Suhani Si Ek Ladki: love is life (Episode 6)


Hey guys, i am Ananya with my sixth episode. Thanks for supporting and plz continue to comment.
Recap: yuvani,Amina meet. The groom to come to see Bhavna.
Suhani : di, l have a plan.
Yuvi: what?
Suhani : listen.
That part is muted.
Amit : fine, sounds good.
Yuvi: but bhaiyya, it’s very risky.
Bhavna: this our last chance.
Suhani: di’s right and if you have a better plan than tell it.
Yuvi( angrily) : what is your problem? Can’t you keep quiet for sometime?
Suhani snaps at him: oh plz just shut up.
Yuvi: you shut up!!
Amina( in chorus ): both of you shut up.
Amit: Why are you behaving so childish Yuvraj?
Bhavna: and what happened to you Suhani ?? Yuvraj , please do this . For me? For us? Please?
Yuvraj: ok Bhavna n but tell your sister to keep quiet .
Suhani gets annoyed.

At suhani’s house,
Bhavna comes with suhani holding her stomach.
Lata: what happened Bhavna? Are you ok?
Suhani: mummy, actually di’s stomach is paining a lot ..i think her stomach is upset .
Pankaj : what ? But how?
Bhavna cries.
Suhani: i don’t know.
Lata goes to call the doctor .
Bhavna: no ma, i am fine. I just need to rest.
Pankaj: but the groom and family would be coming soon.
Suhani: i think you should call them tomorrow papa.
Pankaj: ok..
Suhani: give me their number I’ll tell them, you handle di.
Pankaj: ok, here call them and tell them sorry from me.
Suhani( calls): hello, yes, actually my sister is not well,so we have to cancell today’s meeting .
Grooms dad: ok, tell her to take rest.
Suhani heaves a sigh of relief.she goes to bhavna’s room.
Suhani: papa , we wanted to tell you something .
Pankaj: what beta?
Bhavna: papa, actually i don’t want to marry the boy whom you have chosen .
Lata: but why dear ? You haven’t even met him.
Bhavna: mummy , actually i love someone else.
Pankaj and Lata get shocked .
Pankaj: what ? How can it be?
Lata: yes, Pankaj ji is right. This can’t happen. What will we say to the bridegroom ?
Suhani : but ma, what about di ?
Pankaj: sorry dear, but its too late..
They go. Bhavna cries and suhani tries to console her.
Bhavna: what now?
Suhani: its time for plan B.

Precap: yuvraaj comes dressed as the groom to meet bhavna.

Credit to: ananya sen

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