Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saiyyam seeing Suhani and Yuvraaj’s marriage pic. He says it means Kumar ji lied, but why is the family behaving like this, when they know Yuvraaj, it means Suhani cheated my dad for this man. He recalls family reactions. Suhani cries and hugs Yuvraaj. Bhavna asks her not to get angry else children will ask more questions. Yuvraaj says yes, and asks her not to worry. He asks where is my wallet, it has our marriage pic, if anyone gets it, it will be big problem. They rush out. Servant asks are you find anything. Suhani says he is looking for his purse. Servant says yes I got it. Yuvraaj checks wallet and gets the pic. He says we got saved, but I did not keep photo here. She says maybe you forgot. He says you know me, I did not keep it here. Yuvani is going out

and Suhani asks where are you going. Yuvani argues angrily, and asks her what does she want.

Suhani says I wanted to talk to you and spend time. Yuvani says we will talk in evening, I m upset and have to chill with friends. Dadi supports Yuvani and taunts Suhani. She asks Yuvani to go and meet friends. Suhani says I will wait for you in evening. Dadi goes. Yuvraaj says sorry Suhani, I could not tell Dadi as Yuvani is here. She says yes, we are bearing this because of kids. He says give Yuvani some time. Saiyyam looks on and thinks they are hiding something, whats this secrecy, I have to find out.

He goes out and thinks. Yuvani comes home. Saiyyam gives her a spa voucher. She gets glad and asks why are you doing this. He says you helped me on my birthday, this is return gift. She says thanks, what did your dad do, how did he know my mumma. He says don’t know, and asks her. She says my mum and dad were husband and wife, I don’t remember our dad, we were very young when we died, but I miss him a lot. Saiyyam says even I miss my dad a lot, he died before my birth.

She says I m really sorry. He says its completely fine, I have his pic, which I see everyday and get glad, you don’t have your dad’s pic. She says no, when this house was getting renovated, there were many problems, and Papa’s carton got lost. He thinks wow, so convenient. He says I was angry with everyone when I came here, I m not angry with you. She says why will you be angry with me, what did I do, I helped you. He says that’s why I gave you this. She goes. He says how are they, they don’t know their dad, Kumar is their Papa. Why are they hiding this, what did their dad do that he is shameful to tell them. He thinks to tell them that Suhani does not deserve their love. He thinks to make sure that Suhani’s children do not love her.

Yuvani comes inside the house. Suhani asks her to come and sit for some time. Yuvani says I m feeling sleepy. Suhani insists. She tells Yuvani that I did not know about Saiyyam before, if he is alive or not. If I knew, then I would have not hidden. Yuvani says its fine, it was your life, what can I say. Suhani says you have right to know, we are one family.

Yuvani says it does not mean we will interfere in each other’s life, we can do what we want, don’t hide anything from me. She hugs Suhani and goes. Yuvraaj looks on. He says I can understand how you are feeling now. Suhani says Yuvraaj, what mistake did I do that Yuvani is annoyed, we will tell everything to children. He says yes, we have to tell truth some day, we can’t believe that Saiyyam, I think there is something going on in his mind. She asks what. He says that detective and our marriage pic getting misplaced, we will tell truth to children, we have to workout on your and Yuvani’s relation, I m scared that she will get anger out on you.

Saiyyam wears a moneky cap on face and goes to Pankaj and Lata’s house. He tries to find something. Suhani goes to Saiyyam’s room and does not find him. She thinks whats going on in his mind. She sees towel put on sofa and room messed up, and says he is just like me. Saiyyam says there is nothing here. Something falls. He gets Suhani and Yuvraaj’s wedding album and says I got proof, it will be real fun when her children see this. Suhani sees Sambhav’s pic in cupboard and gets scared. She cries and rushes to leave. Saiyyam comes and asks her why did she come here. She says I came to meet you, maybe you did not get my love, i came to feed you food and sing lullaby for you, like I pamper Yuvaan.

She tells him that Yuvaan does not force her for anything, you can’t get love forcefully, love has some meaning, maybe I can’t love you, I can’t explain that to you, you can’t join relation with me forcefully. She goes.

Saiyyam goes to Dadi’s room in Yuvraaj’s disguise and stands in darkness. Dadi says I want to talk to you Yuvraaj, I don’t like whatever is happening, listen to me, its happening because of Suhani, she married Sambhav, you went to jail for his murder blame, and now his son is troubling us, and we are fighting in our house. Saiyyam hears everything. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to understand him, this happened because of Suhani and Sambhav, you got away from us because of them. Saiyyam walks out. Dadi asks him to listen. She says its all happening because of Suhani, Yuvraaj went away from me, and Saiyyam is troubling us, till Suhani is in pain, I accept all this.

Saiyyam gets some chemical and sprays on the plants. He says its time to say good bye Mr. Yuvraaj Birla, everyone will miss you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t get it, what’s the delay in telling the kids? Why are the writers going round in circles, are they planning something after which Suhani will have to say the truth? Didn’t dadi realise that the person she was talking to has left the room? Why can’t the truth come and at least then saiyyam will know what happened and what his dad did.

    1. They juz wanna drag ….now the truth comes out ina diff way such that her kids starts disliking her for telling lies all this time….bass bahut hogaya ye rona dona…

  2. Wow, well done Suhani! You are saiyyam mother. This is not marriage for someone to force love you.

    What talk is this, mother love is right for every child, that a woman have given birth.
    One thing I have to agree with Dadi, I do hate Dadi. But Dadi did say one thing right. Saiyyam need to be understood. But for me, not in a bad intention, like dadi want. But in a good intention. Now because the way suhani treated Saiyyam. Well what can I say. Well done suhani, this is your wisdom.

    1. Is it laughable, the way the writers wrote it. It like if saiyyam and suhani are married. It is sick!
      Hello cvs you made them mother and son.
      I think saiyyam should have slapped her and said do you know what you are saying woman. Forced love oh please! Where did they get the idea from.

    2. No dear..its not lyk dat…she is referring to d situation where he dragged her to put cake on him juz lyk his father did to her…zabardasthi se khilana,pyaar paana and all…shez indirectly telling him not to b lyk dat….the thing is writers wanna drag this she wont accept him soon…accept in d sense ..doesnt show her hidden love…..sry if u felt offended

      1. It is the way it sounds like. The dialog wasn’t good. That is all we are saying. I wasn’t offered, It just was stupid that all. Please I know that everyone like the show. But you all have to admit this dialog wasn’t that good. Even the acting was bad. Alright I want you to think if You Bhargavi. Was rude to your mother and said what are you doing in my room.
        What would your mother answer would be.

        I know what my mother answer would be.

        Firstly why, WHY! What are you hiding?

        Then well come:

        This is my house and if I want to come into your room, I well.

        Since you are here in my house you well follow my rule.

        See what the different is. That is the way my mother talks.

      2. Anyways everyone have diff views….i feel d way i think….

  3. its going good really yuvani sayyam cute sis bro bond bt truth shud come out anyways it will b gud if it takes time maybe cvs hav some plan to open it thrillingly

  4. So horrible…… Saiyyam is trying 2 kill yuvraj and this is the second attempt …. Can’t he know the reason behind mother hatred instead of collecting information about yuvraj….. I know saiyyam is innocent that doesn’t mean he try 2 harm others specially his mother…. Doing all this he just troubling suhani…. I think he need 1 more slap… Yuvrajs doubt towards saiyyam is very perfect… Yuvraj has taken the blame of suhani…. Dis does matter n he was without his family alone in jail.. n saiyyam makes sambhav bitter truth recall every time if saiyyam does cheap thing they Will not love but definitely… Hate…. Though suhani had soft corner love for saiyyam….. N yuvraj too will help her to accept saiyyam as yuvan n yuvani…

  5. I simply hate Yuvraaj. Please kill him. I wish if he dies. I haven’t seen a selfish man like him. He wants to mend Yuvani’s and Suhani’s relationship and no matter what ever Yuvaani does Yuvraaj supports her, but when Saiyyam does anything out of hurt, immaturity he instaigates Suhani against Saiyyam saying that Saiyyam is a devil like Sambhav.
    I know that Saiyaam is Yuvraaj’s step-son, I am not saying Yuvraaj to treat Saiyyam like his own son but atleast treat Saiyyam like a human and try to mend Saiyyam’s and Suhani’s relationship.
    Saiyyam is still a kid. According to him, he was told that his mother betrayed his father and abandoned him so Saiyyam’s anger and reaction is natural. Who wouldn’t be angry on the mother who left her child in the orphanage? Saiyyam doesn’t know anthing about Sambhav. And this Birla family instead of trying to change Saiyyam and make him good and give him the love that he lost all these years they are hurting him even more and making him a devil.
    I dont know what’s wrong with her writers I am really hating this drama. I only read the episodes just for Saiyyam.

    1. Exactly!

  6. I really want saiyyam to kill and trouble suhani and yuvraj in all ways.dadi really treats suhani right she deserved this treatment
    I wish suhani died instead of soumya

  7. Today episode undescribable…. Some points:-
    1. Saiyam took(or stole) Suhani-Yuvraaj’s wedding CD or something, y couldn’t he directly show the CD to them all if he wants to destroy her happiness…
    2. When Suhani went to snooze him , he looked like he was going to give CD to her… She should have waited a little longer(although can’t blame her)..
    3. Atleast she agreed he had something of her(loved that part)..
    4. Yuvani doesn’t seem like her child , she’s too rude..
    5.Saiyam shouldn’t try to kill Yuvraj…
    And Suhani might tell Saiyam Sambhav’s truth , found some articles on it.

  8. So true, I didn’t understand soumya sometimes. But she was a mother to Krishna and yuvani.
    Even when yuvraj went against Krishna some of the time. She never said anything to him. But she stayed the same with both of the children. I believe if that was soumya she wouldn’t have abandoned saiyyam. Lied to him, but never abandoned.

  9. I find today’s episode funny. How can a mother pass on a comment like that. If she really didn’t wanted this kid to be born she could have aborted it rather than giving birth and disowning. Afterall it was no mistake of the kid..he was brought without any mother or father and I strongly believe it’s Suhani who is responsible for sayyam’s behaviour.
    How can she ever expect much goodness from him when she as a mother has never bothered about him even when he was in her womb.

    1. That is true, how can suhani expect saiyyam to be good, especially suhani wasn’t in saiyyam life. If suhani wasn’t cruel to abandon saiyyam, and she decided to raise saiyyam by herself. Then suhani would be able to show him from right to wrong.

      All suhani keep on saying when saiyyam was a baby, evil like his father, devil like his father.
      Then suhani so cold heartily abandon saiyyam. So what does suhani expected.
      If suhani couldn’t cope, then why oh why, didn’t suhani have an abortion.
      No one would have known or cared.
      It would have been better for saiyyam, then this feeling of abandonment.

      Someone once said, maybe because suhani felt it would be sinful, if she had an abortion.
      If this is the case, then I say suhani was showing off. Like Dadi keep on saying suhani like doing drama.

      Suhani had the money, no one forced her to have saiyyam. She could have easily have an abortion.
      I understand that not everyone like the name abortion. But it is also a choice for any women who don’t want the baby, that they are carrying.
      I believe it should be only the mother should make that choice.
      I know myself, if that happened to me. My choice would be abortion. Abandonment is far more cruel then an abortion.

  10. Aqsxxh

    I thought Suhani was actually meaning the part of the speech of feeding him and loving him- then she began shouting I was like how rude!
    Sayyam’s face dropped and made my heart did too- I feel Sayyam- I really do he is such an amazing actor- it is absolutely unbelievable!

  11. I think saiyyam will try n get close to old bag dadi to get back at suhani n she should just come out n tell everyone the damm truth

  12. I really wonder what the writers are trying to show. Why dragging track and most/all your comments are true, just to increase episodes. Dadi dislikes Suhani but when something wrong happens, who helps her, Suhani. Are the writers going to show something happening to yuvraj for the truth to come out?

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