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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Suhani not to give lecture, its just 2 hours to get Ganesh idol. Yuvraaj comes and says you here Yuvaan. Yuvani says Yuvaan has come to get idol along us. Dadi says Yuvaan will stay here till Ganesh visarjan. Yuvaan says even Suhani will stay here. Bhavna says yes, she will stay. They all ask Suhani to stay. Sambhav gets upset. He asks Suhani to stay, he will go home. She says fine. He thinks don’t make plans Suhani, Ganesh ji won’t come home and you won’t stay here. Suhani, Yuvraaj and kids go to get the idol.

They are on the way and have a talk. Yuvaan tells about Sambhav gifting dress to Suhani. Suhani asks him not to say all this. A procession comes in between. Yuvani sees a kid sitting as Ganpati and click the pic. Suhani says we can make

Yuvaan and Yuvani dress as Ganpati, they will look cute. Golu says yes, but keep laddoos as well. They smile.

Bhavna asks Rags to have food, why is she punishing herself. Rags says why, I will do what I want. Bhavna says you can’t make anyone agree by blackmail. Soumya asks Bhavna why is she explaining Rags, she always do this. Rags taunts Soumya. Bhavna asks them not to argue. Saurabh comes and asks Rags to have food, Dadi won’t agree. Rags says if you don’t care for me, why did you come here. He says I care for you. Rags says I wanted to do some good thing and Dadi refused, will Dadi refuse to Suhani, everyone get second chance here, I don’t get any chance, I will proof myself. She gets dizzy. Saurabh holds her. Rags faints. Bhavna goes to call doctor.

Sambhav makes the goons dig a deep pit. He pushes a goon to scare him. Goon says you scared me, if I fell, I would have died. Sambhav smiles and says now Ganesh idol will fall here and puja won’t happen. He gives money to goon. Yuvraaj and Suhani choose the same idol. Krishna says you both are best friends and have same choice, you always support each other, I ant best friend like you. Yuvaan asks shall we take Ganesh ji in jhanki. Suhani likes the idea. Yuvraaj says no, house is far, its hot weather. Suhani asks him not to become Sadu. The kids ask him to agree. She asks him to come else stay here. He says I will come. They all smile. The goons cover the pit. Sambhav says now puja won’t happen and my wife will come back home with me, all work is over now, I have sent their pic, inform me when they both fall in this pit.

Dadi asks Pratima and Saurabh why are they taking Rags serious, I know her well. Menka comes and says yes, I did not eat anything since morning. Dadi asks her to clean sweets from her lips before lying. Pratima says we all will help Rags together. Everyone smile.

The kids are excited and happy to take Ganesh idol. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to see kids are so happy. Golu goes to apply color to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says no, stop it, and pushes his hand towards Suhani. Red color falls over her hairline. Yuvraaj gives her kerchief to clean the red color. They push the jhanki and reach the place where pit is made.

The goons hide and look on. The jhanki tilts down towards the pit. They all get shocked and pull back jhanki. The idol slips. Suhani holds the idol and slips down. Yuvraaj sees her slipping and holds her hand. The jhanki falls down in the pit. Yuvraaj pushes Suhani away but slips down. They both fall inside the pit as well. The kids get shocked and cry. Suhani says we are fine, we will come out, don’t cry. Suhani asks Yuvraaj what to do now. He says there is no network and asks Krishna will she catch the phone. Krishna says yes, and could not catch the phone. Suhani says don’t give phone, Krishna was about to fall. The goons inform Sambhav that work is done. Sambhav smiles and says when mahurat ends, I will go and save them, then Suhani hs to come back home with me.

Yuvaan sees the goons and asks them to help. The goons leave. Suhani asks Yuvraaj not to worry, the problem is we are alone here and kids are outside alone, I think it will rain. Yuvraaj says I think we should shout for help.

Some people help Suhani and Yuvraaj, and pull them upwards.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pls end this Sam track

  2. First reunite yuvani.. Pir kuch b bakwaas chalega

    1. Yaa exactly….

  3. Bit better episode, plz make yuvraaj and Suhani reunite PLZZZZ, who agrees?? Plz replyxx

    1. I too waiting 4 reunion bus… Sam ko katam karo

    2. Ayesha Siddika Munia

      I agree with you.Sam,soumya,dadi ko saja milne chahiye.Yuvani ko jaldi se sach pata lagana chahiye then reunite them.Yuvan is a spoiled boy.Uske jid ke subhav ki shadi possible huyi hain.Suhani uske har baat manti hain.This made him spoiled.But yuvani ajkaal acchi ladki ho gayi.

  4. No story … Simply dragging. Hw can sambhav say he loves suhani when he can go to any extent to harm her?
    N these kids always roam here n there bt never go to school
    They r d ones who tk decisions in d family like yuvaan decides whom should suhani marry
    End it pls

  5. when ill u writters are reuniting our yuvani. … we waiting longtime ago.. 🙁

  6. ???…..kuch khas nahi hain..its just a filler..cvs first of all u ppl come to a conclusion ki yuvaan ….yuvraj ko kis naam se bulayega..sometimes papa..n sometimes uncle..this is totally ridiculous..n howcome yuvani suddenly developed love for her mother….aap logon ko ye sab dikhane ki tym nahi hain…bass dekho baar baar lustybhav shit…gosh!!!

    1. Yaa right.. yuvan yuvi ko kabhi papa bolta hai kabhi uncle… kitni bakwaas giri chal rahi hain.. i think writers ka dimag thikane pe nahi hain.. isliye unko hi nahi pata ki woh kya likhate ja rahe he .. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Please end this track, how much more evil are you going to show by sambhav before ending track. What’s happened to rags?

  8. just two words ,stupid and senseless

  9. Why are those family members so stupid in helping Rags, she will make them work like servants because we all know that she won’t any work, just bark orders to everyone and get all the credit if she success and blame them if she fails. I hope no one helps her and she fails. She and menka are no good. And also, please END this track with Sambhav.

  10. I think 2 ,3 din mein ye track band hona chahiye,kal ke episode se i feel .yahi time hai story ko thoda interesting bana sakte hai writers……..ab jaldi se sambhav ka sach,uska ganda chehra sabke samne aana chahiye……dadi ne abhi tak apne kaand ki maafi nahi maangi hai kuch to gilti feel karao…….lagta hai RAJSHRI ki eyes mein problem hai. Or she is not well……

  11. ……..and it’s strange SAMBHAV ko kaise pata tha yuvraj suhani bachho ke saath thele par Ganesh ji ko lekar issi raste se ayenge……..kuchh bhi……writers sach mein pagal ho gaye hai…..

  12. The writers have badly butchered Suhani character. She is appearing more like an adultress,than bechari. First she left home because husband scolded her, didn’t inform anyone about her son, then came back, tried to remarry him. When he was missing instead of trying to find reason she marries someone else. After marrying another person, she tries to keep on meeting her ex husband at every excuse, sleeping with him, chatting all night,staying at his home. If she didn’t wanted to marry Sambav why did she undergo it, who stopped her from taking divorce? Right now her character is looking pathetic. And tell me when did India become so advance that ex wife stays in her ex in laws house, and her current husband is staying some where else. Serial ke naam se kuch bhi? Please stop butchering her character more

    1. Yashna Torsha

      Yes,neeraja you are right.Suhani ki character spoil ho gayi aur yuvaan ko bardassht nahi ho rahiye.He is not big enough to take dicision whom should marry suhani.Suhani uski har baat manti hain.It isn’t good for him.Suhani ko ek galat decision which was took 7 years before saviko life barbad kar dia,specially yuvraaj ki.But yuvi ko apni gussa mein control rehna chahiye tha .At last ★reunite yuvani,punish soubhav & dadi,ragmen.

  13. Yes neerja you r right .suhani ka character to kharab kiya hai .samajh nahi aata sambhav apna kaam dhanda chhod kar yaha kyu baitha hai…..soumya to poori tarah se birla house mein settle ho gai hai ab kahi nahi jayegi,pata tha saza bhi nahi milegi ….BAKWAS ……story bekar ho gayi hai….

  14. The most irritating drama?at first I loved watching it but now?I think they should reunite suhani and yuvraj…and should end the track?

  15. Make it better with reality or end this truck. Let both Suhani and Yuvraj unmask Sambav and then suhani could file the divorce and then they can both united with respect as what isnthe writer trying to teach the kids? That a kid can decide to their parent who to be with or marry? That a woman get married and still spend lots of time in her ex husband without problem? Whre the reality and culture of married woman in India? That can marry and divorce just like its not a big deal?

  16. bakwas serial,hate sambhav character

  17. Feel pitty for amena…written update k liye.itna bakwqs jhelna pad raha ha…ab to ye readable b nai raha

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