Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Sambhav to tell them about the whereabouts of Yuvraaj if he wants to save himself. Sambhav is scared. Saiyyam comes and asks what is happening here. He asks what is this place. Sharad says this is the same place where he had kept Yuvraaj captive. Sambhav says he is lying and asks him to save him. Suhani says he kept Yuvraaj here and troubled him a lot. Sambhav asks Saiyyam to save him. Sharad and Yuvaan holds Saiyyam. Saiyyam says you are again trying to kill my Papa which you can;’t do. Rags, Krishna, Bhavna and others stand in a line. Saiyyam see the woman power. Suhani asks Sambhav to get ready for the painful death. Saiyyam shouts and says I won’t let my dad die a painful dealth. Suhani is about to seal the door with hammer. Sambhav shouts and tells

that he will tell where is Yuvraaj and Dadi. Suhani asks where are they? Sambhav requests Suhani to give him antidote, and says they were here before. Suhani says we know and asks him to tell where are they know. Sambhav says I will tell you, but first give me antidote else I will die. Rags tells Suhani that they shall give antidote to him else they will never know that where is Yuvraaj and Dadi.

Bhavna gives antidote to Suhani. Suhani injects antidote injection to Sambhav. Saiyyam looks on. Sambhav smirks. Suhani asks him to tell where are they? Sambhav says there are in the cottage near by the house. They free Sambhav. Suhani asks Sambhav to take them there right now. Sambhav asks Saiyyam to take him to doctor. Saiyyam says okay. Suhani says no doctor, first take us to Yuvraaj and Dadi. Sambhav asks Saiyyam to go, and tells that Suhani will not kill him, and she will keep him alive, but will taunt him. Saiyyam says I will call doctor. Krishna goes to Saiyyam and asks where he is going. Saiyyam says as I am not cunning like my mum. Krishna says you are a fool and don’t know anything. She says you are believing on the man whom you don’t know. She says she knows Dadu well and he is a nice guy, even Suhani is. Saiyyam says I know you hates her. Krishna says no and says you don’t know anything. Suhani asks Sambhav to tell where is Yuvraaj and Dadi.

Sambhav folds his hands and says I lost. Rags asks him to tell….Sambhav says I will tell, but before that Suhani have to do something. Suhani asks him not to threaten them. Sambhav says I can, as I got the antidote now. Rags says I knew he would do this. Sharad holds his face and asks him to take them there. Sambhav says I have a last wish…Suhani asks what? Sambhav says I want to hear I love you from Suhani’s mouth. Sharad beats him. Sambhav says just once, please heal my wounds only once. Rags asks Suhani not to tell anything and asks Sharad to beat him and enquire about Yuvraaj and Dadi. Sharad beats him. Sambhav says 1 min and shows video. They see Yuvraaj and Dadi together in the video, and are fine. He says I will take you all there, but just once say I love you. Suhani looks at the video and asks if he will break his promise if she says that. Sharad says yes. Sharad and Rags ask Suhani not to say anything. Suhani says I love you. Sambhav gets happy….and smiles. Sharad and others are shocked. Suhani says I love you….Yuvraaj.

Sambhav gets angry hearing this…Suhani says why you are so shocked.. you asked me to say I love you, haven’t asked me to take your name. She asks him to say where are they now? Sambhav takes them to the cottage, and says they are inside. Suhani and her family members see goons standing out. Suhani asks Sambhav to ask his goons to take them out. Sambhav says I have a condition, and asks Suhani to go alone to meet Yuvraaj. Sharad says you will not go alone, I will also come with you. Suhani asks him to take care of everyone and says I will go alone. Sambhav says good. Everyone looks on as Suhani is about to go. Just then goons bring Dadi out. Rags, Suhani and others get emotional seeing her. Suhani goes to Dadi. Dadi is emotional too.

Suhani hugs Dadi and cries. Dadi makes a sad face. Suhani asks are you fine? Dadi says yes. She says Yuvraaj is also fine, but I will not leave this Sambhav. Suhani says we will see what to do with him. Dadi comes towards her family. Everyone hugs her. Yuvaan asks are you fine? Dadi says yes. I am fine. Sambhav calls Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj is brought by the goons. Suhani looks at him with teary eyes. Yuvraaj also gets emotional and gets tears in his eyes being happy. Sambhav looks at them. Suhani smiles and continues to look at him. Tu Ru Hai Toh Main Kaya Banu song plays marking their union…………She runs and hugs him. She then takes Yuvraaj to their family. Everyone smiles happily.

Sambhav thinks you have done so much with me, you have insulted my love, tried to kill me, burn me but never tried to understand my love…..Suhani. Now you will not get your love too, if you can’t be mine, I won’t let you becomes others.

Sambhav makes Suhani and Yuvraaj fall under the ground as the soil bursts and takes them in. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today’s episode was good… I liked it ?… Specially the last scene of YuvAni… N also I think…. This is the same place… Once they were in the pit…. Remember guyz before leap when YuvAni was bringing idol this sambhav donkey made them fall n now also…. That yuvani scene was also superb n now too we got same scene….

    Krishna is going to hit saiyaam… Uske marne se at least usse budhi mile…

    1. Yes love today episode if no yuvani den no ssel..

  2. Finally yuvani met…loved today’s last part of episode…waiting since many days…finally they share a hug…another good news is ssel tops UK ratings afta a long tym…these cvs make every character bewakoof…only saiyyam was that also started …hope he finds everything soon and suhani starts concentrating on him..sambhav face after listening to i love u was awesome..alekh rockzz

    1. Hope yuvi ko Kuch na ho at the end we will get yuvi sahi salamat… Yuvani love you so much.

    2. I don’t want saiyaam to save YuvAni.. If this happen then he ‘ll b hero…. But I want he should regret for his doing towards suhani n bh…. Whatever he did it was wrong….. Many were saying saiyaam should go out from bh… Which is impossible …. Coz writers love bh very much so this can’t happen….

      Agree with @bhargavi… Ssel is top in uk… Hope it should come in india also… Now yuvani scene will increse trp… Like always… Whenever they r together trp increase n when they r separate trp decrease….

      1. Mystery

        Saiyyam did wrong with suhani…but suhani too did wrong with him…n not only him…with Krishna too….n I think she cares only for yuvaan….yuvaani too feels bad for her behavior….

      2. Agree @somi whats left for saiyyam to solve..suhani undergone everything including birla family members…of he would have saved her from sambhav torture then he would have become hero…suhani eith help of others did it…moreover i think hez not gonna kill his father i believe…i only expect smartness from him as told by krishna not dumbness unlike yuvaan…anyways yuvani met ..thats a big issue…somehow she will try to manage

      3. I think saiyyam gonna help suhani by getting his father arrested..should see how saiyyam fits in this plot

  3. Omg yuvani meet finally.. Loves today episode

  4. sarita sharma

    maine wu read kiya finally yuvaani mil hi gaye i miss yuvaani scéně kisi ko kuch na ho na yuvaani ko or na hi saiyam ko

  5. wow yuvaani mil gaye i m happy i love suhani part when she said i love u sambhav happy & smile everyone shocked even i m shocked what is she saying then suhani says i love u yuvraaj whole epi was good but yuvaani scéně is outstanding thank u cvs after many days kuch to accha dikha diya

  6. somi agar saiyam yuvaani ko save nhi karega to wo bh ka parmanent member kaise banega saiyam ne birlas ke saath galat hi kiya h to cvs kuch to karenge saiyam ki mistake ko cover karne ke liye

  7. @somi yeah your right, that’s why suhani and dadi walked round the edge not straight to that place. I think saiyyam will help in getting them out. End of this track soon.

  8. What was the zong played during the last scene between yuvraj and suhani ?

    1. Neethu

      It was the song Sapna Jahan from the film Brothers

  9. Syedul

    Need to see sayyam Krishna scenes

  10. mindblowing scene of our YUVANI after so many days.. waited for tis for so many days. Rajshri mam n Sahil sir jus nailed it.. as always.. LUV u guys a lot..

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