Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sambhav getting Suhani somewhere and scolding her. She says I wish to kill you and free this world from you, but I can’t do any crime, don’t think I m weak, I will save myself. He says you have all weak relations, I will see who saves you. She pushes him and gets a stick to beat him. Sambhav throws a stone at her head and makes her fall. He starts laughing. Suhani faints.

Sambhav says I have right to touch you Suhani, I m your husband, and you threatened to get me hanged, you did not do this right, you will regret a lot. He sees Suhani and gets close. He says I will do what I want, I don’t care you wish this or not, I will fulfil my wish even if by force. He removes his shirt and gets close to her.

Its morning, Yuvraaj wakes up. He sees her shot leg and cries by the pain. He tries to get up and manages to sit. He ties a cloth to his wound. He recalls Sambhav dragging Suhani. He shouts Suhani. Yuvraaj gets Suhani’s mangalsutra and recalls the moment when Pratima bought that for Suhani. He thinks Suhani left hints for him and goes to some place following the jewelry. He sees Suhani and gets shocked.

Yuvraaj cries seeing her. Suhani gets conscious. Suhani wakes up and sees Yuvraaj crying. She realizes what happened. He hugs her and cries. He says I m really sorry Suhani, I came very late. They cry. Sambhav comes and laughs.

Sambhav says this would have not happened if you died at the time of marriage. Yuvraaj and Sambhav have a fight.

The people nearby get together for aarti. Suhani thinks what will I teach my daughters, that I lost and they should bear injustice too. Sambhav runs away to the aarti plate. Yuvraaj follows. Suhani throws the stick at him and makes him fall down.

She asks what did you think Sambhav, you will get saved by doing a bad thing with me. Sambhav looks at them. Yuvraaj gets a bowl from the temple and pours ghee. Suhani says no Yuvraaj and stops him. She says he is my culprit, I will punish him.

Suhani gets the diya stand and goes to Sambhav. She says I will write my fate and you will burn, like Raavan was burnt to end evil, I will burn you today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tomorrow the leap story will start. Let’s see what happens to Suhani and yuvraj.

    1. Who told you the leap will star tomorrow

  2. If Suhani is in jail then it means all spoilers were false as some stated sambhav is arrested after he kills soumya.

  3. This story full of shit… the writers don’t have sense… actually they should give good message to the viewers, but they only give negative thoughts. I think Indian dramas are full of shit and they have baseless stories , either writers don’t know what they write .. saath nibaana sahathika, yai hai mohabbatein, kumkum bhagya , madam , and all the storylines are same . Kidnapping, murdering , all stories begin with same . All of them marry without love, but after they will love each other and some enemies will come between them , so tragedies will starts , leap happens. Actually please stop this nonsense, you guys are brain washing viewers. Forgotten to say most funny thing is small kids organize honeymoons, and dates of parents.. and other thing is they will never grow old specially gopi aunty…. there is new story named MAHEK .. hope they will not destroy that serial. If my msg disturbing some fans I’m so sorry, I just typed what gone through of my mind…????

  4. It’s saath nibaana saathiya and kasam .. not madam .. lol

  5. Atleast sns,yhm,kkb are better

    1. Sns also same

  6. Wth are you showing on tv you disgusting writers? You should be slapped in public for showing all this. Why don’t you resign if you can’t do your job properly? Now Suhani will get pregnant and a stupid new drama starts. I wonder how the actors even accept roles such as Sambhav’s.

  7. Guys please clarify me
    Why people in India forum are telling yuvraj always loved soumya this is not true
    Yes in the starting he had infatuation for soumya but after his marriage he slowly cared for her and they became friendsfriends and finally their love got deeper
    Even post leap he didn’t Marry soumya he always loved suhani
    His love for suhani is very deeper
    Agree or not please reply

    1. Yes you are right but who told you suhani will get pregnant?

  8. The spoilers may be false because they said sambav will kill yuvraj and then he will go to jail but sahil also said that what tellychakkar said is not true. But leap is surely happening tomorrow.

  9. RIP SSEL…..two minutes silence for those who made a beautiful love story into ultra violent ,disgustibg,ruthless,dirty show…from d bottom of my heart i regret getting so attached to it…i really wish it goes offair soon???

  10. I just hope Suhani is not shown in jail and dadi brainwashed yuvaan and yuvani.

  11. Will yuvraaj die or be replaced by someone new?

  12. Why is there a need for a leap???why not now bring end to Sambhav antics and than Dadi and Rags asked of all their dirty ploys..and Yuvraj and Suhani to walk away from Birla house with their 3 children stating that there will be no more suffering and injustice from them and they don’t need birla money to live .Dadi and Rags needs to be punished for their unjust actions throughout .Bring about beautiful end.

  13. what is this suhani in jail ? its not fair bcz smbhv was not innocent he killd somya he shot yvrj thn he raped suhani befr all this he attempted to murder yuvani yavan and mny things he did but whn suhani killed him she went in jail ? wth suhani didnt wrong are the mad or our country’s judges are made bcz sometimes it happen s in our real life

  14. It was posted on Instagram regarding leap unless it false spoiler again.

  15. idiotic storyyy always:-\

  16. All are no good sense, only freak an stuff like rape, murders not good at all

  17. Amazing stuff in this show! The good hearted person gets punished, tortured, blackmailed, humiliated and violated by friends, family and anyone and everyone. What does she get in return? More punishments. I have a strong belief that the writers and producers of this serial have very sick minds. There is no reprieve for Suhani and those dear to her. But cheap characters like dadi and Rags have been shown to enjoy peaceful lives. This portrayal of good getting tested without limit shows the Indian woman in vey negative light. The raps did not have to happen. Rape goes beyond the physical, to show your lead character, after all she’s been subjected to experience that just shows how insensitive and disrespectful the producers of this programme are. This is the height of irresponsibility! The impact of rape is mentally and emotionally far reaching and long term. It affects other relationships! She’s supposed to be a strong, loving and confident daughter and mother. You have just destroyed that image. Most people having gone through what you put the Suhani character through will emerge damaged- no trust, a loss of faith in humanity. I’m sure they will make her emerg as a forgiving, positive and happy woman, that unreal. I think this is the lowest for this show. Shocking that they went this far! Shocking!

    1. Well said!!!….what dey want to show is a girl who isnt beautiful ,strong,having so much of selfrespect,independent…has to go through all this shit..even a rape which no girl would imagine in her wildest dreams…its better if they would have shut their show

    2. Ruby Mohindru sharma


  18. Ruby Mohindru sharma

    Ridiculous show

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