Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Soumya why is she so angry, if she wants to become bahu, then she has to follow the rules. Soumya says it looks like I m maid. Suhani says there is no less money here and they don’t want bahus to work. Soumya says I m not modeling for money, but its my passion. Suhani says Dadi stopped Rags too. Soumya says I m not Rags. Suhani says but Dadi is Dadi, she likes you, as you always listen to her. Soumya says I will not listen to her. Suhani says then she will hate you, you decide do you want to live your life, or walk on rules of Dadi. Pratima talks to snoopi and says he is also her son, and plays with him, thinking about Suhani and Yuvraaj.

Soumya comes there and looks upset. She sees Pratima and turns to go. Pratima asks her to come, is she worried

about Dadi’s modeling limitation, this is the tradition, Suhani always did what she felt right, but you always follow Dadi. Soumya says no mummy, I mean aunty, this time I felt bad of Dadi’s words, she encouraged me to become face of the year and when I want to do this, she is stopping me. Pratima says she was bahu’s friend that time, and now you are becoming bahu, you just have to see yuvraaj, it does not matter if you do modeling or not. She leaves and shows thumbs up to Saurabh. Saurabh smiles and tells Yuvraaj that work done.

Suhani says Yuvraaj I spoke to Soumya on Pratima’s saying. He says I know. She asks how. He turns and Sharad and Anuj walk in. He says I also have spies in this house and smiles. They all look at each other, and support Yuvraaj, getting together.

Anuj asks Ramesh to make some special breakfast. Sharad brings the mangoes and they all rejoice having mangoes. They all tease Ramesh and laugh joking. Suhani tells Ramesh that she will help him. Ramesh thanks her. She goes to kitchen to serve them. Sharad says Suhani looks good smiling, and asks her does she like mangoes. She says a lot, but I did not eat since years. He asks why. She says Soumya has allergy with mangoes, she gets rashes, so to support her, I also did not eat.

Sharad says you do so much for her. Anuj says if she knew Soumya would do this, she would have not done this. Suhani gets sad. They all joke on Anuj to be like Menka and they laugh. Saurabh says if Rags knows Soumya has allergy with mangoes, she will make her have it and get her scolding with Dadi. Yuvraaj and Sharad smile. Saurabh asks what. Yuvraaj says idea is good, but Suhani should not know this, else she will stop us. They join hands and say done.

Dadi and everyone have breakfast. She talks to her friend and says she will get her bahu with her. She asks Rags to take parlor appointment and asks Soumya to look best tomorrow, so that she can feel proud. Soumya says don’t worry. Saurabh asks Rags is she jealous and she has to book appointment for Soumya. Rags leaves. Ramesh brings mangoes and serves everyone. He says he is taking this for Suhani. Dadi says fine, if you can have it being servant, she can have it too, don’t call her Bhabhi from today. Yuvraaj gets angry. Dadi asks Soumya to be ready tomorrow and leaves.

Saurabh and Anuj ask Soumya to have mangoes. She says she gets rashes. Saurabh insists saying she would have not eaten such best mangoes before. Soumya is about to eat and Rags takes her saying she got the appointment. Suhani makes mango shake and Anuj likes it. Anuj tells her that real fun will be when Soumya eats mangoes and she gets rashes. Sharad asks him to keep quiet. Suhani asks Sharad what did Anuj say. Sharad says he is missing Menka. She goes. Sharad asks Anuj not to do Menka’s things, if Suhani fights with Yuvraaj, all plan will be flopped. Anuj says sorry.

Sharad tells Ramesh that he did not hear anything. Ramesh says fine. Suhani confronts Yuvraaj for making Soumya get rashes as per his plan. He says yes, I want to make her realize, she will be Dadi’s bahu, than my wife after marrying me, she did not see Dadi’s true side, she will be lucky to know this before marriage, she can have reason to change her decision, she will just get rashes and can get creams to clear it, but we can’t get better chance, she has to give this test, else it will be problem for her. Suhani worries.

Saurabh comes and Yuvraaj says Suhani knows the plan now. Saurabh says fine. Suhani says as you all wish, but if anything happens to Soumya… Saurabh says we are not planning to kill her, it will be just normal rashes. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to support them. She goes. Yuvraaj smiles. He brings Soumya on terrace blindfolded and says he planned this surprise for her. She gets glad and holds his hand, saying she is scared of falling. He gets angry and holds her hand. He sees all mango items and smiles.

Dadi asks Soumya to come soon, so that she can tell her friends she is Yuvraaj’s wife. She is shocked seeing Soumya. Yuvraaj hides seeing them.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. H

    easy to guess soumya would have got rashes completely and she cannot introduce her to her friends so she would be shocked

  2. lily

    It is good that all the good people are together. Want this Soumya stupidity to end soon and Yuvi and Suhani are united.

  3. kyy

    Rajma chawal yaha
    aunty ko kuch kaam nhi h dusro k ghar me jake sabko rok rhi h serial dekhne se
    rajma aunty umar to dekho thak jaogi aaram karo

  4. wow awesome episode love it soumya get what she deserve good one birla brothers
    precap is nice cant wait to see the look on dadi n her friends faces when soumya will come to meet them with all that ebola rashes on her skin

    • sanjana deva

      f**k u u Rajna Shut ur bloddy ass and go…………u r noone to comment on what we have to see and what we dont have to

    • sanjana deva

      and remember maintain ur dignity if ur not interested jus leave and u r a ugly b*t*h i can say without seeing u

  5. rajna Taras

    achu i love john. u stay away from him. I am great n the hottest girl in d universe. u shut up achu monkey

    • no achu.she should b ashamed of being a girl.u dont want 2 hurt others..but if anyone hurts us,v should not b silent.go 2:Suhani si ek ladki 19th March WRITTEN EPISODE UPDATE

  6. Soumya and Rags have an argument. Soumya misbehaved with Rags and talks with disrespect, which makes Rags regret for helping Soumya. Rags teaches her a lesson and makes Dadi insist Soumya to change her western clothes. Soumya unwillingly agrees and wears the salwar suits, depicting Suhani. Soumya looks similar to Suhani, but does not have patience, goodness and honesty like her. She starts arguing with Rags and pushes her down. Everyone in the family get stunned seeing Soumya’s anger and how bad she could turn if things get against her. Soumya says she is the new head of the family, and Dadi gets stunned.

    Meanwhile, Suhani finds out about Krishna not taking money from Dadi and asks Yuvraaj to find out who has encashed the cheque on his behalf. Krishna tells Suhani that his love was not so cheap that he sells his love and marriage for money. He tells how truly he loved Soumya and wanted to give her a good life, but Soumya could not adjust with him in his middle class home and fell for Birla House. Suhani understands that Soumya does not love Yuvraaj and just wants to rule in rich Birla family. She wants to make Dadi realize this, as Dadi stated she will not bear Soumya if she does not keep Yuvraaj happy.

    Suhani and Yuvraaj make Soumya realize how Krishna kept her well and did not make her do any work at his home. Soumya thinks to talk to Krishna, and Dadi scolds her asking her not to recall her first marriage. Pratima asks Suhani to make Soumya realize what Dadi did with her and how she broke her marriage by creating misunderstandings between Soumya and Krishna. Will Suhani and Yuvraaj clear the false hopes of Soumya and make her realize her mistake? Keep reading.

  7. u will understand how badly they behaved. y ppl r spoiling these sites. all those things r the symbol of narrow mindness

  8. i think im talking too much.but this stupid rajna……i should’nt hav said this..but she is…….just.ooooooooo yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • i dont know which date & day……but someone said that…….”john,janu,&john’s relatives evryone r d same guy …….just name changes & comments differ…….

  9. i will be good 2 good ppl. but 4 u, i will be worst itself. many times i did’nt care much. but now i can’t sit dump

  10. rajna Taras

    ya u r sad no? he left u now u wil say that grapes r sour. n u must have known all about john as he used u lyk a tissue paper n threw u in d drain

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