Suhani Si Ek Ladki: love is life (Episode 3)


Hey people, I’m back with my third episode. Guys, plz plz plz comment even if you like or hate it or if you think it’s boring,whether I must continue or not..
Recap: Suhani comes to know about Bhavna’s relationship with Amit . Bhavna asks her to talk to her parents . Suhani thinks.

The episode starts with suhani asking Bhavna why she didn’t tell her before. Bhavna says that she couldn’t because she thought Suhani would tell everyone . Suhani asks -what? I would have never told anyone anyways, what to do now ? Bhavna asks Suhani to talk to Pankaj and Lata. Suhani says that what will she tell them. Bhavna cries and requests Suhani and says that she cannot marry someone else. Suhani tells her to stop crying and thinks.

In BH – the family is having dinner together when Amit and family come unexpectedly. Dadi welcomes them and asks them to have dinner with them. They say ok, but Amit says that he is not hungry and was feeling sick and wants to rest. Yuvraj takes him to his room and they chat on the way . He asks Amit to rest and says he’ll be back. After dinner, Yuvraj is heading towards his room, and Amit is talking to Bhavna, she cries and tells Amit about the marriage approval, Amit says what and tries to calm her down. He asks her to stop crying and talks to her in a romantic tone, Bhavna blushes . Yuvraj enters the room and hears Amit. After Amit drops the calls Yuvraj smiles mischievously and asks Amit so , this was your sickness? Amit blushes and asks to yuvraj keep quiet. Yuvraj laughs and says why will i keep quiet, and asks him who is she, Amit tells him about Bhavna and Yuvraj gets glad . He says that he would like to see her. Amit agrees but tells Yuvraj not to tell anyone.

At the same time , in suhani’s room she is talking to Soumya and tells her about Bhavna. Soumya gets excited and screams. Suhani asks what happened. Soumya giggles and says woww, Bhavnadi loves someone! Suhani says yah so? Soumya says you won’t understand. This is all romantic talks. Suhani says why won’t i understand? Soumya says leave it, anyways,i want to meet jiju. Suhani gets surprised and asks whose jiju? Soumya says our jiju , Bhavna di’s hubby. Suhani says what? He is not our jiju, he is not even engaged to di. Soumya says yah, but soon he will be. Suhani laughs.

Precap: Amit, Yuvraj and Bhavna,Suhani and Soumya come to a park to meet.

Credit to: Ananya Sen

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  1. thida jaldi and lengthy update.ff is good.

  2. Nice ff..keep posting dr..

  3. It’s nice & lengthy one pls….. also curious to know about Yuvani relationship..

  4. Its awesome……… U must continue….

  5. Nice story.. Like it

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