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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani smiling seeing Gauri and Aditya happy. Gauri asks Aditya to get candy floss for her. She buys three, for her, Aditya and Suhani. The man holds her hand and asks her to be careful. Suhani and Aditya get angry seeing the man holding Gauri’s hand. Aditya pushes the man and asks him to get lost. Suhani asks Gauri is she fine. Gauri says yes, but I won’t eat this now. Aditya says I won’t have it. Suhani says yes, I will make chaat for you.

Rakhi talks to Soumya about Radhe hiring Pari. Lalita says we will keep Pari. Men come for the massage. Soumya tells Krishna that she does not feel this right, as parlor is at home. Krishna agrees with Soumya. Aditya tells Gauri that they will learn new thing today. He asks her to pass pen. He holds her hand just the

way that man held her hand. She drops the pen and gets tensed. Aditya asks what happened. She asks why did you hold my hand. He says yes, you have to react this way. He asks her to hold his hand now. She holds his hand. He asks why did she hold his hand. She leaves his hand.

He asks her to react angrily when stranger holds her hand, she will feel good if any loved one holds her hand, she has to understand this difference. Rags and Menka look on. Suhani comes and sees them. Rags asks Suhani what is Aditya teaching Gauri that he is holding hand. Suhani taunts them for their small mentality and they leave. Suhani asks Gauri to take break. Gauri says Aditya is teaching me imp thing. Suhani says I think class ended. Aditya says I don’t mind. Gauri says I want to finish lesson. Suhani asys fine, I will talk to Aditya for 5mins, then you continue.

Suhani asks Ramesh to finish work outside and talks to Aditya in kitchen. She says Gauri is not ready for this right now, don’t hold her hand. Aditya says first know everything, whatever that man did… Suhani says stay away and teach her, no need to go close. Dadi asks Gauri about Aditya. Gauri says he is with Suhani. Dadi fills her ears. She asks why is Suhani interfering when Aditya is teaching you well, you decide what to do, its Suhani’s habit to interfere in everyone’s life. She says this is your house, you can study anyone, tell Suhani you want to study, what problem Suhani has. Gauri says you are right, I will talk to Suhani. Dadi smiles.

Suhani tells Aditya that Yuvraaj does not like you coming here, I called you because of Gauri. He asks what problem you have, I have gone and you called me, Gauri is kid for you, there are many men outside you don’t think she is kid. She says I will teach her, try to understand, don’t spoil things. I know you are not teaching her wrong, let Yuvraaj come, don’t explain this way and take leave tomorrow. She asks Aditya not to get angry. Aditya says I agreed. Gauri looks on and shouts. She says no, this is my house, I have to end class and study tomorrow also, no one will stop me. Suhani says let Yuvraaj come… Gauri says no, I have to study, that’s it.

Dadi says no one can stop Gauri. Gauri says yes and goes. Bhavna comes there and looks on. Dadi smiles. Aditya asks Suhani to relax, Gauri is still learning. Bhavna says Gauri is kiddish, she will learn. Menka says I thought Gauri and Suhani will fight, I will teach Gauri to fight. Dadi scolds Menka. Aditya goes to Gauri. He asks did she talk bad with Suhani. Gauri says what wrong I did, you told me to talk for myself. He says yes, but we should talk angrily who trouble us. She says I felt Suhani is wrong. He asks her to think, did Suhani say wrong, we should not talk with anger to loved ones.

Suhani sees her and Yuvraaj’s pic. Bhavna comes to her. She asks Suhani to have some food. Suhani refuses. Bhavna and Sharad joke on Suhani. He says this samosas got waste, I got it to share with Suhani. Bhavna says we will eat samosas, let Suhani sit. He likes the idea and says its so good. Suhani looks at the samosas. Bhavna says we will finish this. Suhani stops them and asks how can they leave her, she also wants samosas. Bhavna smiles and says you got hungry suddenly. Suhani says yes. Sharad asks Suhani will she have all samosas alone.

Dadi asks Rags to do her work. Dadi asks them to make relation with Gauri and show her that you both also care for your sister in law. Aditya tells Bhavna that Gauri will count clothes today and give to laundry man. He teaches Gauri. Bhavna smiles. Gauri starts counting. Gauri gives the money to laundry man. She counts other clothes too. A lady comes and asks the laundry man to get clothes tomorrow. Aditya sees that lady with a big mole on her nose and tells Gauri that he can’t see such disgusting face. He shows that lady to Gauri and laughs. She hides her face and thinks Aditya will laugh on her seeing the mark on her face.

Suhani ties hair pleats to Gauri. Gauri sees the marks and says she does not want tied hair. Rags tells Gauri that she will get nice haircut for Gauri. Ramesh tells Suhani that Gauri has gone for haircut with Rags and Menka.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aditya and gauri’s scenes is so nice……Yeh Dadi kab soodregi yaar…..i am fed up of her….they are like monkeys

  2. When there is a happy moment suddenly a wrong scene also…..y d dadi like this…y she cant change from this much of lessons in her life

  3. Y rags is such a b*t*h just like evil dadi i think suhani will go n stop them

  4. This daadi will never learn! I don’t know why they didn’t kick the old hag out of the house, she did so much terrible things and she’s still here. So stupid!

  5. Gauri and adityas scenes r very cute this dadi is really evil minded and will never turn over a new leaf and yuvi also always shouting at suhani even without knowing what situation happened please give suhani a new look

  6. go 2 hell yuvraaj.
    y can’t u see DAT ur daadi is always wrong and not just once

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