Suhani Si Ek Ladki: love is life (Episode 7)


Hello all , I am Ananya . Thanks for your support and please continue to comment, sorry for thee late update but my exams are nearing thats why.. and plz do tell me if it is getting a bore..
RECAP : Pankaj and Lata refuse to accept bhavna and amit’s wedding. Suhani thinks about another plan.
The episode starts with suhani calling yuvraaj and asking him to meet her.
Yuvi : what happened albert einstein ? what happened to your great idea ?
Suhani : shut up, here my di’s happiness is at stake and you are fooling around?
Yuvi : ok,ok , now don’t start your drama again.
Suhani : drama? What drama? You think i am fooling around like you ? no way mister, i am not so useless like you.
Yuvi : shut up. Now listen to me. We have to come up with another plan.
Suhani is about to reply when someone comes at the door . she goes to open.A boy comes up and looks around.
Suhani : who are you?
Boy: is this bhavna srivastav’s house ?
Suhani : yes. And you are?
Boy : i am Ravi, her fiancee.
Suhani gets shocked.the boys says that she wants to talk to her . suhani tells him that she is bhavna’s sister.they enter bhavna’s room . bhavna is crying.
Suhani : di, stop crying . look who has come.
Bhavna: who is he ? i don’t know him?
Ravi: i am your fiancee. I just wanted to tell you that i am not happy with this marriage because i already love someone else.
Bhavna gets shocked.
Bhavna : what ? really …
Suhani : wow awesome !!
Ravi surprised. Suhani giggles
Bhavna : actually , even i love someone else and wish to marry him..
Ravi : waah, but how do we tell our parents ? they won’t believe us….
Suhani : listen i have a plan…
They discuss the plan. Suhani calls yuvraaj.
Yuvraaj : what happened now ?
Suhani : chamat kar !
Yuvi : what ?
Suhani : uffo, leave it.
She tells what happened and her plan.
Yuvraaj : ok, i will tom. 6 pm ok ?
Suhani : ok, bye…
Next day, pankaj and lata ask suhani and bhavna to go to mandir. They agree.
It is evening time bhavna gets ready. The door rings. Lata opens the door . a boy is shown wearing a clumsy suit and huge specs with rabbit teeth. It was none other than yuvi in the groom’s disguise.
Lata : beta who are you ?
Yuvraaj : aunty i am ravi …
Pankaj : oh, aao ravi beta come in…
Yuvi comes and sits down. Lata and pankaj observe him. Suddenly he starts screaming…. screen freezes.

Credit to: Ananya Sen

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