Suhani Si Ek Ladki: love is life (Episode 5)


Hey guys, i am Ananya and am back with my 5 th episode. Plz comment, and if you don’t like it then plz do tell me and i won’t continue with it.
Recap: Suhani,Bhavna and Yuvraj,Amit meet in a temple and plan to get Amina married.
Yuvani get annoyed seeing each other.
Bhavna: ok, now think what to do?
Amit:yah, we have to do something.
Suhani:don’t worry jiju, i will handle it.
Yuvraj: whatever. But first tell me about your love story.
Amina ( Amit and Bhavna) blushes.
Suhani: ya di, even i want to know.
FB- Amit and Bhavna are in a library. Suddenly,Bhavna bumps into Amit.
Amina: sorry.
They bend to pick up their books and have an eyelock .
After some days , Bhavna meets Amit in a bus. They sit together and that,they start meeting and finally,on valentines day Amit proposes to Bhavna. She agrees.
FB ends.

Suhani: wow! What a perfect love story.
Yuvraj: ya, for the first time I have to agree with this mad girl.
Suhani: oh really? I am mad ? And what are you?
Yuvi: i am a well mannered ,sensible boy..
Suhani laughs: hahaha, very funny, actually you are a sadu!! Ya, this suits you better.
Yuvraj glares at her.
Amit: stop it now,you two.
Bhavna gets a calls. She starts crying.
Everyone: what happened??
Bhavna: papa called and said that they will be coming to see me today evening .
Suhani : oh no, what now?

Precap: Yuvraj dresses as the groom and visits Pankaj and Lata.

P.S: guys plz comment . And plz tell me how to upload a pic. Am not able to..

Credit to: Ananya Sen

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  1. nice make it more lengthy dr………….

  2. Nice..but plss nxt time make it more lengthy..and keep writing ur ff is vry nice..

  3. goood but make it more longer and its simple to upload a pic. When u are completing the fiels to submit ur story it will be written there a picture whatever just clik it and chose ur picture that u have on ur phone

    1. Yah, i tried but my phone kind of doesn’t do it..

  4. Thanx everyone.

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