where her clothes were supposed to be- and her eyes shot open faster than the speed of light… All she could hear was curses flowing through her mind and the sound of her pounding heart- louder than a train on the tracks…
Suhani: Is Yuvraaj ready? Has he gone… I can’t stay like this the family is depending on me to prepare for the party…

She creaks to the door, and turns the handle so that a pin drop could be heard- she saw immense darkness- a void of emptiness and silence, which was broken by a shy of relief escaping her mouth slyly. She crept out the bathroom only to be grabbed from behind with a hand covering her mouth preventing her from screaming. She tries squirming out of the grip of the figure.

suddenly the figure screams and let’s her go- she fist bumps the air in triumph and pushes the figure..
Suhani: DON’T YOU HAVE ANY SHAME! (She grabs a pillow and starts hitting the man with all her might)
Yuv: How’d… How’d you know?
Suh: You never change your ways dear- and I can feel your warmth engulf me transporting me in our world… I knew it was you from the way you held me… oh you also smel and that’s how you also shouted my name last night… (his eyes widen and she swallowed a giggle that was mischievously trying to escape)
Yuv: TUM!!

He grabs the pillow off her and throws it, he steps towards her like a tiger hunting its prey- but in the dark… All he is depending on is a shadow and the sound of her heavy breath… He closes the gap between them when she hits the wall gently, Yuv cornering her placing his palms on the wall- one hitting on the light switch- the bright light flashing on causing them to wince, Yuv’s eyes adjusting to the light first… His jaw dropped seeing an innocent woman- face glowing, her wet hair stuck to her face and her head. Her lips moist and soft- kissable. The towel wrapped around her body- hugging her figure- skin smoother than cream- he couldn’t resist and trailed his hand down her arm, making Suhani’s eyes widen to see a smirk drawn on Yuv’s face. Sparks wherever he touched, he then reached her hand and laced his fingers into hers- keeping the intense eyelock they had been having. But he broke it by pulling her into him- her wet hair smacking his face at the sudden movement- leaving his feeling blessed…

He whispers in her ear: Suhani, I am glad you are mine… You’re a Goddess, you make me beg at your feet, praying for you… Thank you… (with that he bites her ear playfully and slowly trails his bottom lip down her neck- letting her groan a little, Yuv pleased at this scoops her face in his hands and brings her face close to him, and moves his face closer. Smirking at her naiveness, their lips almost millimetres apart he bites her nose and runs off grabbing her clothes off the table…
Suhani struck frozen…

Suh: YUVRAAJ! MY CLOTHES!!!! (she runs after him, but trips allowing Yuv to play hero again, he runs to grab her… But he ends up slipping on the water and falling down with her- causing him to be on top of her yet again…)
Yuv: See Suhani, I’m always supoosed to be on top of you… (He winks at her)
Yuv: Well you are my wife-
With that Suhani pushes Yuv off her and grabs her clothes and runs into the bathroom…
Yuv’s laugh booming, filling the room with joy…

Sharad: sooo Yuvi, how was your first night (he nudges him playfully)
Yuv’s face becoming warm- flushing the colour red: No- nothing…
Saurab: oh come on tell us, you were too busy today, lets talk quickly before the guests come..
Yuv: No Bhayya, the first night was sooo bad… She didn’t talk to me… She was still angry…
Sharad and Saurab together: KYA!
Yuv nod- trying ever sooo hard to suppress his smirk…
sharad and Saurab hit him in the arm: You liar!
Yuv: You got me Yaar.
A few seconds of the boys’ nok jok the sounds of bangles are ringing from the top of the stairs- all the three guys whip their heads around like an owl to see their wives (and menkha) come down the stairs- all wearing similar dresses. A long night blue gown- studded with diamonds like stars in a night sky- the waist finished with a silk white ribbon tied into a bow on the side. RagsMen and Bhavna have some make up on their face, while suhani doesn’t have any- apart from the rosy pink lipstick on her lips… Yuvraaj gazing at her- like she was the north star…
There was a knock on the door forcing Yuvraaj to get up and open it- to his surprise it was Sambhav
Yuv: Yo! Bro! I actually didn’t think you would come!
Sam: Chocolate bro… I was the one who suggested the idea how couldn’t i!
Suhani shouts: SAMBHAAAAVVVVV!!!!
Suhani hugs him: Thanks Sambhav for everything! For a gift I have decided to make you Co-manager of Superhero (Yuvaan’s name for their clothes shop) and considering I am staying here, I think it would be easier if I had someone in Lucknow managing…
Sambhav’s jaw dropped and he pulls suhani into a hug again, tears streaming down his face like rivers…
Sam: Suhani… Thank you… I never thought I would ever get a better job than a photographer… I am forever indeb-
Suh: SHHHHHHHHHHH no I am… You made me realise that what I was doing was wrong, so we are even out- even though I still have a lot more to do for you….
Suhani pulls out the hug and winks at Yuv who nods at her..

As the guests slowly flood the house, the atmosphere getting more homely and louder, dancing, music, and chatter filling the air… Nothing could go wrong….
Precap: Yuv and Suhani set Sambhav up…


So here guys, finally. The long awaited Episode, next I will try to be writing Finding my Angel- maybe staying up all night again for you lovely people 😀 x Hope you enjoyed, thanks for your infinite support…
LY ALL Aqsaah x

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  1. Nithu

    Its superb amazing i really missed u n ua ff …soo much dear…

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thank you Nithu X I missed you too, I didn’t stop thinking about you lot X ❤️ I didn’t think you would still support me after this looooooonnnngggg break, I expected everyone to be more angry

  2. Manya

    I hpe u know it is ayushi here and epi was wonderful???

    1. Aqsxxh

      Hehe yes Ayushi, how can I ever forget it’s you! ?❤️ Ty dear X I’m really estatic that you enjoyed

  3. Finally its posted.. And i am waiting to read the promo episode is…

    1. Aqsxxh

      Hehe Ty for you for your much appreciated support X and do u like the promo? X?❤️

  4. its amazing episode i missed ur epi very much.

    1. Aqsxxh

      Awwwwe thy Sri x

  5. its really very looooooong are u ?episode was very very romantic.yuvani were truly amazing today.u r an awsome writter.we missed u and ur ff a lot.its really so sweet of u to take time fr yuvani fans from ur busy life to write this serial also if sambhav’s character is positive like u have in ur ff we might be enjoying these yuvani moments alot.i think ur going to concentrate on sambhav’s love life like u said in previous episode.anyways try to update next parts early.u dont need update this much lengthy also. u can give short update also. because we miss u and we can understand ur problems.all the best to ur studies.

    1. Aqsxxh

      Hey Radha, I feel a lot ,ore refreshed and calmer now, I still have to collect my exam results next Thursday… I’m a bit worried, I also am preparing for my next year, my final year of school before I move to college, so I am working my socks off ??❤️? And I get my happiness from you lot when I am down, so y not make you happy with my FF X and sure, I will shorten my FFs a bit for the time being, thank you for the advice dear x Missed you a lot x

      1. u will definetly get good results.we always support u.because ur cute sister of our ssel family.

  6. Shilpa-Saraj

    Lovelyyyy epii… Loved each and every part of it… Umwaaahhhh.. Thnks for updating sissyyyyy

    1. Aqsxxh

      Hehe the long awaited epi was only written becos of you Shilppy X ??❤️ Lyyyyyy?

      1. Shilpa-Saraj

        Thnks alotttt

    2. Hehe don’t need to thank me dear X ❤️ Ur happiness is enough x


    This was so hot and cute and amazing, i dont have enough words in me ro describe it. I missed your ffs too much. Thank you for your amazing writing x

    1. Aqsxxh

      I missed writing too Shreya X Ty for you much appreciated support, it never fails to plaster a huge smile on my face, I am just happy I have everyone on here to keep me above water instead of drowning ?❤️ Thanks for everything x?❤️❤️

  8. hi Aqsaah di…. missed u a lot…I was a bit free from my studies …….anyways u just nailed today’s epi…The romance was making me blush all this while. Keep continuing the good work and I will try to comment if I’m free. love u<3

    1. Aqsxxh

      Sanaa I missed you a lot di! Thanks for finally taking your time out to comment it means millions to me X good luck for you studies I know you will succeed in whatever you are doing ?❤️ Thank you for your valuable comment ?

  9. Ruksy

    after soo long i missed you and again this was just amazing and fantastic.

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thank you ever soo much Rusky! This is really sweet of you dear x 😀 x

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