Suhani Si Ek Ladki OS: Epi 11


Suhani Si Ek Ladki OS (episode 11)
Recap: Trust comes out, Yuv gets slapped, Somu is crying and Krisnha is back! (I will be calling Krishna B.Krishna meaning Big Krishna…)
Suhani is crying behind her door, Bhavna, Sharad, Pratima, Krishna and Sambhav are trying to open the door, suhani stops crying and locks herself in the bathroom so no one can find her…
Suhani tries to find her diary, and she remembers she left it in the lounge so she gets some lipstick from her make up bag and starts to write on the walls…
“Yuvraaj, you have broken me up, you have broken up Soumya, you have lost everyone’s trust, you have changed… You are not my Sadu that I remember, all the amazing times that we had the day before have all gone… Yuvraaj, I loved you… But now I am lost…”
The gets her finger and runs i t through the word loved and clllenches her fist and screams
She wipes her tears and freshen herself up, she puts on a black transparent lengha, and comes out the bathroom, she quickly cleans up the room and opens the door, everyone runs her worried and she pushes them away…
Suh: I don’t need your sympathy, I am Suhani Shrivasta not an ordinary cry baby… I fight and I do what I want (with that she walks off)
Prat looks down and starts to cry: Bhavna… Su..Suh..suuhani… What happened to her…
Bhav pus her arm around her and makes her sit: She is in shock… Let her be this fake person she is putting on… She won’t be able to do it for long…
Sharad looks on: Bhavna… I am worried… What happens if she takes Yuvaan and runs away again… This time I know she won’t come back…
Sam to himself: Only I can patch up this story… I need to excute this plan… one mistake and we will lose Suhani, Yuvaan and all hope…
Suhani is storming off to the BH, Yuv still on the floor crying, Somu notices suhani and grabs her leg pleading…
Somu: Suhani.. Im… Sorry… (she is choking on her tears) You. Know. Your bestfriend wont hurt you…
Suhani laughs at her and shakes somu’s hands off her leg: Get off me you snake… I trsted you, and you threw it back in my face! This is what you deserve your position on the floor… Where all evil is supposed to be..
With that suhani walks off, Somu stunned… Suhani walks past Yuvraaj who is continuously punching the wall, until his hand starts bleeding… Suhani looks away when Yuv looks up at her, he was going to grab her hand but she steps away and starts to walk off saying
Suhani: Anger won’t help you solve your mistakes, it only brings you down… (she gets a tear in her eye as she remembers when he broke all ties with her and she quickly wipes it and walks into the house)
Yuvraaj: Suhani… (He is shocked to see her response and looks at his hand oozing with blood, suddenly his face is covered with a black scarf and someone is leaning over him he tries to look up but cant see, the girl moves the scarf from his face and sits besides him while tending his hand with a bandage)
Suhani is wrapping a bandage over his hand and gets blood on her hands, Yuv flinches a bit when Suhani put the spray on his hand, but she doesn’t care, its like all her feelings are frozen… when she is done she gets up and goes
yuv whispers: Thank you… I’m Sorry…
Suhani hears this and says: Sorry won’t fix the trust that u have thrown away Yuvraaj… (and walks to find Yuvaan)
Yuv just looks at his bandage and tears come trickling down his face like rivers…
Suhani sees Yuvaan playing happily with Dadi… and runs to hug Suhani when he sees her
Yuvaan: Ma im soo happy! I can’t believe this is my family I always wanted a big family like this and I do have one! Mumma I don’t want to leave!
Suhani: Beta… You can stay here but I need to leave…
Yuvani: Aunty.. I mean Mumma… Why don’t you stay… I will have two mummas so I will have twice the amounts of presents like Krishan who has two dads!
Suhani: No… Somu will take are of all of you.. I am not welcome to stay here…Yuvaan school starts in the next week beta… I will let you visit her on the weekends… after the holidays are over…
With that suhani leaves and goes to the park…
Yuvaan: why doesn’t mumma marry Sambhav..
Rags: But your papa – Yuvraaj, doesn’t have a wife… He is your real papa…
Yuvaan: I don’t like Yuvraaj… He hurts my mum.. Sambhav always makes mumma smile…
Yuvraaj hears this and walks off to him room…
In Yuv’s room, Yuv takes out suhani’s diary and starts to read the third day…

“I am Super Duper Tired! Starting my own business for my son… I was never given the chance to work when I was married, I have studied in fashion and design, and I was never allowed to use that potential that I had… I knew it wasn’t Yuvi’s fault, but society’s and Dadi’s… Sambhav has been a huge huge help in helping start up this business… But I still haven’t talked to him properly… I don’t want to move on.. I don’t think Yuvraaj is caring about me.. But I still care about him, there is not one night where I don’t cry myself to sleep because of his last words to me… “Suhani, you were the worst thing that has happened to the family, maybe not me… But the Family means the world to me, I don’t want to see your face gain please leave! Leave Forever” the continuous echo of forever always rngs in my ear, the way he grabbed onto my ar, and let go was like her was breaking all our ties… I made sooo many promises to him… and even when we are apart I am not going to break any of them…”
Yuvraaj gently closes the diary and presses his lips gently against the cover… he rubs the cover with his hand and places it behind his clothes where he has hidden a picture of suhani and his wedding picture as well and a few more pics of suhani…
He kicks the wall and leans on it with his fists against it…
Precap: Leap of a 5 days…
Guys hope u lot enjoyed seeing Yuv the weak one… xact opposite of the track that is happening now! 😀 Guys please please please comment! Your support always keeps me going x Thanks for everything guys you all mean wonders! This OS will be ending soon, deciding on a happy or a sad ending… So comment your thoughts ;p
Lots of love Aqsaah x

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  1. awesome

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      Ty Ayushi Means a lot dear x

  2. Actually better than the running story line. Superb, awesome, fantastic ?????

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      Tytytyty Sooooooo much Mercy this comment means sooo much I will keep writing for u x

  3. Ruksy

    this is so great this is what should be happening rather than the current story line.

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  4. Shilpa-saraj

    Again a wonderful episode.. Hv no words aqsaah sis… Luv u loads…

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  5. there is no words to say the episode is fantastic ….

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      Ty soo much sri! Means a lot x

    2. Aqsxxh

      Ty soo much sri! Means a lot x 🙂

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    Osammmmm as usualvmy darling

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  7. Nithu

    Lovely…dr awsm….update fast ….i wish writers shd see ua ff n napasha j jelousy track and change the original track…

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  8. Kash serial mein aisa hothe specially suhsni not caring part.

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  9. Yea Aqsaah,,,I’m super happy seeing weak Yuvi and strong Suhani….He deserves to be treated lyk this,,,,just can’t tolerate his behaviour in the serial,,,,I totally loved this epi,,,, 😀

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      Ty soo much Roz I don’t think anyone can tolerate his behaviour!

  10. hi.actually eventhough ur ff is running in sad track its too good.because in this ff yuv is trying to feel the pain of suhani and suhani is also becoming strong.ur doing these two things without spoiling both characters.thats y ur ff is mind blowing.finally we want happy ending with positive change in all evil characters and plese dont end ur ff this much early.

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ty sooo much Radha x

  11. Fantabulous episode… words to express ur writing skills…..its far better than the current storyline in the serial….. just AWESOME, MINDBLOWING, FANTASTIC, FABULOUS…………..

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  13. I love it wish this was in the actual story line

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