Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna asking Suhani why did she agree to become part of fashion show. Suhani says I want Baby to accept her crime by getting her senses back, we can’t tell Yuvraaj, he went to find Baby’s background. Bhavna asks are you sure of participating. Suhani says yes. Rags and Dadi talk about making Baby pay for ruining Yuvraaj’s life. Rags says its good she gave divorce to Yuvraaj, he got free. Baby requests Dadi to call press for fashion show, I hope to get my memory back. Dadi agrees and asks Rags to call press.

Baby says now I will show you what I m. Servant gets Rags’ gown. Rags likes it and asks him tp keep it on bed. She goes to change. Baby enters the room. She adds something in the cream and lipstick. She leaves. Rags comes and sits to do final touch up.

Bhavna comes and asks her is she ready. Rags says I will come in 10mins. Rags applies the cream powder and lipstick.

Baby asks Dadi to suggest her a hairstyle. Dadi selects one. Dadi asks Baby to apply serum to her hair. Baby checks the serum. Dadi asks her to apply by hands. Baby says I did not wash my hands after makeup, so I was applying by cotton. Dadi says fine. Baby goes thinking now it will be fun, one thing is left. She goes to Suhani’s room and cuts the blouse zip. She hears footsteps and runs. The beads and threads fall there. Baby hides under the bed.

Suhani and Bhavna come in. Suhani says we have no move, we have to agree to her. Bhavna asks what’s this. Baby worries thinking they saw the beads. Suhani says maybe its some hair serum. Baby thinks wow, if Suhani applies this serum, her hair will look like joker. Suhani says no, I will get ready and come. Suhani gets ready.

Bhavna comes and asks her to come, show is staring. Baby smiles. Baby picks the beads and leaves. Suhani says I forgot to fix pin. Bhavna says you go, I will get pin. She collides with Baby. The beads fall. Baby worries and steps on the bead. Bhavna asks can’t you see and walk. Baby says sorry. Bhavna asks her to go. Baby drags the bead. Bhavna asks why are you walking this way. Baby says my sandal broke, that’s why. Bhavna says fine, I will get another sandal for you. Baby picks the bead. Bhavna gives her the sandals. Baby thanks her. Everyone get seated. Suhani asks do you remember anything. Baby says no.

Bhavna welcomes everyone in Birla house fashion show. She says this fashion show is done to present unique collection of Birla company, Birla family ladies will come to present the collection, welcome Pratima Birla first. Made in India……plays……..

Pratima walks on the ramp, followed by Rags. Bounce bounce……plays……….. Rags walks on ramp, and suddenly feel itching. She starts rubbing her lips. Guests look on. Baby smiles. Rags wipes and spreads the lipstick. She sees everyone staring and goes. Suhani says what happened to her. Bhavna says maybe she had a problem, we welcome Dadi next. Dadi walks on the ramp. Husn ka lakhon rang……plays………. Dadi’s hair strands fall down. The guests laugh. Dadi and family members get shocked. Dadi says sorry, I will just come. Bhavna says she was owner of Birla industries, Chandrakala Birla, now we will welcome Suhani, she is hurt in her feet, even then she will walk for all of us. Baby thinks now Suhani’s respect will be gone, Yuvraaj and Saiyyam are not here, it means I will win.

Suhani walks on the ramp. Baby thinks spotlight should be on Suhani. Suhani senses her blouse zip breaking. She touches her back and realizes. Bhavna looks on. Suhani says now it will be real fun. She puts the spotlight on Suhani. Bhavna worries. Suhani gets worried and cries. The blouse begins to tear. Baby gets the current in the light switches, and gets back. The light goes. Bhavna goes and covers up Suhani.

Suhani sees Yuvaan and nods to him. Yuvaan sadly looks at her and goes. Bhavna takes Suhani. Baby goes to see Suhani and falls on the stage. The guests see her and gossip.

Bhavna asks this thread and beads are of your blouse, I have seen Baby in corridor, this blade is here, my doubt is becoming certain now Suhani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Swetha7

    they grant leave for karan one after the other.Sristi is coming soon but karan is going to Goa i think.then we are not going to have any kriyam scenes soon.can’t they grant leave for Poulomi.poor girl work hard all the way.sahil also on leave i yuvani and kriyam fans have no reason to watch SSEL at the moment.

    1. kriyam rocks

      Same :'(

    2. Agreed poulomi was on every episode and she needs a break

    3. Arshi123

      Agreed with u

      1. Swetha7

        how are they going to give us krishna’s pregnancy scene by 12th it going to happen without karan?????i really had a hope that Krishna will fall on sayyam’s arms being unconscious and doctor will check her say that she is pregnant.sayyam becames more happy and emotional and cares Krishna.

  2. when will karan come back for how many days did he go

    1. This answer won’t help but for a WHILE. ??

  3. Ladies of SSEL bt tat too grand daughter n daughter inlaw s missing…

  4. He will go there tomorrow…nd i think will come back on 13th apr…

    1. Swetha7

      13th means no kriyam for this week.what are they going to drama all the way.oh god.this week no SSEL for me.

  5. Hey on poulomi’s insta story she was celebrating director’s bday except rags her and bhavana no other co-stars were seen…. hence proved director likes her alot

  6. Can anyone confirm when karan will cone back

    1. Swetha7

      i think on one has no idea about that.this week we are going to have no kriyam or one will watch it.what will happens to TRP.????

  7. *come

  8. Swetha7

    * no one

  9. I want more kriyam scenes yaar!!!! I thought the proposal will be a long awaited one but they had made the scene so simple!!!! Disgusting!!!! Want more Kriyam and we are watching SSEL ,mostly for Kriyam and Yuvani na but…… I thought kriyam will be more

  10. Kya chal raha hai show mai pata nhi chal raha only baby suhani bhavna hi hai this week no kriyam no yuvaraj sab ek ek karke ha rahe hai sab rajasri mam per dal diya show trp kese badhegi on kriyam senes no yuvani senes ab sj as to gai hogi vapas but shoot per nhi aur kj ab goa ha rahe hai kal I think aur yese mai kese 12april ko kriyam senes dikhayenge bhala I think polomi ne breack Lena chahiye show se

  11. Yes proposal was not what we expected! Bt what can kj and sj do…they cant say anything to writers….i dont knw why writers made their confession so simple…??…they just rushed d scene…and again we got only 4-5 min kriyam scene…yes disgusting!……we really didnt expected this hastyness from cvs….but okay we loved their scene…their acting…specially when saiyyam was smiling…wowwwww…???…
    But we want some more more more more cuteeeeeeee scene of them together…..dont make krishna pregnant so soon….please please….
    They are jst perfect ….nd young too…please like other serials focus on their love story……..dont rush it!

  12. Can anyone tells me what happen to golu bhavna’s son. Pls

  13. Wow 2days episode was fun especially embarrassing oldhag in front of everyone. Damn Baby u is 2 gud

  14. Only reason Karan gets so many vacation breaks is because the CVs don’t write for his character. Why would any actor just come to work, stand in back and not say anything? He has the right to take breaks if they are not giving him anything to do in the show. I’m sure any of the actors would love to come to work every day and do their job if they were properly given a role to do on the show. When the creatives are not caring, it makes sense for the actors not to also.

  15. Aarti32

    Guys, u know wat these duffer CVS hv done!! They cut a KRIYYAM KISS SCENE ?? see d video..

  16. kiya ho raha hain ek aata hain holiday se phir dusra chala jata hain holiday par ab srishti come soon to karan on leave i think somedays no kriyam scene

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