Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Saurabh and Rags to do aarti. Rags refuses. Saurabh asks her to lie to Dadi that she is pregnant or do everything. Suhani takes selfies with everyone. Sajan starts the switch and bhajan plays. Sajan says Krishna got this chowki. Bhavna says this chowki is playing recorded bhajan.

Dadi and everyone pray. Sajan asks Suhani to meet her sister. Suhani says we will go after aarti. He insists. Yuvraaj calls Sharad and tells him that Sajan is a fraud, his mother does not exist in that villagae, he lied to us, keep an eye on him and don’t tell anyone about it. Sharad goes and does not get Sajan. He thinks where did Sajan go. He asks Ramesh to find Sajan and not tell anyone. Sajan tells Suhani that his sister has to work too and takes suhani with him. Krishna

calls the man and says chowki got changed, I got new one to show my family and mistake happened. The man scolds him and calls him foolish to think anyone will give him one crore rs to keep an ordinary chowki in temple. He says that chowki had bomb which is with his family now. Krishna gets shocked and says it means that switch is bomb’s trigger. He throws the chowki and calls Soumya to inform her. She says I can’t hear you. He asks whats that sound. She says you got chowki, the bhajan is playing in it. He asks her to shut it and go out. His phone battery gets dead. He tries to ask people for phone and does not get any phone.

Suhani says I will call Yuvraaj, he will worry. He thinks to stop her. He locks her in outhouse and says you have sent my sister to jail, Barbie is my sister. Yuvraaj reaches farmhouse and meets Sharad. Sharad says Sajan is not here, even Suhani is missing. Yuvraaj asks what. Suhani gets shocked and asks is Barbie your sister. Sajan says yes, you troubled her a lot. She says we did not trouble her, she was killing my Maa. He says she tried, but I will succeed, that farmhouse has bomb, your family will burnt to ashes because of you.

She asks him not to do this. She cries and he runs away. Yuvraaj and Sharad look for some clue in Sajan’s room. They don’t get anything. Sharad says don’t know who is this Sajan. They see a pic of Sajan and Barbie. Suhani tells her babies that everyone will be fine. She shouts Yuvraaj and holds her locket. She prays.

Yuvraaj gets angry and says our doubt was right, Sajan is Barbie’s brother, jailer told me that Sajan comes to meet Barbie in jail, my gut feeling always told me that Sajan came here for some motive, but Suhani did not listen to me, Sajan used her sympathy, don’t know what will he do. Sharad says I will find Sajan, you find Suhani. Krishna runs and reaches the farmhouse. Everyone is doing aarti. Krishna falls down. Yuvraaj looks for Suhani and wishes he gets something to know about Suhani. Dadi does the aarti. Everyone do aarti one after another.

Suhani sees Yuvraaj and shouts. She beats the glass. He shouts Suhani. The shine from the gold pendant falls over his face. He does not see her and goes. She shouts for help. He gets her phone there. He looks for her. She cries seeing him. she says I ruined everything, its all because of me, I did not listen to Yuvraaj, forgive me, bring me out of here, we have to save everyone. He reaches the outhouse and sees her. He asks are you fine, I know Sajan kidnapped you. She says yes, he has placed bomb at home, hurry up. Yuvraaj falls down by the blast sound. Suhani rushes to him and asks him to get up. She says its cracker and a stone has hit him, hurry up. They rush. The puja ends and Gauri asks for Prasad. She goes to kitchen to find Prasad. Krishna comes and asks them to vacate the place, the chowki has bomb. They ask how can this happen. He asks them to go out, the chowki has bomb. Yuvraaj says Dadi, Sajan is Barbie’s brother, leave the place, there is bomb here. Sharad runs to get Golu. They all rush outside. Sajan looks on. Sajan laughs seeing the farmhouse burning.

Suhani fires a girl from job saying beauty matters than nature. Suhani’s mindset changes after the blast incident.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Thriller episode…. can anyone tell me that tomorrow show is taking leap?? And everyone will continue or not expect suhani??? Plz reply

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      As i have not watched show since many days.. i watched today only….

  2. Don’t know what’s gonna happen oh no Suhani u changed u R mindset but happy thta she changed her costume , I think Suhani left birla house and she is living with her baby alone

  3. Did anything happened to anyone????????

  4. Yeh…….enna nadakkathu yuvraj kku enna aachu yen yaarume veliya varala yellaarukkum enna aachu pls yaaraachum sollungappa suhani mattum thaan uyiroda irukkaangala ayyo yuvani illama serial nalla ah irukkaathe writers yen ipdi pandreenga yenna nadanthuchunu theriyaama yen thalaye vedichrum pola irukku yaaraachum sollunga pa yuvraj kku onnum aagalala ayyo……pls…….

  5. Suhani became negative.and in today episode krishna nailed the scene and his acting is better than yuvraj

  6. Innoru vazhila avanga yellarum veliya vanthruppaangala aana precap la suhani thitratha paaththa ah bayama irukku

    1. Ramya,if u could comment in English or Hindi people could understand it better.. I understand as I’m from Tamil Nadu

    2. Yes ramya…im also from tamilnadu..u can comment in english..then everyone can answer u.

  7. Oh poor gauri, she will die

  8. Kaun baher nhi nikal paya sabhi ander rh gye kya koi mar gya ka is serial m.

  9. OMG just waiting for tomorrow epi I am a bit scared Suhaani changed a lot don’t know what happened to her?

  10. I’VE heard that both Gauri and Krishna will die in the blast !!!!!! 🙁

  11. I heard that after the blast incident there will be a 6 year leap to the show and gauri will die
    I also think Suhani has divorced Yuvraj because I watched the episode online and in the precap Suhani wasn’t wearing her mangalsutra or the s pendant
    I wish later on Suhani goes back to Yuvraj and changes her mindset!!!???

  12. Ramya, pls cimment in hindi or English. Some of us don’t know what u r saying???

  13. Yuvani Lover

    I think birlas ne suhani ko itna zyada sunaya hoga ki wo itna badal gayi.. But it was too much.. I m not happy..

  14. Again same old
    – every drama currently is having a leap year
    In fact the story lines are so similar
    Best to combined all the characters together- so we can just waste our time watching one show

  15. Omg i can’t wait to find out what happens next suhani buchai kesai hogan wow

  16. What happened to the family members,why suhani is changed her mindset….?

  17. Plz plz do not seperate yuvani ??

  18. Arey how gauri can die???? She has gone for mental treatment

    1. Rianaa, Gauri has returned to her family. I guess u have missed some episodes. If the spoilers are to be believed Gaur I would die…

  19. Suhani become negative omg

  20. omg …..what happen to suhani and yuvraj relation but i am preety sure that they will again be togather

  21. y r all the blo*dy serials there has 2 b seperation in it yyyyy?????? its not suhani fault in any of what has happen its dadi’s fault if she hadn’t brought barbie in the first place all this would not have happen n then saajan would not have been there for suhani 2 hire him cuz there would have been no cause for him 2 want to kill them am i makin sense guys? so i blame dadi

  22. please show all comments made by jaan

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