Suhani Si Ek Ladki: love is life (Episode 5)

Hey guys, i am Ananya and am back with my 5 th episode. Plz comment, and if you don’t like it then plz do tell me and i won’t continue with it.
Recap: Suhani,Bhavna and Yuvraj,Amit meet in a temple and plan to get Amina married.
Yuvani get annoyed seeing each other.
Bhavna: ok, now think what to do?
Amit:yah, we have to do something.
Suhani:don’t worry jiju, i will handle it.
Yuvraj: whatever. But first tell me about your love story.
Amina ( Amit and Bhavna) blushes.
Suhani: ya di, even i want to know.
FB- Amit and Bhavna are in a library. Suddenly,Bhavna bumps into Amit.
Amina: sorry.
They bend to pick up their books and have an eyelock .
After some days , Bhavna meets Amit in a bus. They sit together and that,they start meeting and finally,on valentines day Amit proposes to Bhavna. She agrees.
FB ends.

Suhani: wow! What a perfect love story.
Yuvraj: ya, for the first time I have to agree with this mad girl.
Suhani: oh really? I am mad ? And what are you?
Yuvi: i am a well mannered ,sensible boy..
Suhani laughs: hahaha, very funny, actually you are a sadu!! Ya, this suits you better.
Yuvraj glares at her.
Amit: stop it now,you two.
Bhavna gets a calls. She starts crying.
Everyone: what happened??
Bhavna: papa called and said that they will be coming to see me today evening .
Suhani : oh no, what now?

Precap: Yuvraj dresses as the groom and visits Pankaj and Lata.

P.S: guys plz comment . And plz tell me how to upload a pic. Am not able to..

Credit to: Ananya Sen


  1. ruby

    goood but make it more longer and its simple to upload a pic. When u are completing the fiels to submit ur story it will be written there a picture whatever just clik it and chose ur picture that u have on ur phone

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