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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani washing her hands. Yuvraaj applies the sanitizer and offers her. She jokes and says lets leave. He asks her to wash her legs, as she was washing her hands and water fell over her foot too. She looks on. Radhe tells Lalita that he will eat much food. Krishna asks her not to cook anything special till Radhe is here. Soumya laughs. The police come to their house.

Suhani shows the kerchief and says its clean, it means my foot is neat, don’t know when will I find solution for this madness. He says its called discipline. She argues. He says it would be good if I took Sharad with me. She makes him smile and he denies that he smiled. She calls him Sadu and says no use to hide the smile now, thank you. She applies the sanitizer and says she can do this for him.


says it smells so bad, my dirty hands were better than this. They smile. Haan mujhe bhi hogaya pyaar hai ye ishq hai………. Saware………….plays…………….. The inspector asks for Krishna. Krishna says its me, what happened. The inspector says I have come to arrest you. Krishna says I did not do anything. The inspector says Birlas have complaint that he did theft, they have proof of CCTV footage and its clear that he did the theft. They all defend Krishna.

The inspector asks them to come to police station and talk. Krishna says I think Chandrakala Birla has done this. Soumya says yes, Dadi and Rags can do this. The inspector says no, Suhani Birla has complaint. Soumya says this can’t happen, I will call her and ask. The inspector says no use, she is in police station. They take Krishna along. Soumya says Suhani can’t do this.

Suhani talks to Pankaj being on the way with Yuvraaj in the car. He sees her upset and says we have have golas. She says I don’t want to. He says nothing will happen, you did not lie to Pankaj, you will make everything fine. She asks really. He says yes, stop thinking about it, come. She smiles. They go to have the gola. She eats it and he cleans her face. Saware…………plays…………They have an eyelock. He says he will wait in the car.

The inspector asks Suhani Birla to sign on the FIR. Menka signs on the papers, as Suhani. She coughs and says she has allergy from dust, can she go. He says fine, we have arrested Krishna. He says Menka ji and she stops. He passes by her and talks to another Menka. Menka smiles and leaves. She sees Krishna there and hides. Soumya comes and looks for Suhani. Suhani and Yuvraaj are on the way. He plays the radio and love songs play. They smile and try to stop it. She starts getting hiccups and says stop the car I m feeling unwell.

She feels dizzy and washes her face. He asks is she fine, I m sorry, I think its because of Gola, I will get medicines, maybe its in car. He checks the medicines. He asks does he take medicines along clothes. He says yes. She says him to take his room on wheels and laughs. He says he has medicine for her every mood. She vomits. Menka comes to Dadi and says she did her work, Krishna went to jail. Rags says this plan will flop, what does she think, Soumya will not tell this to Suhani.

Menka and Dadi say Soumya will not be able to talk to Suhani. She says this is Dadi’s plan, I have done everything. She says when Yuvraaj and Suhani were going to leave, she disturbed them and send them back to office, as Dadi was calling them. Menka takes Suhani and Yuvraaj’s phones and Dadi changes their settings, to block Krishna and Soumya’s call. Dadi says she has done this, she is selling her farm house to raise in Yuvraaj’s eyes, I have blocked Soumya’s number, she can’t talk to Suhani now. Menka asks Rags to leave, they don’t need her. Dadi asks Rags to prove what she can do for them.

The inspector says Krishna is not accepting his crime. Dadi asks him to make him accept the truth, she needs the money. Pratima hears this. The inspector says fine, I will do something. Soumya comes and asks about Suhani. She says aunty, police has arrested Krishna. Dadi asks her not to cry, they have proof. Soumya says no, its lie, I want to talk to Suhani. Dadi says she is not at home, she has gone with Yuvraaj to arrange money. Menka asks Soumya how can she do this with Suhani, tell us where is the money, else Suhani’s dad can be in problem. Pratima says I will talk to Suhani and calls her. Dadi and Menka worry.

Soumya says if Suhani calls, please ask her to call me. Menka says Suhani has reported in police, go there and check, I have…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. pls don’t bring misunderstanding between suhani and soumya

  3. After long time very nice ? episode we all love ❤ it……….

  4. nyc episode

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