Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baby making Suhani fall down on the black paste which she made and kept near the temple. Suhani falls down and gets up. Her face turns black by the paste. Everyone look on. Baby smiles. Bhavna and Sharad ask her is she fine. Saiyyam gets angry seeing this. Rags smiles and asks Suhani to go and see face in mirror. Baby starts laughing. She asks Suhani what happened, is black color not going off, you are super woman. Pratima asks Baby to have manners, Suhani is her mum in law. Sharad says her language shows her upbringing is bad. Yuvaan asks Baby what are you saying. Saiyyam scolds Yuvaan to wear Baby’s bangles, is this your choice.

Yuvaan says Saiyyam…. Saiyyam shouts shut up. He asks Baby how dare she do this, Suhani is his mum. Baby says you have done

things against her, and did not think she is your mum. He says its our matter. Yuvaan says I love Baby. Saiyyam says trust me, I m lucky I did not marry baby. Baby says I m lucky to get loving husband. Suhani asks them to stop arguments. Saiyyam apologizes on Baby’s behalf. Suhani asks whats the use, this will not change. Baby says this black color will not get off now. Saiyyam takes the milk kept in kalash and pours on Suhani to wash off the black color.

Sambhav comes and looks on. Saiyyam asks Baby to think before doing such thing, else I will not leave you. He goes. Suhani says Yuvraaj…. Pratima says Bhavna, I think we should leave them alone, come. They all leave. Suhani hugs Sambhav, and says Yuvraaj I did big mistake. He asks her not to worry, everything will be fine. She says I know.

Yuvraaj gets free from the goons and runs on the road. He reaches Birla house and says I m back Suhani, I have come. Suhani takes a bath and dries hair. Bhavna says Baby did all this right. Suhani does not say. Bhavna asks why are you hiding her mistake. Suhani says I don’t have proof, I ruined Krishna and Yuvaan’s life. Bhavna says you did not tell me reason. Suhani says no use, I have to make Saiyyam realize he is lucky to get Krishna, I have to change Baby or explain Yuvaan that he was wrong.

Baby comes and says I got towel for you. Bhavna gets angry. Suhani asks Bhavna to go. Bhavna goes. Sambhav’s goons see Yuvraaj and aim gun at him. Yuvraaj runs inside the woods and hides. Yuvraaj sees them. Suhani asks Baby why did she insult her, does she hate her own face and or is ashamed, no one could stop me till now, I will stop you. Baby asks her to try. Suhani asks her to change and become better person. Baby says I will not change, as Yuvaan is with me, its enough for me. She leaves. Goon informs Sambhav about Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj hides.

Rags shows the jewelry. Yuvaan says Baby will be happy seeing this, she loves jewelry. Rags talks to Baby and says Dadi told about your pagphere rasam, so I came back earlu. Baby asks her to show necklace. Rags says its surprise, you will get to see it after rasam. Baby stops Rags and says it will be Krishna’s rasam too. Rags says we don’t care, its just your rasam, you will get gifts. Baby says its best day of my life. Yuvaan is upset with what Saiyyam did. She asks him to ignore Saiyyam.

Yuvraaj thinks what to do and washes face. He goes to goon and asks where is Yuvraaj. Goon asks how did you come here, you are not boss. Yuvraaj says I m your boss, we just spoke on phone. Goon asks why are you wearing Yuvraaj’s kurta. Yuvraaj says I m staying there as Yuvraaj, so I will wear same clothes, why would I come here if I was Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj sees Pratima leaving in car. He asks goon to find Yuvraaj. He thinks to reach Suhani soon and runs.

Baby asks Yuvani to hold gifts. Yuvani refuses. Yuvaan compliments Baby and asks Yuvani to help Baby. Rags asks Suhani who will do Krishna’s rasam. Bhavna gets Krishna. Bhavna asks Baby to make some place for Krishna. Baby says I m elder bahu. Suhani asks her to keep heart big. Bhavna makes Krishna sit. Suhani says I will try to keep relation with Krishna, like I had with Pratima. Yuvaan says Baby is also your bahu. Suhani says Rags took my place. Pratima says I m sure there can’t be better saas than Suhani. Suhani starts rasam. Rags stops her and says I m elder to you in relation, Baby’s rasam will happen first. Suhani agrees.

Rags does rasam with Baby. Suhani does rasam with Krishna and gives her ancestral bangles. Baby gets angry. Krishna accepts Lata’s bangles. Yuvaan asks why are you giving everything to Krishna. Suhani says I will give this to my daughter, for bahu my love and blessings are there, which she has to win. Yuvaan asks why, can’t you make efforts to bond with her. Pratima says love is by heart, saas opens door of heart for bahu, but bahu has to enter heart. She explains Yuvaan.

Yuvraaj comes home and sees Suhani He calls out Suhani. Suhani sees him. She asks what happened Yuvraaj, I m coming. Someone hits on his head.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I started Hating this serial. Bakwaas

    Thanks Amena for writing updates

  2. Pls end this sambhav track…. just irritating…. Or end this show….. Pls we want YuvAni not subhav

    1. Im waiting for that moment at which sambhav bursts out his own truth and what he had done to suhani…saiyyam should hear this and kill sambhav …as sambhav is officially dead so no punishment will b given as he doesnt exist as per law…..thank god ki yuvraj is shown as sambhav otherwise its highly disgusting to watch him any more

  3. Saiyyam ur juz outstanding man!!!…sahi kaha…churiya pehenlo yuvaan?…stupid fellow biwi ka gulaam ….seriously today yuvaan stooped so low..he didnt even say a single word against baby..ladki ki tarah baat kar raha tha..i mean ladkiyon ke maamleme padne ki kya zaroorat thi…i want a bomb blast now in which only suhani,sayyam,yuvraj,krishna should survive and continue their love stories?

    1. SilentReader

      I tooo want that,,,,plus include Bhavna and Sharad and Prathima too,,,,happy family,,,,,,just wanna kill this Yuvan and all ,,,,***frustration >_< ***

      1. Haha..sure!!!

    2. Hahaaa???

  4. I have won!
    So (r) who was right, me! Also I well get money too.

    When well suhani understand saiyyam.
    Anyway today is my.
    I knew this would happen very quickly, because yuvaan love baby a lot.
    Yuvaan is starting to hate Krishna.
    There is going to be a big fright soon. Over money, jewellery, and who has the right more.
    No I don’t know any spoilers, I know it is just life.

    1. SilentReader

      It’s the 1st day after mrg and this idiot did this,,,,dnt knw wat else will he do in the future,,,,by the 3rd week he and baby will kick everyone out and will take Birla house on their name…..

      1. I have to say this.
        I have been enjoying suhani si ek ladki. In this last couple days now.
        Also I have been enjoying this side of this website.
        I mean, me and SilentReader.
        With this drama going around here, for example mo & (r)!
        On who is going to win the bet.

        As for Hanna, what her name again, oh yes SHANTI!

        Where is that girl?
        I miss her already.

        What did Shanti call it again.
        Website a strange relationship.

        Ha Ha haaaaaaaaa!

        Hanna & Shanti!
        Well they or won’t they.
        Who needs TV right.

        Me & SilentReader.
        We just,well stayed silent.

        Look joke aside, this last couple days has been great!
        What make anyone special, it is their personality.

        If did have personality, the world would be a boring place to live in.

        I know Hanna you find shanti a bit to much.
        But she did made your comment fun to read.

        As for (r) & mo. I know you two well find something else to bet on.

        So thank you!
        Also to all of you.

        You guys have made this week the best, and long may it continue.

      2. If we didn’t have personality, then the world, would be a boring place to live in.
        Sorry I have missed that out

      3. Silent Reader

        ? hehe poppy.. Agreed….we were the silent supporters ? and I too loved this side of website and really hope (mo) and (r) will find smthng else to bet on….and looking forward to see progress in hanna n shanti’s website a strange reltnshp…she really made me laugh by yesterday’s cmnts…so frm my side also. …thanku ppl

      4. Did someone said they miss me!

        Well l am hererrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    2. Congratulations , the wait was very short ?
      I also think there will be a fight and dadi will declare everything belongs to yuvaan and yuvani will understood how cunning baby is and side with krishna . Baby will try to create distance between yuvaan and saiyaam helped by dadi and rags

    3. Uurrfff!
      So unfair!
      I said 3 weeks, because I thought Yuvaan, well try to keep his mask on.
      Also I thought yuvaan well try to make excuse for his mother first.
      You guys do see my point. Also the writers could have done it that way right.
      I didn’t expect to happen to quickly.
      It only been 3 days into marriage. Unbelievable!

      Saiyyam was right to shout at Yuvaan. After all suhani did rise Yuvaan, and had all the love from suhani.
      Saiyyam didn’t!

      I am just glad there were no money between us. I don’t know you and you don’t know me.
      Handing it over would have been very painful.

      1. Yes, my husband had found it really painful, when he was handing over the money to me.

        Yes he try to woo me by giving me, flowers and chocolate.
        I said NO NO no no!

        A bet is a bet, now hand over the money!
        Oh how he cried, by counting the notes one by one.

        Come (r) I did see your point of view.
        It was just I got it right.
        Like poppy said we well find something else to bet on.

        Look, I saw man who turned against their parents, within hours.
        I knew yuvaan would be the same.

      2. @ mo Can’t wait.
        This time I am sure that going to be me.

        @Poppy& Silent Reader.
        I to enjoyed this week. I don’t know how it happened. But it should be like this all the time.

        From me.
        I like to thank you all. Even if we disagree sometimes.
        The most important of all, is to enjoy ourselves.
        Respect each other.

  5. SilentReader

    Yuvraj shud hv seen how Sayyam was supporting his mother and how his son was standing there lyk an idiot supporting his b*t*h wife,,,,stupid monkey face,,,he z not at all ashamed to question Suhani abt not giving anything to Baby who insulted her,,,,,and great thing is he felt bad for whatever Sayyam did bt not for Suhani,,,,Idiot,,Go to hell with ur criminal wife…..Sayyam is such a sweet heart,,,,,,,,I thought Krishna would refuse to do the rasam wid Suhani,,,,,,

  6. Suhani is she mad? Didn’t anyone realize Saiyyam loves Suhani and he came to Suhani’s rescue not their darling Yuvaan. None really likes Saiyyam, I wish if he leaves this Birla House and let Suhani and her stupid rot in hell. And Yuvaan what kind of a son he is? His wife is insulting his mother and he is just staying and supoorting Baby in the rasam ceremony. Stupid

  7. oh again a thrilling episode! real yuvaraj acted as sambhav, superb!! bt again hitting on his head, what will happen to his head if he is hit again n again.. poor yuvaraj, Sahil sir nailed it in both scenes at home as well as outside. Saiyyam~ best son of suhani. yuvaan~stupid son. pl bring real yuvaraj. y r these cvs doing like tis? hate them..

  8. Today loved saiyaam defending his mom this is how a son should be . He is right yuvaan is not a man , a man knows how to protect his mother, he never stand like a statue and watch his mom being insulted. From all the characters i hate yuvaan the most even more than baby, dadi, rags or yuvani , he is a double standard person .
    Precap: how long this kidnapping drama will continue yuvraaj was never there when suhani needed him the most, suhani was always there to save him and his family now it is his turn to help her changing saiyaam and stop baby.

    1. So true, I agree with you.
      yuvaan has no right, in my point of view.
      Because yuvaan had his mother love and protection.
      While Saiyyam didn’t.

      I just hope that suhani well come to understand, on why saiyyam is angry with her.

      That is why I am angry at yuvraj, because I had that hope. He would understand and bring mother and son together. I mean suhani & saiyyam.

      Instead yuvraj pull them apart.

      I know suhani was rape by sambhav.

      But saiyyam is innocent of all this, he did ask to be born, in that way.

      My mother has a say in this.

      Sometimes good people have bad children.
      Sometimes bad people have good children.

      I think that this is the case for yuvaan and saiyyam.

  9. Sanzana Deewan

    Luv the chemistry between sayyam and Krishna ..its amazing

  10. today’s episode was suparb mind blowing but precap made it bitter!shiyam was too good! again sambhab hits on yuvi ‘so head!

  11. Y everybody is getting away with their evil deeds.i did not learn from this show at all

  12. P.N. Bhargava

    House of Suhani is a dharamshala. Anyone can come and become a member of household. Intrestingly all play a negative role.

    House of Suhani is a Dharamshala. Anyone came in and be a member of household. Intrestingly they play the negative role.First it was Sambhave and now it is ugly Baby, How can the viewers tolrate this nonsense.

    first it was Sambhava and now ugly Baby

  13. Oh please stop this hitting part on Yuvraajs head. How many times they hit on his head and Sambav will always win n Yuvraj will loose. Please change the style.

  14. krishna ? Sayyam

    Krishna and Sayyam are a way better couple than Yuvaan and Baby

    1. I agree with you.

  15. I once said that Yuvraj and Yuvan are alike,,,,bt nw I feel that Yuvraj is faaar better than Yuvan….

  16. Isn’t Krishna older than sayyam?

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