Suhani Si Ek Ladki OS: Epi 7


Suhani Si Ek Ladki: Episode 7
Recap: Yuv gave suhani a Y necklace, Yuvaan names the clothes company Superhero…
At the outhouse suhani has put Yuvaan to sleep and Sambhav is waiting for her in the living room… Suhani comes in in her pink silk and her hair in a high bun, Sam couldn’t stop staring… Suhani quickly holds her clothes tighter to her in shyness…
Suh: A..Arent you supposed to be asleep?
Sam: Oh Suhani did you forget we had to talk about the business…
Suh: Oh yes, Sorry… I had things in my mind…
Sam raises his eyebrow, but carries discussing about the contract and he mentions how he has to leave the day after the next…
Suh: Oh Sam… why don’t you wait till the vacation is over so I can be there to help you?
Sam: It’s because we can’t afford to lose this… For Yuvaan Suhani… I really want to do this for him…
Suh: Sort it out over here… Lets all go together back home…
Sam: But Suhani… I am just a stranger… (he looks down his hands together)
Suh puts her hands on top of his and says: Oh Sam you have been my support for 6 years, you have learnt to deal with my stubbornness, you learnt to accept me for who I am and been my best friend, you are not a stranger.. I am the stranger now… (A tear starts to form in her eye then sam cups her face)
Sam: I will not give up on you and Yuvaan… You mean the world to me… i will stay with you then, but I might not be with you as much…
Suh: Ok Sam… (she takes his hands off her face and smiles) Thank you for taking care of Yuvaan when he isn’t even your son…
Sam: He is like a son to me, he is the son of a beautiful, strong woman like you…
Yuvraaj was at the door watching all this, he had a present for Yuvaan in his hand, his grip became harder, his face became more red, his eyes more narrow… He then scoffs.
Suhani and Sam turn around and suhani gets a bit red realising what Sam was doing…
Yuv: I got this for MY son (he looks at Sam) Um Suhani can I give it to him?
Suh: But Yuvraaj he is sleeping… come in the morning…
Yuv: But whp knows someone could’ve already taken him far away! (anger slowly building up in his voice)
Sam: Calm your tone.
yuv: He is my son. Don’t interfere with me and my wife’s discussion…
Yuv looks down: I mean the mother on my son…
Suhani: Yuvraaj Shall I give him and tell him it’s from you?
Yuv looksat suhani seeing the compassion in her eyes and he nods, he slowly walks up to her and yuvaan tiredly says: Uncle? Aunty Soumya isn’t here… Then who were you talking about…
Suh: Oh Yuv he was telling me about the argument him and Somu got into…
Yuv looks at suhani and admires her for speaking for him, and slowly walks to Yuvaan…
Yuvraaj: here champ… I know you will like this…
Yuvaan opens the present: NO WAY A VINTAGE CAR WITH THE SUPERHERO SIGN! (he kisses Yuvraaj) Ty… Papa… (he winks at him)
Yuvraaj hugs yuvaan: No problem Champ, come on sorry for waking you up… Shall I tell you a story before you sleep?
Yuvaan: Um no uncle…. I want Sambhav too… He has the best stories! (Yuvaan runs to Sambhav) Come on Uncle Sammy! You have to tell me about the knight and dragon!
Sambhav picks up yuvaan and takes him to his room..
Sambhav thinks: I think I love you Suhani… But this Chocolate face is too protective over his son… What can I do…

suhani to Yuv: Im Sorry… Ty for caring Yuvraaj… And ty for making that promise with him..
Yuv shocked: How did you know about the promise!
Suh: I was watching you comfort Yuvaan after the incident at the table… Ty… I want to tell him the truth but Yuvani wont accept it… She has Somu as an amazing mother, you have her as a great wife…(she turns around to wipe a tear but turns back around and smiles) Take care of them when I go back to lucknow! I need to see what Sam and Yuvaan are doing, for all I know they could be on the run away to search for the lost pearl of atlantis! And Yuvraaj Thank you again for everything today I enjoyed it…
When Suhani just turns around to go Yuvraaj whispers: Anything for you suhani…. and he walks off…
Suhani just smiles and walks to her room…

Precap: Suhbhav moments! So some Jealousy off Yuv! 😀 😉 I know you all like that!

Thanks for all your support guys! Ly all!
What is your fave animal? :* 🙂

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  1. 😀 😀 am waiting fr jealousing moment 😉

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ty Asj! hehe dont worry soon 😉

  2. NAPSHa J

    Lovely epi.. Waiting for the next epi!!

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ty Napsha! hehe I will try write it as soon as possible!

    1. Nithu

      My fav animals are lion…n dog

    2. Aqsxxh

      Ty Nithu! I love lioins as well very strong and independent like suhani 😉

  3. Amazing ,fantastic Aqsxxh

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ty Ayushi x

  4. “Anything for U Suhani ” want to hear these words frm Yuvi in real,,,,N fav animal,,,,Tiger ^_^

    1. Nithu

      This will be a dream forever for us….

    2. Aqsxxh

      Tigers a very mysterious and very beautful… I love them too! And I wish as well Roz… Anything can happen in FF’s but the writers need a brain to include this in the real thing which they clearly do not lol 😀

  5. Nice episode dear..

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ty farhat! 😀

  6. Awesome…… my fab animal puppy.. aqsaah pps unite yuvani at thw end

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ty Saraj! Obviously! ty x YuvAni forever! x

  7. fabulous dear….i just like it

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ty soo much ruby! x

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