Suhani Si Ek Ladki OS: Epi 5


Suhani Si Ek Ladki: OS (Episode 5)
Suhani comes out the outhouse wearing a black lace designer dress and her hair half up and curled, wearing eyeliner and red lipstick…. Yuvaan is wearing his basketball cap a black top and shorts… She comes outside to see Yuvraaj and Yuvani waiting my Yuv’s favourite Vintage car..
Yuvaani: Aunty! You are looking soo pretty! Like a model! Papa don’t you think so?
Yuvraaj: Yes Yuvaani, exactly… (He stops and thinks of what he just said) I mean she looks very nice, but my champ would always look better!
Yuvaan runs to him and hugs him
Suhani: Aren’t we getting late?
Yuvraaj: Yes let’s go! Who wants to sit in the front?
Yuvaan and Yuvani start shouting me me meeee
Suhani: So no-one wants to sit next to me?
Yuvani: I will sit next to you! But promise me you will tell me a story…
Suhani: Promise!
Yuvraaj goes open the passenger seat and suhani and yuvaani go sit in the back and yuvaan sits in the front…
They are on their way driving, suhani was recounting the times she used fire lanterns, until she came to the time when she used it with Yuvraaj, instead on Yuvaaj she used my dearest friend and made sure to avoid eye contact with him…
Yuvaan: Was he my papa that you always tell me about?
Suhani: mhmm… (Her eyes get teary)
Yuvani: Your papa seems like a hero yuvaan from all the stories your mumma tells me…
Suhani: He is…
Yuvraaj: You wish guys! Noone can be as amazing as me!
Yuvani: Yes Papa! Because you are the BEST!
they all laugh and reach the festival!
Meanwhile at BH:
somu is pacing around her room…
Somu: I need to think of something BIG! I need to secure my future! I DONT WANT SUHANI HERE!
Sam: OI! What type of best friend are you?
Somu turns around scared…
Somu: I… I… I..
Sam: How can you think of doing ill to your so called child hood bestie!
Somu: Let me explain… Yuvraaj wants to take Yuvaan away from suhani… Then how will suhani be? I only want the best, that’s why I don’t want her here..
Sam: Ms. Somu… Your story seems quite unrealistic, but I somehow believe you (to himself don’t worry somu I will make sure everything will go bang in your face… I know what you have been doing…)
Somu: I really love suhani, I could tell you ever little thing about her!
Sam: Oh my dear friend, you don’t need to I have spent 6 year with miss bossy boots I know quite a lot…
Somu to herself… Maybe I will use Sambhav!
Back at the festival:
Yuvaan won a huge toy, Yuvani got her face painted as a butterfly and Yuvraaj and Suhani have challenged each other to a no screaming contest on the scariest rollercoaster in the festival…
They went on the roller coaster sitting next to each other, suhani’s heart was racing, yuvraaj’s hands were sweating, in a matter of seconds the ride raced forward. Suhani was going to scream as her hair started coming in her face, yuvraaj looked at her and laughing, the ride took a turn and he grabbed her hand and opened his mouth to scream… She moves her hair and put her hand on top of his and started to walk her fingers up his arm… Suddenly the ride took another turn and suhani grabbed yuv’s arm and her hair slapping his face. He smiled then the ride done the loop the loop and he screamed! Suhani sat up and laughed at him and shouted..
Suhani: HA MR YUVRAAJ BIRLA! Did you think you could beat the unstoppable SUHANI YUVRAAJ BRLA! (she stopped) Wait no… I mean Suhani…
Yuvraaj looked at her with a glow in his eyes..
Yuv: Please say that again…
Suh: kya? Why? The ride slowly came to a stop…

Precap: They spend some more time at the festival, and come home to everyone holding a surprise for suhani… But why?
Ty guys again for you unlimited support! I got my final exam on Monday after that I would be able to update more 😀 See you all then Please comment!
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