Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj rushing to see Yuvaan hearing Suhani screaming. She holds Yuvaan’s hand and calls for help. Yuvraaj and everyone rush. They get shocked seeing Yuvaan slipping from the balcony. Yuvraaj asks Yuvaan to give his hand. Sambhav also gives his hand and asks Yuvaan to give his hand, I won’t let anything happen to him, don’t get scared. Yuvaan holds Sambhav’s hand. Sambhav and Suhani pull Yuvaan up.

Suhani hugs Yuvaan and cries. Yuvaan says I m fine. Sambhav asks why were you playing here, if you got hurt then. Yuvaan asks Sambhav to dance with Suhani in Yuvraaj’s anniversary. Suhani tells Yuvraaj that Yuvraan slipped and fell. Yuvaan says mumma was not agreeing to me. Soumya asks what. Yuvaan says I was telling mumma to dance with Sambhav. Sambhav asks

Suhani why are you refusing, whats the big deal, I m asking for dance, not marrying. Suhani agrees on Yuvaan’s insistence. Yuvaan and Sambhav get glad. Yuvraaj looks on sad.

Menka says Suhani agreed on right time, choreographer is here, come, we will practice. Sharad comes and the lady compliments him. Bhavna gets jealous. The lady says I m Lily, your choreographer, I came to teach dance. Bhavna moves Sharad away and asks her to teach dance to all the couples. Lily asks whose anniversary is it. Menka says Yuvraaj and Soumya. Lily asks Sharad to dance with her. He agrees.

Lily teaches ballroom dancing. She asks Yuvraaj to dance with her. She asks why is he dancing so disinterested, I can’t teach you. He says I m such, teach me dance else leave. She asks Soumya to manage her rude husband. Suhani says I don’t know this dance form. Lily asks all of them to step on their husband’s feet and dance. Sambhav jokes on Suhani’s weight. They dance. Yuvraaj gets jealous seeing them. Yuvraaj dances with Soumya, and gets angry seeing Suhani. He leaves Soumya and goes. Soumya falls down. Suhani asks are you fine. Soumya says you know Yuvraaj does not like dance.

Sambhav asks how can Yuvraaj do this. Suhani sends Lily. Sambhav says Yuvraaj made Soumya fall and did not apologize. Soumya goes. Suhani asks Sambhav why is he blaming Yuvraaj, it could happen by mistake too. Sambhav says I can’t do this with you ever. She says Yuvraaj and Soumya are husband and wife, and we are friends. He says I know, I can’t think to do this with you or anyone else.

Dadi is angry on Menka. Soumya goes to Yuvraaj. He asks what will Suhani think of us, we are husband and wife for Suhani. She says I can understand. He says no, you can’t understand, I decided to tell everything to Suhani, I will tell her truth. She asks what. He says that we are not married.

Menka asks Dadi to explain Yuvraaj, why did he get jealous seeing Sambhav dancing with Suhani. Dadi says stop nonsense, I will talk to Soumya, why did Suhani come back here. Yuvraaj says Suhani is mum of my children, we lied to everyone so that children do not feel strange, I can’t lie to Suhani now, I have to tell her the truth that we did not get married. Dadi comes and says I want to talk to Soumya. He asks them to talk and goes.

Sambhav asks Suhani how can Yuvraaj do this, he is ill mannered, he insulted his wife. Suhani asks him to stop it. he says I m feeling bad for you, he may have behaved much rudely with you too, I wish to ask him why did he do this, its no use, he has one answer, I don’t care. Suhani goes to Yuvraaj and asks him did he forget to behave well. He says I knew you will blame me for pushing Soumya. She says no, you did not hold her and left angrily, does anyone do this with wife. He says sorry. He recalls talking to Soumya. Soumya asks him to do as he feels right, but first he has to win Yuvaan’s heart, he is close with Sambhav, if you tell truth, he won’t come to you. Yuvraaj understands. FB ends. Yuvraaj tells Suhani that he will tell truth to Yuvaan after winning his heart, he has decided this. He looks at Yuvaan talking.

Dadi and Menka ask Soumya to win Yuvraaj’s heart, as she is his wife. Yuvraaj comes. Dadi and Menka leave. Yuvraaj tells Soumya that you said right, I have to win Yuvaan’s heart. He goes. Menka comes and asks Soumya if Yuvraaj tells Yuvaan then… Soumya says this won’t happen, you have to do one work. Menka nods.

Soumya asks Sambhav to explain Suhani that he loves her. Suhani comes and asks what is he saying.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Rose

    Oh please don’t make sambav’s character negative. He is such a nice guy and I like him very much.

    • Veena

      Yes Rose ur right… sambhav seems to a gud person after seeing the arrogant face of yuvraj right grom the beginning of the show.. the male actor in the whole cast od SSEL cast is like a fresh breeze always smiling and good attitude unlike yuvraj who always scowls and other males show dumbness.
      Today when yuvaan caught on to sambhavs hand than yuvraj I just loved it and when shambav was dancing with suhani the jealousy of yuvraj was a delight to watch… he needed it as he never once believed in his wife always believed his vamp dadi even though he knew how she manipulates things. I just hope sambhav be positive attitude always. But it wont happen as the hero is tht arrogant scowling faced yuvraj ?
      I was the silent reader all the while but couldn’t resist commenting today as I just loved todays episode???

  2. NAPSHa J

    Awsmmmm epi..
    I have no objection if sam proposes suhani, but plzzz don’t make him negative……

  3. NAPSHa J

    The funniest part of this epi- soumya introduces suhani to lily as her best friend!!!!

  4. Xxx


  5. Rumeyha

    Oooh please yaar u show such nice precaps and then the episode takes another turn. I want yuvraaj and suhani baaack . I miss them? but it was too good for soumya that yuvraaj made her fall?

  6. Sushma

    It was so scary to see yuvan …what’s wrong with yuvraj when will he take his own decisions ,will he ever know soumya is manuplating him fr her own benefits? ?? At least Sambhav should not fall fr her words.

    • roz

      Yea Sushma ,he easily changed his decision after talking with Soumya, he thinks himself as bold and matured bt still acting childish,,,When will he realize Soumya’s real intentions! o.O

  7. pari miss

    good epi. i didn’t watch the epi, so can anyone tell me soumya’s reaction after yuvraj threw her.

  8. roz

    Soumya is trying to make it much more complicated,,,,Yuvraj will never understand Soumya’s real intentions ,,,,,he is not even able to understand his own feelings for Suhani ,that he can’t live without her…when will he realize all these

    • Sushma

      Lol he is not even realising soumya is trying to get closure to him. ….
      He verywell knows how much he luvs suhani &can’t live without her but he just doesn’t want to accept it may be it’s bcoz of ego or anger.

  9. Tripti Roy

    I agree with sushma.yuvraj hasn’this own brain,always heard others…itni bar bevkoof ban chuka hai ro peet kar suhani se remarriage ki ….fir bhi dadi and soumya se advice kyu leta hai….
    FB mein purana kuchh dikhane ki bajay new thing kyu dikhate hai …recall seen mein nok jhok,sweet memories dikhay ….

  10. NAPSHa J

    The way Bhawana was getting jealous and behaving like a possessive wife…awwwwwww.. it was so sweet..I hope shawana too confess their love.. <3
    And today menka scolded dadi.. That was also nice..

  11. Shalu

    I wish tat kids as well as Suuhani to know the truth vry sooon about marriage of yuv and somu…

  12. Apoorva

    I was wondering that it has been 6 years as per the leap but none of the kids noticed Yuvraj’s arm’s tattoo as yet which is Suhani’s name!?
    No questions relating to that have been asked by either Yuvani or Krishna.
    How is it possible that the kids do not notice what is written on their father’s arm at any time of the day in 6 years! ??

    • #UniteYuvani is now #UniteSubhav

      Really!!!! We fans notice every details but these characters themselves do not notice a thing!

    • Apoorva

      Haha….the characters as well as the team do not notice or they feel that we fans r fools that we won’t notice!
      Also, yesterday Yuvraj said that Suhani is the mother of his children and how can she just dance with Sambhav and what impact is it going to have on children. He said that when he knew that she agreed only because Yuvaan was adamant. Moreover, Yuvani doesn’t know that Suhani is her mother and the children were not even present there. On the other hand, Mr. Yuvraj Birla dancing with Suhani on his birthday instead of Soumya IN FRONT OF THE KIDS who think that they are strangers and not even friends like Suhani and Sambhav are is completely OKAY and it would not impact the children!!
      If we talk about reality, people like Yuvraj do exist who get manipulated easily and who can never take the blame themselves evn when they are wrong and people like Suhani are non existent in the first place but if they exist then they deserve to be with people like Sambhav and not Yuvraj!

      • Apoorva

        Yes Fizza….he got a tattoo done before they were to marry again after all that dragged Rohan drama was over….it is even visible onscreen nowadays as well sometimes….But they just missed including it in the story line….we all know children are much more observant than adults still they didnt pay attention to the fact!

  13. Uaha

    If Suhani was and is the cause of all ill happening in Birla family than why is Dumraj feeling jealouse?? Big egoist without a brain.Willing believes Dadi and shamless soumya but not Suhani.Bhavna ehy don’t you tell Dumraj that he is at fault and biggest culprit is Dadi.Oh how Dumraj easily told Suhani about Sambhav being close to Yuvaan and again its Suhani’s fault but why is Suhani listening to this crap..firstly Dumraj got together with your best shitless friend and your dtr calling her mum..does it not hurt you..if so than say so ..don’t except all the garbage he is giving you…dumraj is thinking about his own feelings but has he ever considered yours and why the hell you keep siding with shamless soumya??Stop it suhani you are a smart person don’t act dummy..put everyone in their place.Sambhav please fall into birla trap and stay a true friend to Suhani…EAT SOME BADAM..GET YOUR BRAIN WORKING DUMRAJ..

  14. Lucy

    Yuvraj is a hypocrite, he only think for himself. He doesn’t care for anyone, apart from Dadi.
    Sambhav was right to say things about him. Please Suhani you are a abuse woman. Stop making excuses for Yuvraj. He hasn’t thought about what you are good though. When it comes to Yuvani, calling soumya mum.
    Save your self respect, take your son and go back home.
    Yuvraj is not going to change for no one.
    Everyone blame Soumya for being selfish, but actually it is Yuvraj. He gave Soumya the right to become Birla Bahu. Yuvraj gave her the right to become Yuvani mother. When Soumya told Yuvraj that let’s tell Yuvani and Krishna the truth. He said no.
    Does everything has to be on Yuvraj Birla terms.
    Yuvraj made Soumya so useless for the past six years. She doesn’t know what to do.
    I wish the writers well Make a new start for Suhani. I want her to move away from Yuvraj Birla. Oh please don’t make Sambhav bad writers. You are repeating yourself.

    • Poppy

      You are absolutely RIGHT again. Everything that you have said have come true.
      Yuvraj has mental abuse two women. Suhani and Soumya.
      Soumya is capable of making something for herself, when she put her mind to it. When she was with Krishna her first husband. She had a job, she also had a small business. Soumya used to find ways to do something to make her and Krishna her husband, life better. But it was her mother-in-law and Krishna sister. They made sure she failed.
      But Soumya had this mindset, that she must find something else.
      But now with Yuvraj Birla, Soumya has become weak, So has Suhani.
      You know what I hope Soumya succeeded, in bringing Sambhav and Suhani together. You might hate it, but one way or the other, Soumya knows what is best for Suhani. So I hope Soumya wins. At least this way Yuvaan well to good parents. That is Suhani and Sambhav.

  15. #UniteYuvani is now #UniteSubhav

    Loved today’s episode….. Since Sambhav came SSEL has become so interesting!

    I really hoped Yuvan took Sambhav’s hand instead of Yuvraj’s and he did!!! Sambhav will be a better father to Yuvan than Yuvraj!

    While it was lovely to see the dance sequence with old Yuvraj and Suhani but it is a thing of the past! Suhani has become a stone because of Yuvraj’s treatment. Yuvraj does not deserve Suhani. Sambhav today is the same as the old Suhani….full of love laughter and fun! We need Subhav together!

    Every word that Smabhav said about Yuvraj is so so true.. believe me after all this if at all Yuvraj Suhani come together then too Yuvraj will treat Suhani badly as always! he is simply immature and egoist! Sambahv to take Suhani away from all this mess and fill her life with love and happiness!

    Sambahv say positive, full of life and fun and be always there for Suhani whether or not you marry her!

  16. Stopwatchingtv

    Koi is Dadi ko maar do pls. Saare fasaad ki jad. And dump this soumya in garbage. Such are friends??

  17. Edel

    Does anyone think that the writers are deliberately trying to ruin Rajshri’s career? Her character Suhani is so dumb and uninspiring and I fear to think of what opportunities she will have in the future. She the female lead yet apart from Prattamd bhavna all other female characters are stronger than hers. I know she’s a good actress but she’s being playing a boring and unimaginative role! My thoughts.

    • Poppy

      Yes, I believe so. The writers love making strong women bad.
      Rajshri is a good actress, but dumb writers are not giving good writing.
      I think they want all woman to bow down to men.

    • Sushma

      S I do the screen space, the script, makeup, her dresses,her hairstyles r seemed to be low graded where as in other shows the leads r given more importance even offscreen she seems to be sidelined but whatever the hurdles she wins over it. …..

  18. amu

    mujhe bhi shak hai ki writer log yuvraj ki galtiyaan dabane ke liye suhani ko kum akal aur kamzor dikha rahen hai. baar baar sirf yuvraj ki taraf SE dosh suhani PE ki sab uski galti hai. ek baar woh park wali anniversary ke din yuvraj bola tha ki gauri ki death ko lekar usne gusse me usse jaane ko bola, par with suhani ko yuvaani ko chhor Ms jaane ki baat kabhi maaf nahi karega. an go pata hai usse ki yuvaani ko dadi ne chraya, phir bhi had baar usse sunaata hai aur bura bartav karta hai. agar yeh pyar hai, to bhagwan aise pyar SE bachae.
    sach yeh hai. yivraj soumya ke saath hi rahna chahiye, ek berang, boring zindagi jiye, USS shaanti me Jo usne sharad SE kaha suhani NE aakar phir bigaar di. agar suhani yuvraj mile to wahi kahani fohraenge, kaand, beizzati, takleef. isse achha hai suhani chali jaye. sambhav se agar shaadi nahi karni, Na sahi, par yuvraj ye maane ki woh sambhav ke saath khush hai. jitna usne dard diya hai, woh utna hi bhukte.
    pyar ke naam PE torture karna kaisa pyar hai?

  19. amu

    aur yuvraj Jo yuvaan ko le ke suhani ko dhamki deta rahta hai, chahe woh suhani ko paas rakhna chahta ya Jo bhi vajah, uske do pehlu hain. ek, bahot hi Kathie dil aur selfish baat hai, jab khud uski beti ko leke itna possesive hai. dusra, agar woh suhani ko paas rakhna chahta hai, to aage kya? woh soumya SE shaadi ka dhong rache, had haq soumya ka, air suhani ko sab dhutkare aur woh outhouse me rahe, bin chaha mehmaan ban ke? uska ghar, uska kaam, uski zindagi ka koi mol nahi? kyun suhani itni bewakuf aur bina garv banti hai?

  20. MSD

    Are they trying to make the female look weak? I call this BS!! Depressing! Actually pathetic!

  21. MSD

    Typo…how can they show promotions with Suhani being a strong female then just go down the train!! Pathetic for the writer’. you need help! Email me!

  22. Rekha vaghela

    I think sambhav will marry soumya and yuvani would b united… But this serial doesn’t ever disclose the real culprit instead forgets the storyline too. Who was responsible for barbie, who was responsible for the bomb blast, aditya’s agenda to marry guari, menka and rag’s stupid plans, they all were never disclosed.. And just one thing keeps in repeating, yuvani getting separated by dadi and her gang… Really sooooooo boring

    • anjali

      Yes you are right… Nothing is disclosed till now… Dadi always comes in between yuvani… How can a family member especially the eldest member can do such kind of things…

      • mo

        Because all problems lies with YUVRAJ!
        Go back to April and Look at all LUCY COMMENTS.
        I don’t know what this person is, but every comment that this person made had actually come true.
        Now it is up to the writers, on what they are going to do.

  23. amu

    aap shayad yuvraj ki fan hai, fizza, par hum aapse bilkul bhi sehmat nahi hain. dadi succeed hoti hai kyun ki yeh aadmi ek stupid, selfish abuser hai. bully hai, jahan ko bully karne ko Mila, rang dikha diya.
    suhani ko kabhi bhi yuvraj ke saath unite nahi karna chahiye. usse toh yuvani ko bhi le jaana chahiye. rehne do yuvraj ko soumya si zehreeli naagin ke saath.

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