Suhani si ek ladki- Letter of change


Hey guys Its Shreya (AFANFICWRITER). Its nice to be back after such a loooooooooooooong time. Im so sorry, school has made me super super busy. But my chapter of my ff will be as soon as possible and its going to be sooooooooooo long, to make up for my absence. This right here is what i would send to to the producers of ssel if i had their of star plus' contant details. I hope you like it and/or agree with me. In fact if any of you do have any contact details then let me know, i might actually send it.
 Whoever it may concern.

Firstly before i proceed to the actual issue it is important that i let you know that this isnt just from me but it is on the behalf of basically all the viewers of Suhani si ek ladki.

We recently heard that it has been confirmed that there will be a 15 year leap in the show, and there are now many rumours that Suhani will kill Sambhav and somraj will marry. And look, i do understand that this is a buisness, and a buisness' main interest is profit and a fan's wishes are a second priority. But thats what makes it even harder for us to comprehend, because we cant seem to understand how getting rid of everything the viewers like and watch for will increase your trp or followship and therefore your earning.  We watch for Yuvraj-Suhani and you have seperated them for so long that it is obvious why your trp has dropped. We as people who care for the show are trying to convince you that the leap wont raise your trp, infact it will only make it fall further and only reuniting the pair will save your show. This appeal is not only for our benefit but also for yours.

And the second rumour that has been circulating states that Sahil Mehta will leave the show. Some people say that this is because of his offscreen issues and others say its because of the leap and track that will happen. If he is leaving for personal offscreen problems, there is nothing we as fans can do, and we have to be kind and respectful of him as a normal individual rather than just a character and we appreciate that. But if he is leaving because of the leap or track, then that is another mistake that you are letting occur. As you may already know, a lot of your viewers come from Sahil's vast fanbase and if he leaves then you will lose all of them.  And literally all of us just want to see Yuvraj and Suhani together, with the same actors essaying them. Its a humble wish, if neither your fans and viewers nor your actors are happy with your decision, please re-think your choices.

I personally dont think that we fans are asking for too much. A lot of us feel that the charm that made us fall in love with ssel has gotten lost inbetween the rather nonsense storylines and complications. And a leap of 15 years will just destroy it once and for all. I know that you are the experts and know what will raise your views in your industry. But surely keeping your popular main male lead happy and still part of your cast, main couple together and listening to your ardent fans will make you prosper as a show?

We do really hope you see how many people are ready to protest against the changes that are rumoured to take place, and i feel that it should be a compliment of how many people are truly connected to your show, since this really is an amazing show. But this is just a kind request that a leap and no Sahil would really upset the fans…. and your trp will really fall if you dont address the fan's issues and wishes.

I am aware that all of the above could be rumours which could make my letter seem rather offensive, and if they are then im so very glad and extremely sorry for the inconvienience I may have caused.

Thank you for reading our opinions and thoughts and i hope they made you re-think your decisions. We do truly love the show, and all these requests are just so that its carries on being a popular entertaning show.

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  1. Nithu

    It’s good dear please send this letter if possible add my name not as nithu but as mohitha

  2. Aqsxxh

    Dear producers, directors, casting crew, actors ect…

    As another concerned fan, of this once beautiful show- I am humbly requesting for this leap not to take place at all…
    Many of these fans wanted YuvAni to unite, and all you are giving us is pain, suffering and endless frustration, may of us simply wanted the couple to be united- then you can carry on with your leap antics.
    I read that the leap would consist of YuvAni’s children tackling the problem of race and skin colour, but we would not accept this unless the couple is united- it is all us fans want…

    Please accept this as a request also, no saahil= no SSEL…. If he is under-going off screen problems that is totally acceptable, but he isn’t disclosing the information meaning that his situation must be due to the show… Us fans want change after all the turmoils you have thrown us through, we deserve happiness after all this anger… and this happiness lies with YuvAni (Yuvraaj-Suhani)

    Thank you for reading on behalf of the SSEL fan base

  3. please sir hame leap nahi chaiye hame yuvani sahil rajhsri ki jodi chaiye agar trp down hai to uska reason sambhav track hai pls track change no leap ham viewers ko yuvraj suhani chaiye pls unnhe saath laiye tabhi trp badegi leap lane se nehi

  4. Ruksy

    i just wish they would listen to us

  5. Nagarathna bhavani

    After sumbhav track complet they can sharad and bhavana fight she go to there mom house yuvani will solve there problem in that they now there feeling for eachother

  6. its is great plz plz send this to producers….. i hope they will convience

  7. I didnt heatd about someaj marriage.But one thing is sure from the beginning of this track that suhani will kill sambhav and go to jail.That will be definitely occur.But after that agar inhem story pakadna hai suhani wapas aa rahi hai and yuvraj is waiting for her.But she is not ready to accept him.Yuvani thinking on black skin will bring back suhani to BH.Then suhani again prove tharmt seerath se zyaada soorath achi hothi hai.wo bhi apni bachon ko.suhani wil marriage yuvraj for changing mindset of her children.Thenonly the TRP rate will increase.kya boti ho frndz.are u agre with me???

  8. please don’ do leap just unite both and make the episode as interesting as it was before the old series are so nice to watch if the leap happens and they go there separate ways then its just disappointment for fans.

  9. tompi agarwal

    sir pls no leap ham sab 5month se yuvani ka intezar kr rahe hai aur jab laga ab yuvani ayenge to yea news ham sab ka dil tod raha hai pls sir apki trp down hai to uska karan hai show me sirf burai jit rahi hai aur yuvani koi scene nehi aa rahe hai sir pls sir leap to aap baad me kabhi bhi le sakte hain per abhi hame sirf yuvani sahil rajhsri chaiye unki jagah koi nei le sakta aap logo ko khush hona chaiye ki apne jo jodi banai ham unhe itna pasand krte hai,show ko viewers hi hit karbati hai aur aap log viewers ki emotion ki perwa nehi hai pls sir no leap only yuvani

  10. tompi agarwal

    sir simple family drama se show chalta hai itni negativity se nehi,aur aisa bhi nehi hai ki sambhav track end ke saath hi yuvani ek ho jayge abi to unka love confession baki hai aur dadi woh thori na yuvi ko itni asani se suhani se milne degi sir kitna kuch aap log dikha sakte hai aur jaha per woh devil somya rags aur menka hai waha per drame ki kami hai kya sir aisa kuch laiye jisse trp bhi bare aur viewes bhi entertain ho sir bohot kuch hai pls sir ham viewers ke request ko ignore mat kijiye kyunki agar leap ke baad agar viewers nehi honge show dekhne k liye to leap ka kya fayda pls sir ek bar fir apne decision k bare me sociye aur hame yuvani sahil rajhsri ki jodi lota dijiye pls sir yea ham sare fans ki humble request hai pls sir

  11. dekha sir kal ka episode me yuvani k scene atei sare fans kitne khush hogey pls sir ham sare fans ko sirf yuvani sahil rajhsri ko dekhna hai agar apka show 770episode cross kr paya hai to uski credit sirf yuvani ko jata hai pls sir no leap hame yuvani reunite track dekhna hai sir kuch bhi simple family drama pls sir itne negativity k baad kuch positive laiye sambhav ko jail vejiye aur kisiko yuvraj ko harm mat kijiye pls sir yuvani

  12. tompi agarwal

    pls sir hame yuvani(sahil rajhsri)ki jodi chaiye ham un dono ke begar ssel nahi soch sakte hai aur nahi dekh sakte hai itne dino apne un dono ko separate rakha hai pls ab unko ek krke kuch accha track laiye sir hame yuvani ka romance nok jhok pasand hai sir pls sir hame sirf yuvani chaiye

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