Suhani Si Ek Ladki OS: Epi 1

Suhani Si Ek Ladki: Own Story
Hey guys! Its me Aqsaah/Aqsxxh Again,
I have decided to write an OS aswell as my FF (finding my Angel If you haven’t seen it) I am starting from 4th June 2016… Let’s goo
Suhani is left to look at Yuv leaving, she spots him wiping his face…
Suhani: I need to move on… I really need to move on.. Suhani Birl- No Suhani Shrivasta… You just need Yuvaan…
She goes off to find Yuvaan…
In Yuv’s room… He opens the cassette box and starts crying… Suhani I do care, I do care, I am doing this for u as well as Yuvaan… He puts in a cassette in the music player and he hears her voice…
“Dear Yuvraaj, I would never break your promise, Im loyal, I was just hurt, I was guilty… I will always love you, My sadu… Happy birthday” amitabh bachchan starts playing… He starts to reminisce the memories of YuvAni and starts laughing… then hits the wall, and starts crying… “Suhani, why did you leave me… Why did you have to be stubborn… I STILL LOVE YOU! Its my fault for being angry with you as well,Its my fault for not protacting you, Its my fault for letting you go! Im an idiot!” He falls on his knees sobbing
Bhanva was there watching with Pratima and Sharad crying… Sharad was going to go, but bhavna hold his shoulder and shakes her head…
Outside Yuvaan and Sambhav are playing tig, and Suhani comes and Sambhav runs and hides behind her…
Sam: Ayee Suhani, Your son is a monster
Suh: Oi! My son is a champ, Okay sambhav?
Yuvaan Laughs: you sound like Uncle Yuvraaj when you say that
Suh: Don’t say that, Im not a boy am i?
Sam picks suhani up and puts her behind him..
Sam: haha champ can’t catch me now!
He runs and Yuvaan runs after him.
Suh: Such kids yaar… I like seeing Yuvaan happy…
Krishna comes running to her
Kris: Aunty Suhani your the best! Thank you for everything! (She hugs her)
Suh: Huh? But what did I do?
Kris: Don’t be silly aunty… I saw what you gave me…
Suhani hides a golden locket in her room, there is a picture of Krisna, Yuvaani and Yuvaan, it says on the locket family.
FB ends.
Suhani kisses Kris on the forehead.
Suh: You are like a daughter to me, Love you a lot Krishna!
Soumya sees this and fumes…
Later on that night, everyone was having dinner in the outhouse, they were all eating Italian food that suhani had made…
Sam: This is the best Suhani, After soo long I am having food cooked by the best woman in the world
Suh: Stop playing Sambhav, you cook amazing food
they both start laughing, Yuv looks down at his food angryily and a bit teary eyed, Pratima looks at him, Bhavna and Sharad look down and the vamps look at each other smirking
Golu then starts moaning: Maaa can’t Believe you never told me that Sambhav is Yuvaan’s dad!
Everyone looks shocked and looks at Samani
Bhavna: Kyaa? Who told you this bakwaas?
Golu: Yuvaan did maa…
Suhani shouts: YUVAAN!
He runs off crying
Yuvraaj gets up from the table and runs after him, suhani was going to get up but Pratima stops her..
Pratima: I think it would be better if this was Father to son…
Suhani sits on the table crying, sambhav puts his hand around her and kisses her check
Sam: Chocolate face knows what he is doing Suhani… Don’t worry we all are here..
Precap: Yuvaan calms down, Sambhav takes Suhani to the movies…
Hope you enjoyed it! 😀 Comment suggestions
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  1. Awesome…. next epi as soon as possible…

  2. Omg.. Sam kisses her infront of all and she didn’t say a word????

    1. Yup she want to move on and she didn’t realise that Sambhav did that as she was too shocked

  3. Superb I love it and good .Sam kiss suhani in front of all that’s really sweet of him next update soon…

  4. Awesome

  5. Wonderful I just like it…

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  7. awesome

  8. hai friend I just like the situation and dialogue that you manage according to your story

  9. boring

  10. how can u write such a miracle stories

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