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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saurabh trying to cover up the matter. He says the account is named on Yuvraan and Yuvani’s name, not Soumya. Sharad takes the kids. The man leaves. Suhani gets thinking. Yuvani likes the salad and thanks Suhani. Suhani says my hardwork got succeeded, you liked it. Krishna asks for salad too. Suhani serves her. Sharad records the video. Soumya worries and holds her mangalsutra. Rags smiles seeing that.

Suhani goes to kitchen. Menka says we don’t make guests work, we will do work, you go and rest. Suhani says its my house too, I mean my daughter’s house, I can work. Menka says if you can become stylish, I can learn cooking. Suhani says I m cleaning kitchen, will you do this. Rags taunts Suhani and Soumya, and says they are friends, they will decide what work

to share. Suhani says you said right, and sends them. She asks Soumya not to care for their words. Soumya says I have no security for Krishna. Suhani asks do they trouble Krishna too. Soumya says no, but you know them. Suhani says leave this, I have just one night to spend time with you and kids. Krishna shows the star to Yuvaan and says mumma said that star is named after me. Yuvaan wishes he had a star too.

Yuvani tells Suhani that she told Papa that she likes stars ceiling, and he got this. Suhani says it means he loves you a lot, you are lucky. Yuvani says yes, everyone loves me a lot. Suhani asks shall I sing lullaby for you. Yuvani says fine. Yuvaan asks Krishna why did she not come in summer camp. Krishna says I was not selected, I will come next year. Yuvaan says why to wait for one year, we will make summer camp here, we have just one night to enjoy. Suhani asks does your mumma sing lullaby for you daily. Yuvani says yes, she is very good. Suhani says I will miss you. Yuvani says you can come to meet me, you looked scary to me before. Suhani laughs.

Soumya looks on and worries. Rags and Menka make Soumya hear their talk. They say Suhani does not go once she comes here, she knows Yuvani is her daughter, she won’t go now, Soumya has to leave now, even though Soumya is Yuvraaj’s legal wife, Suhani is smart and will make Soumya leave. Soumya worries.

Yuvaan calls everyone to play a game. Yuvani says we will play game as we played in summer camp. Pratima and Saurabh like the idea of playing musical chair. Sharad and Saurabh joke on Menka. Soumya thinks no one knows Yuvraaj and I are not married, why am I worried. Rags says Menka, I have a plan. Menka says I have my own plan. Rags tells Yuvani that they will play music in big music system and takes the Cd. She goes to play a DVD on tv. She gets Yuvraaj and Soumya’s DVD. Krishna says this CD is wrong. Rags says oh sorry, I will play that one. She asks Krishna to go and play.

Everyone pay musical chairs. Baaton me ho khubsurti….plays…………… Suhani hugs Yuvani. Soumya looks on and gets upset. Soumya hugs Krishna and thinks there is no one for my daughter here. Rags asks Menka to make them busy, till then I will play Yuvraaj and Soumya’s DVD. Sharad and Saurabh laugh, as Saurabh loses in the game. The game continues. Rags plays the video DVD. Suhani asks Krishna to take her place and play game. Menka says no, she is out of game. Soumya says its okay Suhani, Krishna has no problem. Suhani says it does not matter, its game. Soumya says don’t teach her wrong things, she has sportman’s spirit, I mean you will want Yuvaan to play such. Suhani smiles.

Rags moves aside and shows Yuvraaj and Soumya’s name. Rags asks Suhani and Soumya is there any problem. Suhani says no. Pratima says there is no problem Rags. Rags sees the tv got off. Pratima asks Krishna to play songs. She asks Rags and Menka to go and rest, Soumya and Suhani will start game. Suhani, Soumya and Yuvani are left. Yuvani gets out. Suhani and Soumya play the game. Soumya pushes Suhani away with a sudden jerk and sits on the chair. Everyone get shocked. Soumya says sorry, it happened by mistake. Saurabh and Suhani say sorry, its just a game. Soumya hugs the girls. Dadi looks on.

Dadi goes to her room and says why did Suhani come here, what does she want. Suhani hugs Yuvaan and says if we stay here, what about Golu, we can’t stay here, guests should stay for less time. The girls talk to Soumya. Krishna says we did not tell Suhani that you stay in Yuvraaj’s room. Soumya thinks what will happen if Suhani really stays back.

Suhani says Yuvani stays as princess. Dadi says yes, its her house, why are you trying to show you are superior to Soumya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I want suhani to leave from that house because they don’t deserve her ,idiotic dadi

  2. Writers…if u can’t show Suhani strong then plz stop this stupid track…I’m nt interested in watching weak Suhani…she z nt even answering Dadi well…Make her more strong and bold, let her fight for her child and teach these Birla’s a lesson…and what’s this Prathima and all doing…covering up for Dadi’s deeds???

  3. Wot the hell…is suhani is any devi???n tat birla family…is dey dump…tat dadi doing evil again n again n dey dey suffer it siliently…its not respect its slavery….now a days dis show become damn crap….how can suhani do dis…dis show writers are dump without brain….am from kerala…am also leave in joint family…neither our elders do like dis…but if dey did like dis…we vl spare dem…she seperated mom n daughter for years…no use to talk abt at all…am juz leave watching dis waste…i don wanna waste ma time n emotions for dump show

  4. Saumya started showing her true colors….She ws staring at Suhani like a witch….

  5. God! How stupid they made Suhani. She’s really not a smart woman. Or may be she’s not human. How much crap can a person endure and still be at peace? Bakwaas!

  6. Yeah ur right… yuvi watch …somu is like snake.aastin ka saap

  7. It’s that sharad fault, he wanted to see that birla family, even no one wanted him there. What the hell pratma you told and promised soumya that she is the new wife and daughter in law of the birla family. Also Krishna is also the daughter of birla family. So why are you trying to keep suhani in that house, do you what the worst thing is pratma knowly, knows that this is causing problems for suhani. SUHANI WAKE UP! NO ONE IN THAT BIRLA HOUSE WANTS YOU THERE. YOU HAVE MADE A NAME FOR YOURSELF, GO HOME!. I know that you guys going to hate me for saying this, but YUVRAJ AND SOUMYA ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER. THEY ARE BOTH SELF CENTRE AND ONLY THINK FOR THEMSELVES. These two people only think that they are right and everyone else is wrong. This is the reason that I want Suhani to move on. With or with out her daughter.

    1. u r right absolutely.

  8. Today saumya has crossed all her limits! If it was somebody else then they would not have tolerated saumya or Dadi..Saumya has to be thrown out of the house before Dadi.She has never been a true friend of Suhani but has always been very selfish and greedy for a luxurious life..

  9. somya from starting behind suhani only. snatched yuvraj 2nd time. let suhani marry someone who cares for her has value of her love. this idiot family will never understand. pls writer teach them lesson

  10. Suhani is showing she is superior to soumya because first of all she is the mom of yuvani, wife of yuvraj (I don’t think they are divorced, and third she is the bahu of birla family!!

    1. wel they have lived separate for 7 years that would annull any marriage

  11. is yuvraaj soumyas spare tyre….?

    1. That’s a very good question put forth by u lava98! She is a spare tyre.I mean how can she betray her own friend by snatching her husband for the 2nd time?

  12. Now a days I really like to watch tasion e isk I think that show is more interesting than Ssel, I hope yuvraj at least do something about this dadi.. ..??????????????

  13. Are there no other men in that town? Can’t Soumya find another father for her daughter other than her friend’s husband? Shows the difference between a true sister and a fake one! Why does every girl that comes to Birla house have to marry Yuvraj? And what’s his problem with marrying or
    appearing to marry any available girl with the drop of a hat? Suhani is not his first choice, in comes soumya, Suhani is dead (no body found) in come barbie and now Suhani left after a traumatic experience – what does the idiot do? Takes Soumya to his matrimonial bedroom. He’s so disgusting, narrow minded and egotistical!
    Writers please give your leads some dignitand integrity. Right now, one is stupid and the other insensitive and clueless!

  14. Suhani has all rite there n soumya should no better

  15. Yes Iwish atleast yuvi does something against dad.and this sowmya is a witch. In earlier episodes the bonding between yuvani was so strong but what track is going on now. The serial was good when yuvani were together. But it is boring, feeling to skip this show.

  16. yuvani knws about real mother now and she hates sowmya coz she ill jealous of suhani always….
    when suhani and yuvann leave the house as well yuvani also leave to her mother
    it ill be happen it too intresting on ssel

  17. Yeh..even i don’t watch this track..Firstly Suhani why you stopping at the house?Why is no-one questioned Dadi?
    Soumya is selfish…living with her best friends husband..Suhani you are stupid and blind and can’t read her thoughts..why?Saurabh as a big brother you are useless..Pratima is selfish .Suhani you were strong so what happened..that you can walk into the house after so many years and help with choures .etc..even after the Dadi insulting you..Pratima standing by like useless mother…but why?Suhani use your brains and not your heart.No one bothered about you all these years do you think they will supprt you..even useless and self centred Yuvraj will stand by Dadi. and the curniving b*t*h Soumya..what are you going to do.Close this show..its shear crap..

  18. This serial is bullshit stop this crap and end this serial please

  19. Pls improve da track
    Suhani needs to fight for her right don’t show women being weak

  20. Bullshit

  21. I don’t understand this kind of series, always evil wins, why? I don’t f**king understand. Every time Suhani is left away she is doing all the work and rewards go to some of the people who are useless. Actually Suhani is the one who is making this series watchable but she is always in dead end. Please please please….. it’s time to show up good wins we are tires of seeing Suhani always crying being humiliated please put some sense into the following episodes

  22. It was not good to watch how Soumya behaves with her best friend. Suhani is the mother of Yuvani and Yuvaan, yet Soumya’s only interest is a security for her daughter Krishna.

    She is such a selfish women unlike Durga in Saathiya who sacrificed her love so that Meera and Dharam be together.

  23. I dont understand. Y suhaani left the family? Is she dont know tht yuvaani is her daughter? Y she changed herself? What happend before 7 years?? Can someone clear it?

    1. @nishu after death of gauri and krishna yuaraaj got into it with suhani and told her never to come back and when she had the twins dadi had her own plans in taking the children away from suhani most of the s*** is based on dadi lies and the family was not going against dadi again for yuaraaj sake but yuaraaj would be extremely pissed if he find out that suhani did not know about yuavani and he missed out on yuvaan life dadi will really hate her guts. So I’m waiting for yuaraaj to come back and find out the real truth. I just have to wait and see

      1. No dear he supports.somu…..

  24. i have not watched this crap for a month now came to read pre cap and same old b….sh
    Writers in india dont respect women or marriage, at least let good aspire a litte bit. i will not even read pre cap anymore

  25. That is the thing, what had happened in that 7 years, I have read the the written update twice, to me it sounds like that the birla family were at yuvraj and soumya wedding. It could be they did all the marriage stuff, you know going around the fire 7 times. They might have done that, but didn’t registered their marriage. I think they married in God eyes, but not by law. If you think about they are still married. This is what I think, I could be wrong.

  26. this episode has truly lost its essence…. totally wrong message being depicted….Suhani has done so many good stuff but yet writers show that dadi cannot have change in heart…and soumya…aaaaahhhh

  27. Writers please write something good. Y always selfish Dadi and selfish idiot saumaya always wins. Pratima and saurab should help suhani to come back home or that idiot Dadi and stupid selfish saumya should accept their mistakes and apologise suhani. Suhani should get all her right. Otherwise this show will be big bakwas show. People will become more selfish watching such shows where evil always wins. This way it will have negative impact on people instead of being honest, helpful people will become greedy, selfish

  28. Hmm well thing is clear ie yuvani not unite…n yuvi has no feelings for suhani…now he not want suhani…he his hppy with his wife…really…I m fade up now wht dey done.yuvi never reliase his mistakes never..I know whn he returns back he supports somu..offcourse dat b*t*h n snacky sry for my wrong word……but ssel lost……clearly visible ie offscreen matter affect the story…n we just want yuvi should be in pain。but it’s seems like go suhani why u came n disturbing my life……

  29. omg really!!!
    Yuvraaj will always love Suhani …. he fell in love with her …. she is the mother of his kids. im not saying that they going to be together ….. but I think that no matter what happens they will always love each other.
    yuvi and somu have an understanding , that is why they get along so well, he adores the kids, the doesn’t mean his inlove with somuya. they are together for the kids to give them a good life. they both know where they stand with each other.
    Yuvraaj is disappointed because he thinks Suhani just left her daughter… and his hurt because she left ….she left him… that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about her , it doesn’t meant that he doesn’t love her ….. because I believe that he loves her very much even though his pathetic at showing it.

  30. What i dont understand is that ppl are do dumb n fools —–can’t suhani just get up stand on her feet n say hey listen all this fraud n crap was done —- by that witch white ghost dadi—-call Yves n tell him the truth —-ask 1 time —-yuvraj u want to complete the family —yuvraj suhani n twins —yes or no ——if yes —-be happy if no just move on —-a simple thing they are dragging like hell —– stupid serial

  31. dis is pissing where is yuvraj and what shit the last 2 epsdoes

  32. Yeah dis is just bullshit n ie somya is too selfish ie b*t*h best freind..why she dont take care yuvani as sister of maasi..why??’??????
    I just want ie yuvani knows about suhani is her real.mother..n yuvan.too…hope so………ie somu is bechari naari…..wht is difference between somya dng last.7 bh whatever for securimg de Krishna future…but.wht knowing yuvi don’t lov her..without.any.selfish and greedyness….ie de pure heart..polite soft from de heart but also stood whn something wrong… suhani ka he…

  33. Gosh I have been so busy these days, haven’t really been making comments but from reading up after a long time, this show is still the same…when will people in that Birla house start standing up to those idiots…this is exhausting to watch/read. I know it’s technically a couple of weeks since the leap, but in TV time it’s 7 years…you mean to say in that 7 years, no one from the Birla family ever stood up to Dadi…she is the cause that her granddaughter is dead. Well I guess they really don’t know she was the one who brought Barbi into the family, then her brother ended up planting bomb for revenge…so where in common sense is it Suhani or Krishna’s fault for the blast…it all started with Dadi evil doings…get with the uniting or end the show. Please don’t continue with this BS all over again. BTW where is Suhani’s parents?

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