Suhani si Ek Ladki OS: Episode 15 (Special Episode!)


Suhani Si Ek Ladki: Episode 15 (SPECIAL EPI- YuvAni Re-united!)

Recap: Sambhav slaps Yuvraaj after his speech to Suhani

Link to the previous Episode below- if you have forgot what happened….

Song to listen through the Episode (it makes me cry its amazing)

Sorry for the late episode, I was going through many things in life like every human 😀 ;p But here is the episode here we goooo

Sambhav drags Yuv by the sleeve and brings him into a hug.
Sambhav: You sure took you damn time!
Dadi: Eh! Stranger! Let go of my Yuvraaj! First you slap him now you are hugging him… WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?
Sambhav pulls away from the unappreciated hug from the very shocked Yuvraaj…
Sambhav: Well, Dadi… I knew Yuvraaj was going to come… I slapped him for taking this long, but I hugged him for actually come! I got him caught up with my friends stalling him… By stalling i mean fight… Oops! Hence his tattered clothes –he moves his arms around showcasing Yuvraaj-
everyone: KYA!
Sambhav nods: I knew Yuvraaj was mad about Suhani! His ego always got in his way! I needed something to get him here! I needed to make sure that he comes… Like two days ago I provoked him about you Suhani (His gaze lands on the Awestruck suhani) I told him you would be the best life and I will treat you like my everything, how I will make sure Yuvaan is treated like a king… I saw the pain, I saw the anger- but I was scared it wouldn’t be enough… Therefore I got my friends to do this… (he turns to Yuvraaj) Sorry if I hurt you bro, but I didn’t want you to be broken for the rest of your life- I didn’t want to leave a permanent stain in your soul of stealing your love… I always wanted to get you together- I tried to get you jealous so you could get together! Your sooo stupid yaar! You took sooo many days! It felt like eternity…

With that Sambhav went to a plant pot and picked up something from underneath it, walking to Yuvraaj.
Sambhav: HURRY! Everyone is waiting for this remarriage. I done this with great struggle you better get ready in two minutes, or you will face consequences (he says this while handing Yuv some wedding attire- ruby red studded with golden jewels)
Yuvraaj nods smiling uncontrollably while quickly running to his room stumbling a few times, while this is happening, Sambhav takes off the wedding turban and walks over to Suhani and holds her hands…Suhani looks down at the hands tears forming, while she is trying to find Sambhav’s eyes…

Sambhav: I knew you loved chocolate boy… I couldn’t bear the pain of you being sad, for six years Suhani, six years I have always been trying to crack your boss image- I failed, only Yuvraaj did that… Only then I figured he was your one… Like Suhani, you will always be one of the most important people in my life- Always! This was a major key to both out happiness, I didn’t want to be in a one-sided relationship, neither did I want to force you into this… Thank you for everything Suhani-
Suhani pulls Sambhav into a hug burying her head into his chest.
Suhani: Sambhav, you are one of my best friends… I don’t know what I would do without you… Now, don’t thank me! We all should be thanking you…
She looks up at him and he uses his thumbs to wipe her tears and look towards Yuvraaj’s door- which bursted open and he smiles…

Sambhav: Don’t shed any more tears, your Sadu is finally here… After six long year… I will never forget you, I will always be by your side till the day I die (He smiles and goes to Yuvraaj and takes him to the stage)
Pratima: Sambhav… Thank you…
Sambhav: Don’t mention it super mom!
They all laugh…
The wedding rituals take place and Sambhav eagerly goes to tie the knot…
Sambhav (whispers): You both owe me! You have to treat me to a Big B Marathon and lots of food, oh yes a new camera, oh don’t forget the new trainers, I also need a new laptop, a new phone and hmmm…
Yuv & Suhani: Oh Sambhav- we get it

They all laugh when Sambhav backs away after tying the knot allowing YuvAni to take their wedding rounds… When taking their wedding rounds- Yuvraaj continuously takes glimpse behind him to see suhani looking down at the fire smiling calmly- a smile without stress, making Yuv force a smile…
Then it was Suhani’s turn in-front, she is picturing all the memories (one being the time they lit chinese lanterns together, another being the time when he wrote “I LOVE YOU” in candeles on the floor and he brought her to look at it from the balcony, the final being the time when all the couples had to dance together outside) and she also Reminisces the song Yuvraaj sang to her… Soon enough they finished and compete the final rituals, with that cheers are heard from all around…

YuvAni look at eachother- Suhani quickly smiles and looks back down, Yuvraaj feeling bad looks away and thanks everyone for coming…
After everyone leaves Pratima walks up to Sambhav and hugs him tightly…

Prat: I am in forever debt to you beta! You have united two lovers… My children…
Sambhav: I only do what is best! Now don’t shed tears, you got the post marriage rituals and hopefully you would be having a party? Maybe tomorrow to celebrate this joyous occasion!
Pratima nods: Sambhav, I thought you were the enemy- but we all misunderstood your motives! Thank you!
Sambhav: I have to be discreet I didn’t want anyone sabotaging my plans (he quickly glares at dadi who is full of anger and defeat) I just want to build a family- I wanted two people who were destined to be together to be together… I can’t come between that, hopefully I will find my special someone (he looks at suhani who is hugging all the children, her sister and her parents) again… Maybe she wasn’t the one… (he smiles weakly) Yuvraaj sure took him time to realise his love, God who would need to think twice at Superwoman!
Sharad comes and puts him arm around Sam’s shoulders…
Sharad: I was soo confused about you! You made me cry! Did you know that!
Sambhav laughs: Offo! You cry! Never!
Sharad punches sambhav’s arms: Ok we need to go the post marriage rituals must happen! Let’s go!
They all nod and take Suhani away, Dadi full of bitterness, Rags is confused and she notices Menkha and runs to hug her…
Menkha refuses the hug…
Men: No Jiji! You weren’t there for me when I was going through a hard time! Now me and babu are living a great life! Thanks to Sambhav! I helped him re-unite YuvAni! Now move! Don’t even look at me- unless you change…
menkha walks off with the Bride’s family, leaving Rags numb…

Precap: YuvAni’s first night together…

Author’s note:
GUYS FINALLY YUVANI REUNITED! BUT BUT BUT EVIL DADI STILL EXISTS >.< I know I know Why don’t I accidently kill her… Oh How I wish I could… But why kill her quickly, why not slowly and painfully 😀 Hopefully you enjoyed this epi… It was a bit rushed and mostly dialogue from our Saviour Sambhav! If only he was positive in the show…
Question: So as you lot have noticed, how do you find that I added music to each of my epi’s? If you like it please comment, and please comment some songs I can put to listen to 😉

I was really happy writing this episode, I felt Sambhav’s hurt but his happiness… He deserves a special someone don’t you all think 😀
hehe enough of my talking Ty all very very very much, please do comment!
Love Aqsaah x

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  1. Shilpa-Saraj

    Wonderfully done… Aqsaah sis.. I was waiting for your update.. .. Ly?

    1. Aqsxxh

      Hehe I knew you would love this ?? made this renuion for you di X ✨


    Are you alright, its just that you mentioned you were going through some stuff, so I was hoping you are okay… Anyway… this episode was absolutely awesome… and I loved Sambhav being positive and also menka betraying rags, both were great… 🙂

    1. Aqsxxh

      I’m feeling waaayyyy better now Shreya X thanks to all the support I have been getting X thank you for ur concern ? Glad you enjoyed the Episode- rags got a taste of her own medicine ? And Sambhav he rocked this in my opinion ? Tytyty for ur infinite support ?


        Yes… rags needed that ? im glad your better and always know im here for support, had you read my eight episode, i think you will like it ☺ thank you lots and lots for your love anf support ? xxx

    2. Aqsxxh

      Yes Shreya dear ?❤️ I loved it ✨? ty x

  3. nice episode and there is no words to say but one thing todays epi i like sambhavs character but in real show i hate him and waiting for nxt update…

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thanks Sri! I hate Sambhav in the real track and my spin off too! I hope he will get exposed soon, I can’t see Suhani in anymore pain ? Ty for enjoying my episode as YuvAni finally reunited X ? Tytyty

  4. Fantastic episode Aqsaah di, I loved the song u added but what kind of songs would u like to listen….I mean English or Hindi? If u need any hindi songs just tell me…I will help u to find one.?

    1. Aqsxxh

      Awwwwhhhh Sanaa so glad you enjoyed the song X and I wouldn’t mind Hindi or English X ? I will also include it in my FF and my Spin off ? I can’t thank you enough di for ur support X how is school going x?

  5. hey my sweety is back.u just rocked dear.i just loved sambhav character today.u have given a cute summary of yuvani moments very sweetly.u r right dadi should repent and sambhav also needs someone who loves him.eventhouh ur busy pls pls update when u r free. u r ok right.becuse u wrote that u have some problem.keep smiling dear.

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ty Radha for ur words of encouragement definitely making Dadi Repent! ? And Ty for ur support dear, I didn’t know I was missed this much ☺️

  6. NAPSHa J

    It was amazing.. The dialogues, feelings, description.. Keep going.. 🙂

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ty Naspha Dear, you also keep rocking ?

  7. Ruksy

    i dont know how to describe how amazing this was even though it was sambav talking throughout it was still the best

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ty Rusky, I just wanted a character brought in by SSEL to build not destroy X Ty Rusky ?? ur support will always keep me going

  8. Manya

    Aqsaah i am AYUSHI but when I was registering Tu didn’t accept my name so changed it and plzz call me ayushi only d episode was superb

    1. Aqsxxh

      Oh it’s fine Ayushi X Glad you enjoyed my episode x

  9. I hope everything’s OK Aqsaah. If i am feeling down, i’d come here to find your FF and that’d help take my mind off things.

    Anyway, i’ve got no words to express how good today’s epi was.

    Please post the next epi when you have the time. Thanks.

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ty ❤️ Means a lot u hve managed to put a hugeeeee smile on my face x ✨?

  10. Nithu

    It’s awsm dr

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ty Nithu di x

  11. Awesome Aqsaah,,,,keep writing 😀

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