Suhani Si Ek Ladki: love is life (Episode 4)


Hey guys, i am here with my fourth part of the FF . And plz Plz plz do comment..

Recap: amit tells Yuvraj about Bhavna and Yuvraj asks him to meet her.
The episode starts with Bhavna in her room thinking sadly, suhani enters with Samosas in her hand.she notices Bhavna .
Suhani: di, what happened? Why so sad??
Bhavna: I’m very worried suhu. ( suhani’s nickname)
Suhani: but why ?
Bhavna: about me and Amit.
Suhani( tries to cheer her up): c’mon di, why fear when Suhani is here? Chill, i will handle everything. You relax and have samosas.
Bhavna smiles. She gets a call from Amit.
Amit : Bhavna are you busy?
Bhavna: no, but why?
Amit: actually , my cousin Yuvraj got to know and he wants to meet you.
Bhavna: oh, even my sis suhani wants to meet.
Amit: perfect, then lets meet in the mandir near your house in an hour.
Bhavna: ok..

@ BH , Amit comes.
Dadi: Amit, you here?
Amit: yes dadi , i wanted to meet Yuvraj.
Dadi: why ?
Amit : erm, actually i had to go out with him.
Dadi: ok, go. He is in his room.
Amit goes to Yuvraj ‘s room. Yuvraj is playing the guitar.
Amit: arre, Yuvraj lets go
Yuvraj: but, where bhaiyya?
Amit: to meet Bhavna.
Yuvraj: Bhavna? Which Bhavna?
Amit: arre yaar , that Bhavna, about whom i told you.
Yuvraj: ohho, that Bhavna!! Your girlfriend, right? Lets go!!
Amit blushes.
Suhani , Bhavna and Yuvraj, Amit reach the temple.
Bhavna calls Amit. He tells them to wait near the steps. The boys come.
Suhani gets excited . Yuvraj and suhani see each other.
Yuvani ( in chorus) : you !!
Bhavna and Amit get shocked.
Bhavna: you know each other?
Suhani: of course.
Amit: but how?
Yuvraj tells Amit about the car incident. Bhavna and Amit laugh loudly.
Bhavna: suhu!? You also no !!
Suhani gets annoyed.

Precap: suhani and Yuvraj plan to get Bhavna and Amit married.

Credit to: Ananya Sen

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