Suhani Si Ek Ladki: love is life (Episode 1)

Hey guys ! I am Ananya and i am starting this new fiction please comment if you like or dislike it ..
The episode starts with suhani in her room (in her parents house) starring at a picture of Amitabh Bachchan. Then, Bhavna comes to the room and sees her dreaming. She yell’s his famous dialogue -” HAAIN” !! . Suhani gets startled and say ,”Yes,what ,who ,where” ??. Bhavna starts laughing looking at suhani. Suhani says,” what ya di? Can’t you see i am so busy ?” bhavna says ya right..busy in dreaming and starts laughing loudly . Suhani leaves the room whereas Bhavna continues laughing. In the same time , in Birla house yuvraj is seen playing video games with Sharad, they both struggle and laugh together to win.

At last Sharad wins and they plan to go out for a change. Meanwhile , Menka and Rags argue over a silly make up kit. Dadi comes in and asks what happened why are you two behaving like small children ? Rags then accuses Menka of stealing her kit . Menka defends herself telling that if she asked her even then Rags wouldn’t have given it Rags interrupts and says – because you don’t deserve a bit to have my things . Dadi tells them to shut up and go to their respective rooms. Suhani goes to meet Soumya in her house. Soumya asks her where have you been for such a long time ? Suhani lies that she was stuck in traffic . Soumya tells her that she can do everything but cannot lie to her . They laugh together . They,then plan to go out and have samosas in the roadside.

Precap : Suhani is driving the scooter which suddenly collides with Yuvi’s car . Yuvraj gets out of his car and yells at her.

Credit to: Ananya Sen


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