Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan scolding Baby. Baby gets angry. He winks to Baby. He says Krishna can get quiet, but I m her friend, I will not be quiet, if you talk to her badly, none will be bad than me. Krishna says there is none worse than you, I will answer Baby, you learn manners, you have no right to talk to wife this way. She goes. Baby laughs.

Yuvraaj goes to Dadi. He gives her rice and says Amma mai has sent this and asked you to clean this. She says fine, keep it there, go now. He leaves. Saiyyam comes to room and keeps the files. Krishna comes and files fall by her hit. She keeps the files back. Krishna sees the greeting card and smiles. Saiyyam and Yuvaan look at her. She sees Saiyyam. Saiyyam asks what’s this. She says you are saying as if you don’t know. He says I

know I m behaving strange, you got to know my truth, my dad’s truth, also that why I was such, I know what you feel about me, and after knowing my truth, you pity me, so please I don’t want your pity. He tears the greeting card. He goes. She cries. Yuvaan thinks I still have a scope, I can get things in my favor by convincing her.

Suhani and Yuvraaj get ready. He says I have sent Dadi, you will come with me now. She holds his head and they leave. Baby sees them and has walkie talkie in hand. Yuvraaj surprises Suhani with the beautiful date arrangements. She smiles. They have a talk.

Suhani says you and romance have no connection. She pulls his leg and asks about hair color. She stumbles and falls over him. He holds her. Darmiyaan….plays…………
She says you have revived all memories today. He says I just had those memories, else I would have shattered. She stops him from saying so. She hugs him and asks him to forget all old memories. She says just remember this time, this is ours. Baby goes to Dadi and asks why are you doing all work alone. Dadi says no, if Amma mai sees me, she will scold me. Baby keeps walkie talkie there. She says Amma mai went out with Suresh, maybe to market. They hear Suhani and Yuvraaj talking. Baby asks what’s this.

Yuvraaj says I love you Suhani. Suhani says I love you too. Dadi gets shocked. Suhani says fate has taken our many tests, now none can separate us. He promises of not letting anyone come in between them this time. Dadi rushes to see them. Yuvraaj says we will always be together Suhani. They hug. Dadi and Baby come there. Dadi gets shocked seeing them.

Baby stops Dadi from calling them out and takes Dadi. Yuvraaj turns to see and looks outside. Suhani says there is no one, thanks, you reminded me our past, we will leave now. He says no, time did not get over, Dadi will sit cleaning rice all day, I gave her much work. She asks what, its wrong, you are selfish. He says we have to make Dadi recall that Amma mai is her past, we have to make her fine. She says Baby and Yuvaan got together again. He says I spoke to Krishna, I felt she wants to keep the relation, but Saiyyam has to agree.

Krishna sees the card in bin and cries. She thinks I m not having pity on Saiyyam, if I m ready to forget everything, why can’t he forget, why is he doing this. Yuvaan comes to Krishna.

Dadi asks why did you stop me, Amma mai did mistake, she left Babu ji and was romancing with that servant, I m ashamed to think of that. Baby says she punished you even last time, now punish Amma mai for this mistake. Dadi takes a knife in hand and says Amma mai backstabbed family name and respect. She throws the knife. Suhani comes there and sees the knife. Baby worries.

Krishna asks what do you want. Yuvaan says I want to see you happy, but I think you can’t stay with Saiyyam, I tried to get friendly with him, but could not, he does not deserve you. Suhani asks what’s happening. Baby says I was cutting apples for Dadi and knife slipped off. Suhani asks her to be careful. She asks Baby to finish all work. Dadi asks did you go out, I did not see you. Suhani says I went to temple and goes.

Dadi says she cleanly lied and went. Baby asks Dadi to calm down. Krishna gets angry and goes. Yuvaan apologizes to Krishna. He gives her a red rose and says its for you…..

Baby asks Dadi to kill Suhani and offers her help. Dadi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. manjot says he is not date anyone he is currently single and focus on carriar i think srishti is only friend karan and srishti is gorgeous dono sath main ache lagte hain reel main bhi real main bhi i wish of God srika will together karan apni akele pic post karta hain pehle dono ki kitni achi pic ayi thi but ab nahi aati why

    1. Mystery

      I think there is some issue btwn them

  2. I want to kill this yuvaan in krishna’s heart there is no place for him then why he love krishna

  3. Rinsha

    Now I think baby is better than yuvaan bt I feel bad for krishna when sayyam scold krishna

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