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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani saying she will celebrate Diwali with him. She reminds the last time and says she felt he will joke on her if she lights Chinese lamp. He says no, I will light the lamp with you this time. They hear some sound and rush to see. Yuvraaj opens the lights and asks who is there. The person runs. Everyone come out to see. Suhani sees the laddoo missing. He says he has seen a mask girl. Menka and Rags blame Mili. Suhani asks them not to blame Mili without any proof. Yuvraaj says there is a chance. Rags says I m sure Mili is thief, she has tried to steal laddoo at puja time too.

Saurabh says I don’t think she has done this, maybe she thought this is game. Dadi comes and says this is not any game, if she does something else as game. Rags says yes, if she kills

anyone. Dadi says she did not tell anything to Suhani, but not anymore. Yuvraaj says even I feel Mili should leave from this house. Gauri comes and Menka asks where was she. Gauri says washroom. Menka blames her for stealing. Gauri says she did not do anything.

Dadi asks Sharad to give ashram number. Suhani sees Rags and Menka smiling, and thinks did they do anything. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to listen to him. Suhani asks him to go. He says he won’t blame Mili without reason. She asks did you see her face, how can you say this seeing the mask, why did you agree to send her away. He says some problems are happening since Mili came here. They have an argument. She says I think Menka and Rags have done this, not Mili. He says fine, we will go to them and clear it. She holds his hand and stops him. She says I don’t have any proof, we can’t blame them. He asks what shall I do, shall I keep cameras in house. He goes. She recalls she has fixed cameras already, the cameras will save Mili now, she wanted to know Mili’s relation with this house.

Suhani sees the video and the mask person coming to steal the laddoo. She says someone made the utensil fall to wake up everyone. She doubts Menka and Rags. Rags and Menka come there and taunt Suhani. Menka and Rags argue. Suhani thinks if asking Bhavna would be right. Menka and Rags go away and talk about laddoo. Suhani comes there and hears them asking each other about laddoo. Suhani gets to know Rags and Menka did not steal the laddoo. Menka says Mili would have stolen laddoo really, she is big mastermind to fool Suhani. Suhani gets sad and thinks Mili has cheated her.

Suhani goes to ask Bhavna. Suhani asks Bhavna were Menka and Rags here at the time of theft. Bhavna says yes. Suhani goes to Gauri. Suhani asks Mili who has stolen the laddoo. Mili says she did not steal it. Suhani says you promised you will not steal, did you not remember me when you did theft. Suhani cries and tells her that Mili will be sent to ashram tomorrow. Suhani thinks of Mili. Yuvraaj asks Suhani why is she crying. Suhani tells him everything, and says even Bhavna does not want me to support Mili, all my hardwork went waste.

He says its big thing you tried to make her fine. She says it got waste, nothing happened. He says the one who tries never fails and makes her smile. He brings the Chinese lamp and they light it together. He leaves it in the air. He says I will save you from every difficulty. He says he can’t live without her, she looks cute while she cries. She asks him not to lie. He jokes and says he looks ghost. She says you look a prince, whom I love a lot. They smile and have an eyelock. She hugs him.

Bhavna stops Dadi and gives her earring. Suhani sees the earring and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pls dont drag this much.

  2. Daayan dadi n jane apne apko kya samjti he

  3. Now yuvani scenes became very common isn’t it guys

  4. Y dadi being like this she needs a man in her life

    1. lol you are right..Dadi needs a man

  5. Yes dadi needs a man and yuvrani scenes have become very boring they are so cold and childish.just get on with the story

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