Suhani Si Ek Ladki: love is life (Episode 2)


Hey guys i am Ananya and am back with my second episode ..Sorry for the late update .. The characters in my story are as same as that of in the actual story just this story is by me. So, continue to comment please..

The episode starts with Suhani and Soumya riding on a scooter which is driven by Suhani . They continue chatting while Yuvraj is also in his car with Sharad . Suhani gets very distracted and the scooter hits Yuvraj ‘s car. Suhani and Soumya get scared as Yuvraj slowly gets out of the car. He yells at Suhani and says – “can’t you see ? Isn’t that big car visible ?” Suhani gets worked and up and says that what is there to be so angry ,anyways nothing serious happened . He snaps at her and says that anything could have happened . In the meanwhile, Soumya and Sharad get down and join the argument . After some funny arguments they go back to their vehicles and on their own ways . After their ride, Suhani tells Soumya come on,lets have a gol- gappa competition . She agrees and they start the competition . Soumya loses to Suhani for 6 plates of gol- gapppa.Soumya jokes and says that suhani could eat 20-25 plates of gol- gappa .Suhani says yes , but today my mood is so bad just because of that boy. Soumya asks which boy . Suhani says – the same boy with whom we fought today( Yuvraj) .

Soumya giggles and says oh, but why? Suhani says – what does he think about himself?? Does he think him to be an angry young man ? Soumya laughs and says – like Big B? Suhani replies proudly that no one can replace Big B.. They laugh.

Back there, in Suhani ‘s house a marriage approval comes for Bhavna. Her parents get glad and ask god for blessings. Bhavna pretends to be happy, but in the back of the mind she is sad because she loves someone else. Her love is none other than Amit ,Yuvraj ‘s cousin. She goes to her room and cries Suhani enters and asks her why she is crying. Bhavna tells Suhani that a marriage approval came for her. Suhani says that’s great right ? Bhavna says that its not !! Suhani asks why?? Bhavna reveals that she loves someone else. Suhani gets stunned and says what?? Why didn’t you tell me before ? Bhavna stares at Suhani and the screen freezes.

Precap : Bhavna asks Suhani to talk to Pankaj and Lata. Suhani thinks.

Credit to: Ananya Sen

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  1. Nice one…keep posting

  2. Its superb!!!!!!! But pls update regularly…..

  3. Its gud… I think u can write ua ff lengthy

  4. Excellenly written ananya. Plz plz plz post daily.just loved it

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