Suhani si Ek Ladki OS: Epi 14


Suhani SI Ek Ladki OS: Episode 14

Important Epi!

Precap: “Tears just stream down the boys’ faces… Realising their lost… The heroine, the role model, the happy person bringing joy and blessin wherever she stepped… She is walking out of their lives forever….”

Forward to before the wedding…

Suhani is starting to put on her jewellery with the help of Pratima and Bhavna.
Prat: Suhani my beautiful daughter… You are the daughter I never knew I had… Ever since u entered the house you brought only happiness, u brought a ray of hope to unite the family… it’s only dadi that brainwashed everyone… You will be going to a better place now, a place without problems, with a man who loves you whole-heartedly, who will accept a son that is not his… Thank you for everything my dear suhani… I would be begging you to stay… But I won’t be selfish but care about your needs and your well-being… (her eyes start to tear up)
Suh: MA! Don’t cry… Im your daughter right… I will not deprive you of the right to see your grandson, Sambhav is a good man he will bring Yuvaan over whenever he wants
Prat: I am sure he will (she smiles) My dear you have become sooo strong, soo mature, I will miss your smile, I saw it after soo long, i waited 6 years for ur return, and I got what I wanted…
Bhav: Offo guys stop with the speeches… you got the leaving ceremony for the tears, its a time of happiness… Marriage, a beautiful concept joining two individuals to make them one… Come on we got an hour… Suhani your lipstick is smudged! God!
They all laugh… Sharad and Saurab look on…

When Bhavna and Pratima have finished they leave the room to let suhani have some free space… She gets up and sees a note on the bed…
“I can’t wait to see you 🙂 “
Suhani gets a tear in her eye and she sits on the bed…
suh: I am sorry… Suhani you have lost your true self.. Suhani is this really you! Suhani… come back…
She looks at the wall and sees a picture of Yuvaan and Yuv stuck on the wall…
Suh: Wat am i doing… Why am i speaking to myself… I need to pull myself together…
She gets up and pulls the picture off the wall and sees a message behind it…
“I am sorry… Hope you enjoy your life… I know you will”
Bhav: Suhani? Come on! Your going to get late!
Suhani quickly turns around and hides the picture behind her back
Suh: Di give me 2 minutes, I need to put on my earrings, i took them off for the rest…
Bhavna nods and walks off…
Suhani quickly puts the picture in her diary and kisses it…
Suh: I am soo lost… Ty for everything Yuv…
She puts her diary on the table and quickly goes out the room…

Everyone sees her coming and they make way for her, Sam looks everywhere frantically…
Dadi: Ladki… We don’t have all day… Sambhav has been waiting here for 10 minutes!
Suh: sorry dadi…. I was making sure I looked perfect…
Rags snorts: Pfft you and perfection would never go in the same sentence…
Sam: Excuse me rags… And you do? Actually to many people Suhani is the closet you can get to perfection! And you are nowhere near it…
Rags: Excuse me Sambhav
Dadi: Just chup rags. Just CHUP!
rags: Sorry Dadi…
Priest: Whenever you are ready…
Pratima: Yes… We are ready…

The priests starts reading the prayers, but stops when someone comes stumbling into the room…
His clothes torn, his hair messed up, his eyes red and puffy from the endless hours of crying, blood stains on his shirt… Sharad aand Saurab by his side holding him from each side… Pankaj behind them…

Suhani: YUVRAAJ!
She was about to run to him but Sam holds her arm and shakes his head…
Yuvraaj looks up at suhani and removes his arms from the shoulders of Saurab and sharad… HE tries to walk to her but stumbles and falls, the boys pick him up, but he rejects their help and gets up without them…
Yuvraaj: I don’t need your help.. I have my love… It will pick me up everytime I fall, but it won’t stop falling for my special girl…
He gets up…
Yuvraaj: I hate myself, I have hurt myself, I have deprived myself of food, drink and happiness…I know I have lost her… I have lost her for good this time…
Pankaj then puts up some cardboard notes in the air… changing it everytime Yuvraaj changes the sentence…
“I feel I am walking on a desert but inside Im drowning”
“ Im dying, my tears a sign I am going off track”
“I can’t believe I am lost in a world that is not mine”
“I fell in love with a person that doesn’t love me back”
“I fall weak everytime I picture his face… That is every minute”
He falls on his knees tears filling up his eyes….
“Every rose, for all the years we will be apart, Red the colour of love, red the colour of blood, pain and suffering… All in one forms a beautiful flower… A flower with thorns…”
“I’m sorry for leaving, I left to make you happy”
“Our little boy… Our little boy is growing exactly like you, without your presence… I’m sorry you are missing it”
(Pankaj puts the notes down)

Yuv: Suhani… This is from your diary, each page a story, a story that I wished I had been a part of…
You know there are books that intrigue you when you first look at it so you pick it up, then the first line to the story grabs your attention, then the plot is soo amazing, unique you can’t put the book down, you carry on reading it hoping the ending will be as good as the book is… But this book I am reading doesn’t have an ending… This is because this book is you suhani… I want to be the ending to this book, this amazing book…
Sambhav starts to smile… but realises everyone is looking at him so he quickly looks down… Suhani starts to get teary eyed…
Yuvraaj then looks up and strenches his arm out but grabs it due to pain and blood starts to seep out the shirt… He laughs
Yuv: This pain is worth everything I am doing right now…
He starts to sing “TREAT YOU BETTER by SHAWN MENDES” when he finishes singing it shakes and falls on his knees, loud sobs leaving his mouth uncontrollably, he hangs his head over his shoulder and starts shaking becos of the tears, Sharad and Saurab quickly rush to him…

Sambhav quickly rushes to him… He picks Yuv up by the collar and slaps him and pushes him away


Hope you guys enjoyed that episode! I really am hating the real track, like Sambhav is evil! WHY! *sighs*
Btw guys enjoy yourself!
Love Aqsaah x
Keep smiling x

(I will comment the link to the song, its really good!)

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  1. Wow marvelous..!!

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      1. I will truly comment every day u write..!!tc

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      Ty Baby dear x

  2. Wow, this is just amazing di…the precap was interesting,pls update asap

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      ?❤️ glad u enjoyed it di x ?? ty for such amazing support x u have supported all throughout this journey x

      1. Why won’t I after all u r my sweet Aqsaah di…love u ?

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  3. NAPSHa J

    Awww.. Next epi fast!!

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      Ty Napsha even though my ff is close to coming to an end u have been commenting and supporting me thank you ??

  4. Aqsxxh – Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes ❤️

    1. Heart touching song…loved it

      1. Aqsxxh

        I know, I cried… Imagine Yuv singin that to suhani

      2. Nithu

        If yuvi sings dat to su nah….it would b the best epi in the serial…loved the songs soo much

  5. arey u just rocked today. in today’s episode how many emotionswu have portrayed.pratima’s affection,yuvraaj’s pain.suhani confusion,sambhav’s struggle for yuvani and u carried everything with ease. hey please please start another ff if ur ending this.all d best.

    1. Aqsxxh

      Awwwww Radha sure I will start another FF I will miss you all tooooo much ❤️ Ty Radha u have been an amazing support and your comments have always made me more stronger Ty ??

    2. Aqsxxh

      I never realised how much u enjoy my ff X I never realised how much emotion I put into this… I’m improving because of the amazing ppl like you Radha! ? I can’t thank you enough X my love for all of u in unconditional

  6. Aqsaah this is what i call fantastic…u explained every emotion as if u jave been through all of them. Such an amazing ff ….going to miss your ff

    1. Aqsxxh

      I may continue it longer x I will just need to think of a new plot twist, hoping they will all leave dadi… 😀 Ty for ur support Sona x

      1. Nithu

        If evry1 leaves dadi…it would really awsm dr n ill take that screenshpt n keep it as my home wallpaper for days

  7. Ruksy

    reading this i feel like the current track is worth nothing compared to this. this is more than amazing and im not just saying this but i truely mean it. love it.

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ty soo much Rusky that mean a lot 🙂 I know the real track is losing everyone. Making everyone crazy- I wanted this to be different, put a smile on everyone’s faces, make them feel emotion… I want the YuvAni love to flourish, unlike the real track 🙂

  8. Nithu

    Superb dr i loved soo much tears jus rolled in my eyes too gud….this is wat i call perfection..!! Love u n ua ff soo much my sissy??

    1. Aqsxxh

      *wipes nithu’s tear* awwwh Di x Ly 2 sis x Ur comments mean a million to me x

  9. Awesome as always and I am also not liking the current track

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thank you Ayushi, I don’t think anyone is… It’s a surprise Sam has become evil… I was in utter shock!

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ty Ci Please comment regulary! 🙂

  10. Superb epi Aqsaah, for the first time I really felt bad for yuvraj… I couldn’t control my tears reading today’s episode.

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      Awww Tanisha.. I didn’t mean to make you cry x But ty for ur continuous support x

  11. Sis….. U r awesome….. Hv no words.. Wish dis happens in the real serial too…

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      Shilppy di x I miss you x Ty for ur amazing supprt x

  12. Great work Aqsaah 😀 ,,,, I too hate the current track 🙁

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      thanks Roz, I really like the profile pic!

      1. Thank yew aqsaah,,,it’s Ishqbaaz

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